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#1. I have a soft spot in my heart for tree houses, which have always imparted certain magic and practical knowledge.

Richard Louv

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#2. I grew up on a farm - it was a lovely life; we'd make tree houses all day - and my parents worked from home.

Joanne Froggatt

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#3. network of tree houses and huts and underground burrows that made up the thriving metropolis in which they lived - all logs and twine and dried mud, everything leaning to the left or the right - did

James Dashner

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#4. In this age of video games and cell phones, there must still be a place for knots, tree houses, and stories of incredible courage.

Conn Iggulden

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#5. I think I'm the only actor in the history of film who got to slap Sam Jackson on the face and butt and lived to tell about it.

Eugene Levy

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#6. The houses looked like something a child might draw, a row of shaky squares with triangles on top. Add a door, add two windows. Think of putting a tree in the front yard, and then decide against it because branches aren't worth the trouble.

David Sedaris

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#7. The brain can be easy to buy, but the heart never comes to market.

James Russell Lowell

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#8. Trees are massacred, houses go up - faces, faces everywhere. Man is spreading. Man is the cancer of the earth.

Emile M. Cioran

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#9. The opposite of knowledge is not ignorance, but deceit and fraud.

Jean Baudrillard

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#10. I have been so satisfied with the Christian religion that I have spent no time trying to find arguments against it ... I am not afraid now that you will show me any. I feel that I have enough information to live and die by.

William Jennings Bryan

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#11. One extraordinary thing happened as a result of the fear caused by your people, and that was that old feuds and envies disappeared. Those among us who had been enemies for generations forgot their grudges and joined one another against the invasion.

Graciela Limon

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#12. The name of the artist is more important to them than the quality of the work ... People criticize a picture by their ear

Okakura Kakuzo

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#13. A town, a landscape are when seen from afar a town and a landscape; but as one gets nearer, there are houses, trees, tiles leaves, grasses, ants, legs of ants and so on to infinity. All this is subsumed under the name of landscape.

Blaise Pascal

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#14. Fact: you can never know another person completely.
Fact: you are born alone and die alone.
Fact: there is no such thing as safety. Only vigilance, determination to survive, and a willingness to be ruthless about it.
Fact: love is not perfect.
Fact: neither am I.

Karen Marie Moning

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#15. Man appears to be the missing link between anthropoid apes and human beings.

Konrad Lorenz

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#16. I don't direct movies for a living.

Tommy Lee Jones

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#17. Salvation is an individual relationship with God. I've always considered myself to be a devotional poet, and I consider myself to be a devotional novelist.

Richard Grossman

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#18. The suburb is a place where someone cuts down all the trees to build houses, and then names the streets after the trees.

Bill Vaughan

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#19. No town can fail of beauty, though its walks were gutters and its houses hovels, if venerable trees make magnificent colonnades along its streets.

Henry Ward Beecher

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#20. Look: the trees exist; the houses we dwell in stand there stalwartly. Only we pass by it all, like a rush of air. And everything conspires to keep quiet about us, half out of shame perhaps, half out of some secret hope.

Rainer Maria Rilke

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#21. And said with the softness of repressed violence, 'I am not one to stick his neck out; it is a bit of a reach. I was waiting for the smallest sign that you could love me ... I never got it.'
Laertes, Count of Samothrace

Rebecca Ashe

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#22. You and I are but specks of that rhythmic urge which is Brahma, which is Allah, which is God.

Ruth St. Denis

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#23. The Japanese think it strange we paint our old wooden houses when it takes so long to find the wabi in them. They prefer the bonsai tree after the valiant blossoming is over, the leaves fallen. When bareness reveals a merit born in the vegetable struggling.

Jack Gilbert

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#24. When painting a landscape it is desirable to walk through the clumps and around the bushes, around the trees, the houses and the rocks. Familiarizing yourself in this way with the subject, you will get a better concept of the thing and not a visual and false snapshot.

John French Sloan

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