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#1. I've always been a lover of hoodies. I'm a guy that travels a lot. I'm a guy that spends a lot of time on a cold air-conditioned tour bus. I'm a guy that likes to watch movies in peace. I'm a guy that likes to travel in the airport in peace. - Author: Questlove
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#2. In the latest brain image studies, we can see real-time movies of individual interneuronal connections actually creating new synapses (connection points between neurons), so we can see our brain create our thoughts and in turn see our thoughts create our brain. - Author: Ray Kurzweil
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#3. I put so much pop culture in my movies because we speak about pop culture all the time. But, for some reason, movies exist in a world where there's no pop culture. - Author: Will Gluck
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#4. To me, always just - that scene is, like, so convenient. They never run out of bullets in action movies, unless it's at the most dramatic time possible. - Author: Seth Rogen
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#5. People don't know what they are doing most of the time. They don't know what they want. It's only in 'the movies' that they know what their problems are and have game plans to deal with them. - Author: John Cassavetes
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#6. Remember all the movies, Terry, we'd go see? Trying to learn how to walk like the heroes we thought we had to be And after all this time to find we're just like all the rest Stranded in the park and forced to confess To hiding on the Backstreets. - Author: Bruce Springsteen
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#7. My real difficulty was to become a normal person again, after having been a movie actress for so long. For me, at the time I was living in New York and Hollywood, a normal person was someone who made movies. - Author: Grace Kelly
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#8. Lord of the Rings was my first experience making movies and at the time, I had no ideas how movies were done. I thought that's the way they're done, so in a way, I had nothing to compare it to. - Author: Orlando Bloom
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#9. Obviously, movies and music videos are different because they're different lengths, and in a movie, you have more time to explore an idea. But I feel like they're all the same, really. - Author: Spike Jonze
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#10. The movies I've made at a certain time of my life were exactly right for the stage of my life, the frame of mind I was in at the time. Each character I've had to play has been me in that time in my life. - Author: Christian Slater
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#11. Movies tie things up in an arbitrary length of time, but I have always liked things that aren't fully realised. - Author: Peter Weir
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#12. To have three movies coming out at the same time - I probably will never have that again in my life. - Author: Scoot McNairy
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#13. I think it's that thing of growing up all the time watching American movies and listening to American music. It hits you in a way that's a lot purer because you are not in that culture that you're watching. - Author: Ben Mendelsohn
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#14. But I do believe that there's going to be a time where all movies are going to be made in 3D and it's just going to be a given, and that is going to be an exciting time. - Author: Dwayne Johnson
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#15. I wanted to do another movie that could make us laugh and cry and feel good about the world. I wanted to do something else that could make us smile. This is a time when we need to smile more and Hollywood movies are supposed to do that for people in difficult times. - Author: Steven Spielberg
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#16. I make movies about people in spiritual crisis because it's a way for me to spend the time, the energy, the focus and the obsession to come to terms with my own spiritual crisis. - Author: Jodie Foster
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#17. At the time I came along, Hollywood's idea of teen movies meant there had to be a lot of nudity, usually involving boys in pursuit of sex, and pretty gross overall. Either that or a horror movie. And the last thing Hollywood wanted in their teen movies was teenagers! - Author: John Hughes
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#18. I would say that since I was nine years old I've always wanted to write and direct horror movies and action movies. There's never been a time in my life where that wasn't all I wanted to do. - Author: Jay Baruchel
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#19. Awards were made in Hollywood, in whatever the time it was created. They're to promote each other's movies. You give me an award, I give you an award and people will believe that we are great movies and they'll go to see them. It's still the same. - Author: Javier Bardem
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#20. I watched Westerns from the time I was a girl. My dad was a big Western fan. I always loved Clint Eastwood movies and 'Westworld', where the guy gets trapped in a western-themed amusement park. The western motif was fascinating to me. - Author: Kimberly Elise
