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Top 7 Quotes About Visio

#1. Yes, Bob, I rather thought entity-relationship diagrams were your sort of thing. You're the expert in Visio, aren't you? Drawing up UML diagrams of fictional vampire brood hierarchies should keep you out of trouble for a while. - Author: Charles Stross
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#2. wireframes in tools such as Adobe Illustrator, OmniGraffle and Microsoft Visio. Originally, these - Author: Smashing Magazine
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#3. No one can tell me what to do on my skateboard. My skateboard is my safe spot. I can learn tricks, I can have fun, I can do whatever I want on my skateboard. - Author: Ryan Sheckler
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#4. When I first met Alan Parker, who directed 'Angel Heart,' he'd heard so many horror stories about me that he was literally scared to death of me. Right away, he sat me down and said, 'I'm very scared of you. I've heard you're a very bad boy.' - Author: Mickey Rourke
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#5. I gave my genius to my life, but my talent to my art. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#6. The Bible is God's declaratory revelation to man containing the great truths about God, about man, about history, about salvation, and about prophecy that God wanted us to know. The Bible could be trusted just as much as if God had taken the pen and written the words Himself. - Author: John F. Walvoord
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#7. It's like that scene from The Player when they talk about merging Star Wars and Kramer vs. Kramer, or whatever. You could do that with music and it would just be awful. - Author: Jonny Greenwood
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