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Top 7 Quotes About Turner Syndrome

#1. Do you think it's better to fail at something worthwhile, or to succeed at something meaningless?

Tommy Wallach

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#2. I get a kick out of Democrats thinking they know how handicap a GOP race.

Ari Fleischer

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#3. I've had male executives say that my lead character was unlikable because she slept with a lot of guys.

Julie Taymor

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#4. I am not alone is doubting the imperative to respect cultures, as opposed to persons; and I believe we can respect persons only inasmuch as we consider them as abstract rights-holders.

Kwame Anthony Appiah

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#5. The "18/40/60" rule to happiness:
At age 18, people care very much about what others think of them.
By age 40, they learn not to worry what others think.
By age 60, they figure out that no one was thinking about them in the first place.

Daniel Amen

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#6. As soon as slavery fired upon the flag it was felt, we all felt, even those who did not object to slaves, that slavery must be destroyed. We felt that it was a stain to the Union that men should be bought and sold like cattle.

Ulysses S. Grant

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#7. I don't like the word 'poetry,' and I don't like poetry readings, and I usually don't like poets. I would much prefer describing myself and what I do as: I'm kind of a curator, and I'm kind of a night-owl reporter.

Tom Waits

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