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#21. I think the best roles are in dark movies. It's roles that aren't you. It's fun playing someone that's not me. If I'm playing me all the time, then it's not acting. It's just being yourself. - Author: Chloe Grace Moretz
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#22. When I started making movies, I was pretty young, and at the time I felt like there needed to be more confrontation in cinema - or I needed to make something more disruptive - so in the beginning, those movies were me wanting to play with the rules. - Author: Harmony Korine
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#23. I still remember 2002. It's a very hard time for Hong Kong industry, no movies in Hong Kong, and also at this moment I start my new company, so many people said, 'You're crazy.' - Author: Andrew Lau
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#24. I loved movies growing up. I went to the movies with my uncle all the time. But being an actor? I didn't even think about it until I was about twenty years old. I took a class at the college I was at. I don't know why - I just wanted to take a class, and I kind of fell in love with it there. - Author: Christopher Abbott
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#25. She had never seen snow before, except in TV shows and movies. It had looked to her like the stars were flaking out of the sky. It had looked like thousands of fireflies in the moonlight; like breathlessness, like time stopping, like the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#26. In college, one of my favorite classes was a six-week class watching horror movies. 'The Bad Seed' was one of them and was the first time I had seen it, and I really fell in love with it. - Author: David Leslie Johnson
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#27. Horror movies are here to stay, you know? It's not a fad. Even the musical has gone in and out of style from time to time. Horror movies have always been around. - Author: Jerry O'Connell
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#28. I think 'North by Northwest' and 'Rope' and Rear Window' and 'Psycho' are on my list of favorite all time movies. I just think his kind of command as a director was almost unparalleled, and I feel like in certain ways the sort of character-based thriller owes more to Hitchcock than anyone. - Author: Carlton Cuse
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#29. I decided to be an actress, and the day after, I was an actress. That was quick and very scary at the same time. When 'Obscure Object of Desire' came out in France, I felt guilty for my friends at the National School who weren't in the movies. The whole thing was turmoil. - Author: Carole Bouquet
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#30. Even from a really young age I was a huge movie buff - five, six, seven, eight. Just loved movies, but in a more in-depth way than most kids that loved movies at that time. I'd find a filmmaker or something and want to see all his movies. - Author: Danny Strong
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#31. Though I've been in horror movies, I just can't watch them. The first time I watched a 'Harry Potter' movie, I had nightmares for, like, two weeks. - Author: Chelan Simmons
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#32. Sexcastle is a perfect mix of homage and comedy, action and irony, loving tribute and hilarious send-up of the great, good, and ungodly-bad action movies of the '80s. I don't remember the last time a debut book hit me this hard. Literally, this book punched me in the face. It's THAT mean. - Author: Matt Fraction
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#33. I mean, I kind of remember ... I'm 36 now, so it's kind of hard for me to relate to what it was like when I was 25, or 24, but I do remember a period in time when that's how I defined who I was, by the music I listened to and the movies I went to. - Author: Liz Phair
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#34. I spend way too much time watching television, going to sports games, going to movies. It struck me that there's an awful lot of data in the public domain for these sectors. The movie industry publishes weekly sales numbers - not many industries do. - Author: Anita Elberse
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#35. It's how the '70s were for movies, the 2000s are for TV. I think it's a phenomenal time for TV and to be involved in it. - Author: Natascha McElhone
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#36. I love movies, I've always been interested in them, but I wanted to wait for the right time to start acting. - Author: Claudia Schiffer
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#37. Any time you stop looking at evil as a black and white thing, it's helpful. So the fact that there won't be any obligatory Islamic terrorist stereotypes in movies any more, that'd be helpful. - Author: John Cusack
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#38. I think people who live in the worlds that movies are based on end up disliking them. Unless they're from a different time and era. - Author: Jason Sudeikis
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#39. The stereotype of psychotherapy portrayed in popular books and movies is lying on the couch and saying whatever comes into your mind, while a kindly psychoanalyst listens and nods knowingly from time to time. After years and years, something wonderful is supposed to happen. - Author: David D. Burns
