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Top 10 Quotes About Wwi Trenches

#1. I started to reply; she hushed me with a wave of her ring-heavy right hand. - Author: Stephen King
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#2. I care for the poor. I am the one willing to work with the poor and have a safety net we can all depend on and make people understand that nothing in life is free. You have to get back to society. - Author: Paul LePage
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#3. I'll take my five positions per second any day, thank you - Author: Viswanathan Anand
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#4. The other guys drink, but they don't drink anywhere near what I used to. And I think they're slightly respectful of the fact that I'm off it, so it's not a problem. - Author: Graham Coxon
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#5. I don't wanna need you because I can't have you. - Author: Clint Eastwood
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#6. As I grew up, I became aware that there are people with special needs out there, and I have a real connection with them. - Author: Elena Delle Donne
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#7. People are loving me because they don't even know me. "You're Bob's son. We love you." So I think that's a good thing for a father to leave so much that people are loving their children. I'm proud of that. - Author: Ziggy Marley
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#8. You can say what you want about me. You can yell at me with a video camera and be TMZ. You can follow me around and take pictures all you want. I don't care. - Author: Ben Affleck
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#9. I have this weird musical thing I do: I play violin, and I even went on tour with Tim Robbins. We did a bunch of Canadian cities, and then went down to the States, and then we ended up in Japan. - Author: David Alpay
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#10. ...I found that much of the romance had left the trenches. The old days, from the beginning to July, 1915, were all so delightfully precarious and primitive. Amateurish trenches and rough and ready life, which to my mind gave this war what it sadly needs - a touch of romance. - Author: Bruce Bairnsfather
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