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Top 31 Quotes About Vivisection

#1. Gradually I became aware that professing English because I loved poems was like practicing vivisection because I loved dogs. - Author: Michael Donaghy
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#2. The honor of your presence is requested at the vivisection of your sister. Black heart optional. - Author: Jeff Lindsay
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#3. He had the compassion of a vivisectionist. - Author: Storm Constantine
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#4. Literary studies were no more than a series of autopsies performed by heartless technicians. Worse than autopsies: biopsies. Vivisection. Even movies, which I love more than anything, more than life itself, they even do it with movies these days. - Author: Stephen Fry
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#5. If the circulation of blood theory could not have been discovered without vivisection, the human kind could well have done without it. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#6. There is, however, another subject on which the Queen feels most strongly, and that is this horrible, brutalizing, un-Christian-like vivisection ... It must really not be permitted. It is a disgrace to a civilized country. - Author: Queen Victoria
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#7. What I think about vivisection is that if people admit that they have the right to take or endanger the life of living beings for the benefit of many, there will be no limit to their cruelty. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#8. I once believed in Jenner; I once believed in Pasteur. I believed in vaccination. I believed in vivisection. But I changed my views as the result of hard thinking. - Author: Walter Hadwen
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#9. There are two main goals behind ALF actions. The first is obviously to remove as many animals as possible from fur farms, vivisection labs, and other areas of abuse. The second is to cause as much economic damage to these industries and persons as possible. - Author: Jerry Vlasak
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#10. Vivisection is wrong because it is an abuse of man's power over the helpless, involving pain and suffering. The name for this is cruelty, and cruelty is immoral, no matter what the reason for its introduction. - Author: Jon Evans
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#11. I abhor vivisection with my whole soul. All the scientific discoveries stained with innocent blood I count as of no consequence. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#12. There will come a time when the world will look back to modern vivisection in the name of science, as they do now to burning at the stake in the name of religion. - Author: Kathryn Bigelow
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#13. Men sneered at vivisection, and yet look at its results today! Why not advance science in its most difficult and vital aspect, the knowledge of the brain? - Author: Bram Stoker
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#14. Of all the black crimes that humanity is committing against the great Creation, vivisection is the blackest. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#15. I abhor vivisection. It should at least be curbed. Better, it should be abolished. I know of no achievement through vivisection, no scientific discovery, that could not have been obtained without such barbarism and cruelty. The whole thing is evil. - Author: Charles Mayo
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#16. Forbid the day when vivisection shall be practised in every college and school, and when the man of science, looking forth over a world which will then own no other sway than his, shall exult in the thought that he has made of this fair earth, if not a heaven, at least a hell for animals. - Author: Lewis Carroll
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#17. I despise and abhor the pleas on behalf of that infamous practice, vivisection ... I would rather submit to the worst of deaths, so far as pain goes, than have a single dog or cat tortured to death on the pretense of sparing me a twinge or two. - Author: Robert Browning
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#18. Thinking is the subtlest form of self-polemics, the art of a certain finesse in psychological self-vivisection and self-crucifixion (Hegel of course called the path of self-disillusion the via dolorosa or "highway of despair," in Baillie's fine and florid rendering, like Jesus' route to Golgotha). - Author: Kenny Smith
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#19. And I don't think you'd have to kill
too many vivisectors before you would see a marked decrease in the amount of vivisection going on. And I think for 5 lives, 10 lives, 15 human lives, we could save a million, 2 million, 10 million non-human animals. - Author: Jerry Vlasak
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#20. The case against vivisection is the same as that against war and all other forms of cruelty - that violence does not produce long-term solutions. - Author: Jon Wynne-Tyson
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#21. During my medical education at the University of Basle I found vivisection horrible, barbarous and above all unnecessary - Author: Carl Jung
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#22. Could it be possible, I thought, that such a thing as the vivisection of men was carried on here? The question shot like lightning across a tumultuous sky; and suddenly the clouded horror of my mind condensed into a vivid realisation of my own danger. - Author: H.G.Wells
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#23. How I Would Like to Kill My Brother,
Version Sixteen
By Olivia Bevelstoke
No. really, what was the point? She could hardly top Version Fifteen, which had featured both vivisection and wild boar. - Author: Julia Quinn
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#24. The only argument against vivisection that will be seen to have lasting power - that we do not improve human society by means that debase human character. - Author: Jon Wynne-Tyson
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#25. The creatures I had seen were not men, had never been men. They were animals - humanised animals - triumphs of vivisection. - Author: Jeffery Deaver
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#26. Science and vivisection make no appeal to a theological idea, much less a political one. You can argue with a theologian or a politician, but doctors are sacrosanct. They know; you do not. Science has its mystique much more powerful than any religion active today. - Author: Brenda Ueland
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#27. Why should I let anything stand in the way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of vivisection? I - Author: Jeff Lindsay
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#28. I started a PhD in English at the University of Chicago because I loved poetry-which I now realize is like saying I studied vivisection because I loved dogs. - Author: Michael Donaghy
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#29. I am not interested to know whether vivisection produces results that are profitable to the human race or doesn't ... The pain which it inflicts upon unconsenting animals is the basis of my enmity toward it, and it is to me sufficient justification of the enmity without looking further. - Author: Mark Twain
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#30. The Queen has done all she could on the dreadful subject of vivisection, and hopes that Mr. Gladstone will speak strongly against such a practice which is a disgrace to humanity ... - Author: Queen Victoria
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#31. Vivisection is a social evil because if it advances human knowledge, it does so at the expense of human character. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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