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#1. Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? (She made this remark in February 1936, at the railway station in Los Angeles upon her return from Chicago, when a Los Angeles police officer was assigned to escort her home) - Author: Mae West
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#2. This road is a winding one.
We left the west flooded
with new loneliness. - Author: Donika Kelly
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#3. 'A Walk to Remember' was a huge movie for me. I thought Mandy Moore was the coolest thing that ever happened. And Shane West - man, did I have a crush on him. - Author: Britt Robertson
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#4. I've come across a novel called The Palm-Wine Drinkard, by the Nigerian writer Amos Tutuola, that is really remarkable because it is a kind of fantasy of West African mythology all told in West African English which, of course, is not the same as standard English. - Author: William Golding
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#5. He was the man who rode into our valley out of the heart of the great glowing west and when his work was done, he left whence he had come--and he was Shane. - Author: Jack Shaeffer
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#6. I've been in 'Who's Who' and I know what's what, but it'll be the first time I ever made the dictionary. - Author: Mae West
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#7. Shadow is on the move," a soldier said suddenly ...
"We spotted her in the West atrium, then she vanished into the unfinished apartments. Scared the shit out of Dr. Marea on four, then ended up in the kitchen ogling a cheesecake. - Author: Erin Kellison
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#8. The Germanic invasions in the West could not and did not in any way alter this state of affairs. - Author: Henri Pirenne
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#9. Most actors here go to the West Coast; I ended up going to Ireland. My buddies who left drama school, they had this arrogance - 'We don't want to typecast ourselves.' But I said, 'I want to do Irish parts. That's the thing that's gonna give me the leg up.' - Author: Brian F. O'Byrne
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#10. Well, on the one hand the Turks have the legitimate need to defend their national dignity - and this includes being recognized as a part of the west and Europe. - Author: Orhan Pamuk
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#11. In the wealthy countries of the West, discrimination is usually a matter of unequal pay or underfunded sports teams or unwanted touching from a boss. In contrast, in much of the world discrimination is lethal. - Author: Nicholas D. Kristof
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#12. If the Best is yet to come, the Present will blend with it Beautifully. - Author: Dorothy West
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#13. The idea of starting with that Kanye [West] song is declarative. It says, "This is the kind of story we're telling." - Author: Akiva Goldsman
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#14. Topography displays no favorites; North's as near as West.
More delicate than the historians' are the map-makers' colors. - Author: Elizabeth Bishop
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#15. I was unknown because I came to Washington from the West. I started covering Watergate. Immodestly, I'd say I did it pretty well, in part because it was hard to go wrong. - Author: Tom Brokaw
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#16. The spirit of the West, of America, is different than the East. The cultural conditioning is very different. It seems to be harder for people to work in teams, more difficult for people here to live in harmony, in a monastery. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#17. The Christian life was never meant to be lived alone. Together we're a body. A family. The people of God. - Author: Matthew West
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#18. Poor Dimitri Shostakovich: In the Soviet Union, he was condemned as being too radical; in the West, for being too conservative. He could please no one but the musical public. He revenged himself on both by writing a short piece called 'March of the Soviet Police.' - Author: Edward Abbey
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#19. When western books are set in the present, critics seldom call them westerns: the national myth allows the West only a past. - Author: Gerald W. Haslam
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#20. People are fed up with Labour for taking them for granted for far too long, they are fed up of too much spin, and the people of Dunfermline and West Fife have spoken for the rest of the country with their views on the Labour government. - Author: Willie Rennie
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#21. My father builds homes. So I grew up around the idea that you can take a piece of land, and you can bulldozer it and build new homes on it. You can create something new. - Author: Harry West
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#22. Child of the kindly West, I have come to know, if more of us valued your ways - food and cheer above hoarded gold - it would be a merrier world. But sad or merry, I must leave it now. Farewell. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#23. To put an end to the spirit of inquiry that has characterized the West it is not necessary to burn the books. All we have to do is to leave them unread for a few generations. - Author: Robert Maynard Hutchins
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#24. My father ran a famous L.A. nightclub complete with roller-rink - Flippers - in the early Eighties which was the West Coast's answer to Studio 54. - Author: Liberty Ross
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#25. One personal tip that my trainer gave me was, "Don't take things personally. People are calling on the worst days of their lives and you're their first point of contact. Be like a duck and let the water roll off your back." I live by those words when I'm at work. - Author: Cameron West
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#26. The monks' response was to climb into their curraghs and row off toward Greenland. They were drawn across the storm-racked ocean, drawn west past the edge of the known world, by nothing more than a hunger of the spirit, a yearning of such queer intensity that it beggars the modern imagination. - Author: Jon Krakauer
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#27. Many of us in the West have come to feel that the development of technology in the military and economic fields has produced a single world in which the central problems, both military and economic, are going to require co-operation rather than continued confrontation and competition. - Author: Denis Healey
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#28. Should the fragrance of Thy praise be shed abroad by any of the divers tongues of the world, out of the East or out of the West, it would, verily, be prized and greatly cherished. - Author: Baha'u'llah
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#29. A lot of people think that it was about Biggie on the East Coast and 2Pac on the West Coast. It wasn't like that. Big ran New York. 2Pac ran America. - Author: Cormega
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#30. Water indeed will flow indifferently to the east or west, but will it flow indifferently up or down? The tendency of our nature to good is like the tendency of water to flow downwards. There are none but have this tendency to good, just as all water flows downward. - Author: Mencius
