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Top 13 Quotes About True Fatherhood

#1. She'd read once that if you ran into a bear in the woods you should avoid eye contact and you shouldn't run away, but all she knew about wolves is that you should never tell them how to find your grandmother's house. - Author: Anne Ursu
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#2. Immortality doesn't fit with death,
as mortal doesn't fit with eternity. - Author: Toba Beta
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#3. No true...father would be unconcerned about discord in his family that may cause it to disintegrate in his absence... - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
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#4. Being a father is a choice. Staying true to fatherhood is a duty. - Author: Joan Ambu
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#5. Every man, who desires to become a true father, has to look continually to the Lord, that he might learn of Him how to relate to his own children - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#6. In 2008 all the stars aligned perfectly for Obama's 6-point victory over John McCain. He was an inexperienced, untested neophyte, and successfully convinced enough voters to paint their own version of what hope-and-change was all about on the blank canvas he provided. - Author: Bob Beauprez
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#7. Make me the father, O Lord, who will show my sons enough of a sense of humor, so that they will always be serious, but never take themselves too seriously. Give them humility, so they will always remember the simplicity of true greatness, the open mind of true wisdom, the meekness of true strength. - Author: Thom S. Rainer
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#8. May my children follow their own intuition to discover true empowerment - in the answers they seek. - Author: Eleesha
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#9. Listen, there is no way any true man is going to let children live around him in his home and not discipline and teach, fight and mold them until they know all he knows. His goal is to make them better than he is. Being their friend is a distant second to this. - Author: Victor Devlin
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#10. Now that we have a true leader who stands for family and has a loving relationship with his wife, maybe black men and women will follow their example. We have a lot of faith and trust in President Obama because his integrity thus far has shown us a new level of manhood, fatherhood and husbandhood. - Author: Tasha Smith
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#11. I've been an assistant for seven years now and I haven't had one head coaching interview. I'm doing something wrong. - Author: Patrick Ewing
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#12. Congress is dysfunctional. - Author: Bob Filner
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#13. It would be more accurate to say that human fatherhood is metaphorical, a temporal sign of an eternal reality. God's fatherhood is true fatherhood in the truest sense. - Author: Scott Hahn
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