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#40. Teen movies often have an unspoken underlying premise in which high school is seen as less serious than the adult world. But when your head is encased in that microcosm it's the most serious time of your life. - Author: Rian Johnson
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#41. It's always uncomfortable for me when I take off my shirt. No one else is taking their shift off. Why is everyone else in these movies bundled up in layers of clothing and I'm taking my clothes off all the time? - Author: Taylor Lautner
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#42. Writing keeps my mind occupied during the down time in my acting career. Even when I am working, there are times when I have multiple days off each week. Also, the writing allows me to 'do' movies that I would never do as an actor. - Author: Conan Stevens
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#43. My father and I used to watch movies all the time. That was our bonding time, so that's when I kind of fell in love with acting. - Author: Jessica Barth
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#44. I started in movies in 1963, and the first big one was 'Rosemary's Baby' in 1967. While you don't notice it right away, it finally dawns on you that 80% of the time, you're doing nothing. - Author: Charles Grodin
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#45. I'm for gay marriage. I don't want to do it, but I certainly think people should be allowed to, and I wouldn't vote for anybody that would be against it. But at the same time, why do we have to be good now? Why can't we be villains in movies? - Author: John Waters
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#46. I had a great time working on the movies, both the major movies I've done. I've had a great time. I like the people in Hollywood a lot. - Author: Al Franken
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#47. I've never been a big fan of the music-video style of editing movies that crept in the last few decades. I like stuff that's able to take its time. - Author: Frank Darabont
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#48. I come from a time when pop music was the coin of the cultural realm and in a certain way was the only coin of the realm; movies didn't matter as much, and not TV - it was all about pop music. In the era when I started - which was the early '60s - it was all about singles leading to albums. - Author: Fred Seibert
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#49. My life is making movies. I like storytelling, and I've got a lot of stories that are stored up in my head that I hope to get out before my time is up. - Author: George Lucas
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#50. When Ginger Rogers danced with Astaire, it was the only time in the movies when you looked at the man, not the woman. - Author: Gene Kelly
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#51. I describe television as feminine and movies as masculine, in the sense that television wants to examine a problem from all sides and talk about it for a long time, and movies just want to hit the climax and then maybe have a smoke. - Author: Joss Whedon
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#52. Time moves on but Barbara Hershey's doing good and John Heard, they're all people working. I know there were a couple of kids in that movie who I used who have been in other movies since Beaches. - Author: Garry Marshall
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#53. Oh, I was completely hooked on movies and plays and theater from the time I was a day old - I was very, very early on in love with movies and I loved plays. - Author: Bob Balaban
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#54. I've never played a Dane in a movie. I've had offers to be in Danish movies, including for some good directors, but I either had a job at the time or, when I was available, the movie just didn't happen. Hopefully someday I'll do one. - Author: Viggo Mortensen
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#55. Eve wasn't sure what right the clown had to butcher the poor girl like that. In fact, most horror movies made her angry. Though the 'final girl' usually got out alive, she was stripped of so much by the time the credits rolled. - Author: Christa Carmen
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#56. My priorities are really about creating balance in my home, making sure that I have enough time with my kids, making sure that I have the time to do the things that I want to do with my career, and to continue to make movies. - Author: Nia Long
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#57. I love to go to the movies with people, but a lot of the time it's me in a room with a bunch of other movie critics, which is fine. - Author: Wesley Morris
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#58. In TV and movies, you kill yourself spending all this time to think up the symbolism or what if that deer that runs across your hero's path somehow conveys what's going on inside your hero's head? When a lot of times, you just want to hear what he's thinking. - Author: Eric Kripke
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#59. The movies that I did in the '80s were either good or bad, but I never was oppressed with any feeling - I mean, I thought it was ridiculous to play high school or college students when I was 30. But at the same time, that was really done then. - Author: Curtis Armstrong
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#60. I grew up in a big movie house, we watched movies all the time, so I had an awareness at a very young age that that was a job that you could have. - Author: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