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#31. He looked up the stairs and then back to me. "You came out of nowhere." "No, I was on my way down too. You probably didn't see me. I'm just glad he's okay. - Author: Kasie West
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#32. The region west of the Mississippi continued in the popular mind to be a strange land for which the reports of explorers and travellers did the work of fiction, and Cooper's Prairie had few followers. - Author: Carl Clinton Van Doren
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#33. If ever peace is to be imposed on the world it will only be because a large number of men who could have taken part in the drill display by the Guards or Marines or at the Royal Tournament turn that strength and precision to the service of life. - Author: Rebecca West
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#34. Somebody's real voice is probably the hardest one that somebody could attempt. - Author: Billy West
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#35. The amphibious landing of U.S. Marines on September 1950 at Inchon, on the west coast of Korea, was one of the most audacious and spectacularly successful amphibious landings in all naval history. - Author: Bernard Brodie
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#36. In West Virginia, the most vulnerable people we have are people who get up every morning and go to work. - Author: Joe Manchin
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#37. In the pioneer West Whitopias, immigration tended to be the dominant social and racial issue. In Forsyth County, Georgia, immigration is still an issue, but because you have that complicated history of the Trail of Tears and slavery and Jim Crow, the Whitopia has a different flavor. - Author: Richard Benjamin
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#38. If you're a beach person or a golfer, Key West is not for you. Most of the sand has been imported, and the water is shallow until you've waded far out, and all the way the sea floor is covered with yucky algae and sea grass. - Author: Edmund White
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#39. I want each and every West Virginian to have bragging rights. I want to stop playing defense and start playing offense. So, together, let us grab the reins of history. - Author: Joe Manchin
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#40. Once their gaze turned back toward Europe, the puzzle dissolved: West Germany was the obvious equivalent and, indeed, a splendid candidate for the role of the global plan's European shock-absorbing pillar - certainly not Britain. - Author: Yanis Varoufakis
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#41. I am not optimistic, but I've never been optimistic about humankind or America. The evidence never looks good in terms of forces for good actually becoming prominent. - Author: Cornel West
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#42. The Dumnonii, whose city or fortress was at Exeter, were an important people. They occupied the whole of the peninsula from the River Parret to Land's End. East of the Tamar was Dyfnaint, the Deep Vales; west of it Corneu, the horn of Britain. - Author: Sabine Baring-Gould
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#43. Revolutionaries are rarely motivated primarily by material considerations-though the illusion that they are persists in the West. - Author: Henry A. Kissinger
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#44. Serious history was the West, and the West was white. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
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#45. Suddenly we saw that you could do plays about real life, and people had been doing them for some time, but they weren't always getting to the audiences. They were performed in little, tiny, theatres. - Author: Timothy West
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#46. Once this key conflict is eased, it will have a huge impact on the world. It will take time to find a solution. It's similar to the situation between East and the West at the time of my flight. - Author: Mathias Rust
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#47. The support this city and our fans have shown the Grizzlies made my decision to stay in Memphis an easy one. Memphis deserves a championship team, and I am committed to that. - Author: Jerry West
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#48. I was on the junior team when I was a freshman, that's how good I was. But I wasn't on my eighth-grade team, because some coach - some Grammy, some reviewer, some fashion person, some blah blah blah - they're all the same as that coach. - Author: Kanye West
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#49. The staunch, old soakers, on the other hand men who, if put on tap, would have yielded a red alcoholic liquor, by way of blood usually confined themselves to plain brandy-and-water, gin, or West India rum; and, - Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
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#50. The Odyssey is, indeed, one of the greatest of all stories, it is the original romance of the West; but the Iliad, though a magnificent poem, is not much of a story. - Author: George Saintsbury
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#51. I believe that if Israel were to put an end to the settlements in the West Bank tomorrow, as it did in Gaza, there would still be reluctance on the part of the Palestinian Authority to recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish secular democracy. - Author: Alan Dershowitz
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#52. Following dark winter's strife, a warm air rises, teemed with life. Birth, rebirth, as the waiting die. Old love, new love sprouts wings to fly. - Author: Phar West Nagle
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#53. By the time I was 18, I had absorbed punk rock from America, Britain, and the West Coast. All of it was so dark and weird and different and cool and hot and sexy and rebellious. It was a fist-in-the-air kind of rebellion that I wasn't getting from the '70s mainstream. - Author: Michael Stipe
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#54. God forbid that any book should be banned. The practice is as indefensible as infanticide. - Author: Rebecca West
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#55. It was tough to get up for teams from the West. This will put a lot of interest back in the game. - Author: Martin Brodeur
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#56. I spent 22 years in the United States military, so I'm a pretty strategic level thinker. - Author: Allen West
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#57. When Janie looked out of her door she saw the drifting mists gathered in the west
that cloud field of the sky
to arm themselves with thunders and march forth against the world. Louder and higher and lower and wider the sound and motion spread, mounting, sinking, darking. - Author: Zora Neale Hurston
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#58. The West has given the world the symphony, and the novel. - Author: Ibn Warraq
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#59. But slowly, it happened everywhere, in the West and in the East as well, that the journey to wisdom through suffering became a global art form. - Author: Andrew Ramer
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#60. [I want to build] the biggest apparel company in human history. - Author: Kanye West
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#61. Come dance with the west wind and touch on the mountain tops Sail o'er the canyons and up to the stars And reach for the heavens and hope for the future And all that we can be and not what we are ... - Author: John Denver
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#62. Have you ever had sex with a Pharaoh?
