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Top 22 Quotes About Thoth

#1. Would the Gardners and the workers at the Yerkes Primate Center be remembered dimly as legendary folk heroes or gods of another species? Would there be myths, like those of Prometheus, Thoth, or Cannes, about divine beings who had given the gift of language to the apes? - Author: Carl Sagan
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#2. Shut up," Thoth and I said at the same time. He looked at me with surprise. "So, Sadie ... you are trying to stay in control. It won't last. You may be blood of the pharaohs, but Isis is a deceptive, power-hungry - " "I can contain her," I said, - Author: Rick Riordan
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#3. This is the Scroll of Thoth. Herein are set down the magic words by which Isis raised Osiris from the dead. Oh! Amon-Ra
Oh! God of Gods
Death is but the doorway to new life
We live today-we shall live again
In many forms shall we return-Oh, mighty one. - Author: John L. Balderston
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#4. They were such seriously futile people that she found herself wanting to cry out against their ready-made justifications for pointless lives. - Author: Frank Herbert
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#5. On a large scale, people aren't going to cut back how much they use. That's a pipe dream. If anything, as the developing world gets richer, the world's going to consume more - more cars, bigger homes, more energy, more water, more food. - Author: Ramez Naam
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#6. Most people call my style of dress slovenly, I call it extreme casual. If I didn't have a mother and a sister for the times I do have to get dressed, I would be absolutely lost. - Author: Joshua Jackson
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#7. Thoth's beak! You are impossibley stubborn."
"Yeah, it's a gift. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#8. Now ... get Thoth a raspberry chocolate latte with the cream and chocolate sprinkles! Thoth commands, librarian! Obey! Sprinkles! THOTH HAS SPOKEN! - Author: James Turner
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#9. I'm going to fuck you, hard. I'm going to use your body until I come inside you. And then we're going to play. All night long - Author: Jaci Burton
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#10. Come on," I said. "I've got some questions for Thoth. And then I'm going to punch him in the beak. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#11. The distinction between "magick" and "communication" exits only in our traditional ways of thinking. The uncanny Egyptians attributed both inventions to a single deity, Thoth, god of speech and other illusions. - Author: Robert Anton Wilson
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#12. The world is every bit stupefying, But it's far fucking out. Am I wrong? - Author: Oliver Benjamin
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#13. Lists make magic, the rhythm of itemised words: you do not list ten techniques, numbered and chantable, in austere prose appropriate for some early-millennium rebooted Book of Thoth, and not know that you have written an incantation. - Author: China Mieville
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#14. How do I defeat Apophis?"
"I'm so glad you asked!" Thoth beamed at me with his multicolored eyes. "Unfortunately, I can't tell you."
I glanced at Walt. "Do you want to kill him, or should I? - Author: Rick Riordan
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#15. The old adage was true; the surest proof of the Faith is that it has survived for two thousand spite of the men that run it. - Author: Val Bianco
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#16. And besides, the thing about committing yourself to a lie is that mostly you end up in twice the trouble, 'cause truth is like a whirlwind and you can't keep it in a box. - Author: Sarah Monette
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#17. Zia looked appalled. "Setne? As in the Setne? Does Carter realize - ?" "Yep." "And Thoth suggested this?" "Yep." "And you're actually going along with it?" "Yep. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#18. I held out the painting of the cat and the snake.
"It's a cat and a snake," Thoth said.
Thank you, god of wisdom. You placed it for us to find, didn't you? You're trying to give us some sort of clue."
"Who, me?"
Just kill him, Horus said.
Shut up, I said.
At least kill the guitar. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#19. There must be a punitive expedition against the Jews in Russia, a punitive expedition which will expect: death sentence and execution. Then the world will see the end of the Jews is also the end of Bolshevism. - Author: Julius Streicher
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#20. As soon as we get the place secure, I'll get in touch," Miller said. "Okay, but don't take too long. If Thoth Station has a whorehouse left standing, I'm going to need help prying Amos out of it. - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#21. Thoth, Hermes, the stylus,
the palette, the pen, the quill endure,
though our books are a floor
of smouldering ash under our feet. - Author: Hilda Doolittle
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#22. Opposition is not there to stop you, it's there to establish you. - Author: Joel Osteen
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