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#61. The strong man lit a cigarette. It looked too frail for his hand. They looked like King Kong and Fay Wray, that hand, that cigarette. There was a movie going on right under his nose and he didn't even know. The guy had about one brain cell and he was doing time in it. - Author: Rupert Thomson
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#62. Some believe that the FBI has these phenomenal capabilities to access any information at any time - that we can get what we want, when we want it, by flipping some sort of switch. It may be true in the movies or on TV. It is simply not the case in real life. - Author: James Comey
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#63. When you work in such a surreal environment as movies, just listening to some tunes or hanging out with friends is what you crave. Even time alone. - Author: Orlando Bloom
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#64. To be allowed for the first time in your later career to play leading parts in extremely popular movies is not a situation to worry about. - Author: Ian McKellen
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#65. Old movies are black-and-white; they've got good guys and bad guys. The thing was, I didn't want to live in the past anymore. It was time for my life to go full color. - Author: Eileen Cook
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#66. The only time I ever met a character that I wrote was when I met Ian McKellan, when he was playing Magneto in the 'X-Men' movies. - Author: Grant Morrison
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#67. The movies have a way of seeping out there over time. We don't put them in 2,000 theaters. It wouldn't work that way. - Author: Christopher Guest
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#68. I feel like every time I go out, I want to do a good job. I want people to say that he's just as good at stand-up as he is in some of the movies I've seen him in, so I try to do the best every time I go out there. - Author: Chris Tucker
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#69. I spent a long time trying to make it in the commercial world hoping that commercials would then lead to movies. That was a less-travelled path at the time, although it's very well-travelled now. - Author: Dan Trachtenberg
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#70. Flying is my favorite time in the world. When I'm sitting in a plane, it's amazing because it's quiet and there's no cell phones and no one to talk to you. It's my favorite time. I read all my scripts. I catch up on my movies. I sleep. It's the best. There's no one telling you, "Time to go!" - Author: Priyanka Chopra
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#71. [The movies] glamorize game day a little bit too much. It's such a focus. They miss a lot of the nuts and bolts, and the time that goes into the preparation each week, or each couple of days in basketball. - Author: Vince Kehres
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#72. I feel like I grew up being babysat by a television, and all I ever wanted to do was be in movies, direct movies, make movies, but it took me a really long time to be honest with myself about it because my background is that my family was very poor. - Author: Noel Wells
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#73. When my turn on the program comes, I am not nervous at all - because all this is happening out of time, out of space. I am, for a moment, a figure of my own fantasy, and I play my appointed role as if I were in the movies. - Author: Eva Hoffman
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#74. In all my movies, there's always a kind of heartfelt element, to be able to do a drama and to be able to spend more time in the emotional stuff with no pressure to get back to the funny that's very liberating for me. - Author: Shawn Levy
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#75. You know, I've sold a lot of bad movies in my time. - Author: Dan Aykroyd
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#76. In the theater, you act more of the time. In the movies, you get to act maybe 20 or 30 minutes of the day. I love acting in movies. It's just different. - Author: Alec Baldwin
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#77. I had a brother who was bullying me to write something because we wanted to make our own movies. So it was out of necessity in the beginning. Over time, I began to see that I could create the roles I wanted to play rather than just waiting around. - Author: Joel Edgerton
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#78. Movies have to handle time very efficiently. They're about stringing scenes together in the present. Novels aren't necessarily about that. - Author: Richard Russo
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#79. I've been a fan of movies longer than anything else. One thing I learned a long time ago is that you can't translate a book literally to the screen. It won't work because it's a different medium. And it would be the same in reverse. - Author: Andrew Stanton
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#80. I'm in production year round. I work long hours. I have a dog and a wife. There's not a lot of available time for consuming any culture: T.V., movies, books. When I read, it's generally magazines, newspapers and web sites. - Author: Ira Glass
