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Top 15 Quotes About Turning Four

#1. I exaggerate a lot and I get fiction and reality mixed up, but I don't actually ever lie. - Author: Lucia Berlin
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#2. What makes you really come together under pressure is determination and focus and toughness. - Author: Debi Thomas
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#3. The four of us sit together in the sea of blue, the train twisting and turning like a river running, and I know it's hard to fight against a current as strong as the Society. - Author: Ally Condie
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#4. [On turning down an invitation to appear for four minutes on the Ed Sullivan Show:] Honey, it takes Moms four minutes just to get on the stage. - Author: Moms Mabley
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#5. I have a lot of Japanese friends: I grew up in Vancouver, and there's this huge Japanese population over there. - Author: Grimes
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#6. I'm turning into an old man. I own four pairs of oxfords, my stories get a little long winded, and my neighbors play their music too loud. - Author: Christy Hall
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#7. There's nothing like losing yourself in someone else's troubles to make you forget your own. - Author: Therese Anne Fowler
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#8. I think of Ariel, my local neighborhood mermaid, how she only had twenty-four hours to turn her life around ... - Author: Shannon Celebi
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#9. And your life,' Katie said to Christy, 'is turning into a rather predictable romance. Girl meets boy. Boy is a dork for four years. Girl blossoms into a gorgeous woman. Boy finds his brain. Girl turns into starry-eyed mush head. - Author: Robin Jones Gunn
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#10. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Is Not An Economist, She Is A Demographer - Author: Tam David-West
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#11. She came out of nowhere like a two-by-four against the skull, knocking all common sense out of him and turning him into a walking woody. - Author: Marissa Clarke
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#12. We cannot change, we cannot move away from what we are, until we thoroughly accept what we are. Then change seems to come about almost unnoticed. - Author: Carl R. Rogers
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#13. People get surprised by my choices. But that comes from me looking for something new. - Author: Maggie Cheung
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#14. I sculpted for four or five years. Mostly for my own amusement, I decided to do a picture book, and that was kind of a turning point. - Author: Chris Van Allsburg
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#15. Kitten, four hours of sleep while holding you is far more beneficial to me than eight hours of endless tossing and turning because you're not there. -Bones from This Side of the Grave - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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