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#1. Value investing is predicated on the efficient market hypothesis being wrong. - Author: Seth Klarman
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#2. Kate Bernheimer's fiction offers a unique and delicate gift, the tempting mirage of a grace that constantly escapes. The Complete Tales of Merry Gold is an exceptional, lovely book, beautifully enigmatic, speaking a language that mysteriously evokes the unspoken. - Author: Lydia Millet
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#3. God is the Lord of human history and of the personal history of every member of His redeemed family. - Author: Margaret Clarkson
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#4. And despite the insignificance of the instant we have so far occupied in cosmic time, it is clear that what happens on and near Earth at the beginning of the second cosmic year will depend very much on the scientific wisdom and the distinctly human sensitivity of mankind. - Author: Carl Sagan
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#5. While Congress can't overturn the Supreme Court, we can provide carrots and sticks to prevent local governments from unfairly taking property from landowners. - Author: Stephanie Herseth
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#6. Pluralism is the word society employs during the transition from one orthodoxy to another. - Author: E.R. Norman
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#7. It's awkward, because sometimes you find new friends that are cooler than your old friends, and then your old friends desperately try to cling on to you even though you sort of hate them by now. - Author: Panda Bear
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#8. Between the kids, the jobs and everything, no matter what color you are, cardio is probably not on the top of your list. - Author: Nicole Ari Parker
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#9. If the thunder don't get ya then the lightning will. - Author: Jerry Garcia
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#10. If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, you must be the one to write it. - Author: Toni Morrison
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#11. Those who have trusted where they ought not,
will surely mistrust where they ought not.
-Marie von Ebnuer-Eschenbach - Author: Aleatha Romig
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#12. Truthfully, I don't like the binge-watching model. I think that if you give everybody everything all at once, there's very much a law of diminishing returns as far as their enjoyment of them. - Author: Timothy Simons
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#13. They wanted to have a good time, but they were like children playing in the street; they could see one after another of them being killed
run over, maimed, destroyed
but they continued to play anyhow. - Author: Philip K. Dick
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#14. I used to hang out with a bunch of old punk rockers when I was a little kid. - Author: Norman Reedus
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#15. A man's primary duty in life is to earn his own living, but to what purpose if he did not have a wife and children? - Author: Mario Puzo
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