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#81. I love movies that are challenging to me both physically and emotionally and that I have to take a lot of time leading up to it to get into that headspace and live in that headspace throughout the course of the production. - Author: Mark Wahlberg
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#82. The one thing I did know - because I've seen many, many of the road trip movies that everyone thinks about - is that death to a road trip movie happens when you spend too much time in the car. - Author: Ben Falcone
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#83. You can't work in the movies. Movies are all about lighting. Very few filmmakers will concentrate on the story. You get very little rehearsal time, so anything you do onscreen is a kind of speed painting. - Author: John Malkovich
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#84. There's so much more freedom in film as far as subject matter and what can be said. And then, also, the process is different because there's more time. On movies there's just so much freedom and space to explore in front of the camera. - Author: Dave Franco
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#85. I find that when you see somebody in the tabloids all the time, you have no desire to see them in movies. - Author: Seann William Scott
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#86. Just in the past few years - since I've been making movies, which isn't a very long time - you now have a culture that is fascinated and informed about the box office in a way that sometimes filmmakers weren't even. - Author: Neil LaBute
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#87. The only times you'll see me in terms of the movie business is when I have to go to the premieres of my own movies. I don't go to see ones that aren't mine because I don't even like going to mine. - Author: Billy Bob Thornton
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#88. I used to just daydream all the time about being in movies, from the age of, like, four onwards. I would sit down and watch movies with my father and my grandfather, and always pretended that I was in the stories. - Author: Aneurin Barnard
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#89. 'Evil Dead' was such a big movie in my life. It's one of the few that I really remember when I watched it for the first time. I mean, I don't remember when I first saw 'The Empire Strikes Back,' and it's one of my favourite movies. - Author: Fede Alvarez
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#90. With 2 movies opening this summer, I have no relaxing time at all. Whatever I have is spent in a drunken stupor. - Author: Hugh Grant
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#91. I remember the first time Bill Fichtner and I had a scene together. I've seen him in a few movies, from 'Armageddon' to 'The Perfect Storm' and 'Contact,' and suddenly he's on a bunk bed and I'm on a bunk bed and we're doing this scene together. That was a real 'pinch me' moment. - Author: Chris Vance
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#92. I only made two studio movies, that was a long time ago and obviously I removed myself. I think some of that is geographical. I live in New York and I want to work there, it's as simple as that. - Author: Campbell Scott
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#93. We go to the movies to forget about time, to be in a dream state. And it's entertainment, distraction, from the fact that everything is kind of crumbling in front of our eyes. - Author: Christian Marclay
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#94. You know, I wish I wasn't so young when I made some of my movies, because I thought that's what the rest of my life was going to be like and I'd have all the time in the world to enjoy it. It wasn't and I didn't. - Author: Kiefer Sutherland
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#95. I really like the half-hour comedy. I really do. I know people that are in movies all the time and they, you know, they don't see their families as much. And that takes its toll over time. - Author: Matt LeBlanc
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#96. I think audiences have always wanted to see women in the movies, but every time a movie like 'Bridesmaids' comes out, everyone says, 'Oh how funny, people do want to see women in the movies.' - Author: Isla Fisher
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#97. Architecture has a strong link with the movies in terms of time progression, sequencing, framing, all of that. - Author: Christian De Portzamparc
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#98. My favorite movies are the ones that are different the second time, or where you're constantly discovering new things. It's not just genre movies, either, and it's not just about twists. I saw 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' four times in the theater before I realized it's a love story. I love that. - Author: Drew Goddard
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#99. It all felt like a terribly long time. It would have meant that I had to make five movies in five years and if you don't like the movies, too bad. I guess I just wanted my freedom, and I think my life has been incredibly enhanced as a result. - Author: Joseph Fiennes
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#100. I am a cynical optimist. Big opening weekends are like cotton candy. The films you will remember over time are the films that stick in the consciousness of the audience in a good way. - Author: Robert Redford
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