I put the pussy in a sarcophagus - Author: Kanye West
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#63. When we rise in the morning ... at the table we drink coffee which is provided to us by a South American, or tea by a Chinese, or cocoa by a West African; before we leave for our jobs we are already beholden to more than half the world. - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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#64. I go to Saint Barth in the French West Indies for two weeks each year. That place is amazing. Amazing people, beautiful beaches, great wine, wonderful harbors ... It's incredibly romantic. - Author: Brooke Burke
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#65. Reelection ought not to be the primary preoccupation of any politician. It ought to be standing up for truth and justice. - Author: Cornel West
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#66. The next decade cannot be a decade of confrontation and contention. It cannot be east vs. West. It cannot be men vs. women. It cannot be Islam vs. Christianity. That is what the enemies of dialogue want. - Author: Benazir Bhutto
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#67. It is not necessary to dwell on the political and social principles of Islam, to underline how close they also are in spirit to the concepts of human rights which govern the political and social systems of the West. - Author: Aly Khan
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#68. I am less disposed to think of a West Point education as requisite for this business than I was at first. Good sense and energy are the qualities required. - Author: Rutherford B. Hayes
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#69. A bulger of a place it is. The number of the ships beat me all hollow, and looked for all the world like a big clearing in the West, with the dead trees all standing. - Author: Davy Crockett
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#70. Ukraine is the instrument for Russia to test the West's 'red lines' - Author: Lilia Shevtsova
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#71. The future belongs to you. Should anyone insult you, tell yourself this: I am a child of destiny who will unite East and West and change the world. - Author: Adeline Yen Mah
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#72. I just close my eyes and act like I'm a 3-year-old. I try to get as close to a childlike level as possible because we were all artists back then. So you just close your eyes and think back to when you were as young as you can remember and had the least barriers to your creativity. - Author: Kanye West
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#73. Jewish fundamentalism is teaching that Jews can fight with guns and with civil war, against being relocated off the West Bank, and disobey the orders of their government. That is the call to jihad, to several kinds of jihad. - Author: Arthur Hertzberg
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#74. The West has given us the liberal miracle of individual rights, individual responsibility, merit, and human satisfaction. - Author: Ibn Warraq
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#75. At Camp David in 2000, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered the Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat 94 percent of the West Bank; ten years later, Ehud Olmert offered Abbas 93.6 percent with a one-to-one land swap. - Author: Elliott Abrams
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#76. More riveting to me in the end than the politics of Berlin was the vast social experiment its division had become... it was possible to have freedom and plenty in the West and craft an empty life; it was possible to "have nothing" in the East and create a life of intimacy and dignity and beauty. - Author: Krista Tippett
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#77. The key issue is the shift of the centre of gravity from the West to the East, the rise of China and India. - Author: Klaus Schwab
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#78. Guinea has managed to go 42 days consecutively without any new Ebola infections. And that comes after neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia, the other two West African countries that were hardest hit by Ebola, have been through the same cycle of zero Ebola cases. - Author: Ofeibea Quist-Arcton
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#79. We gonna touch the sky - Author: Kanye West
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#80. The multiplicity is only apparent. This is the doctrine of the Upanishads. And not of the Upanishads only. The mystical experience of the union with God regularly leads to this view, unless strong prejudices stand in the West. - Author: Erwin Schrodinger
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#81. I grew up in southeastern Oklahoma on a working cattle ranch, and it was always very romantic to me: The West, the cowboy, the Western way of life. - Author: Reba McEntire
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#82. Musical theatre is something that I always wanted to be a part of, and my first ever role on the West End as Joseph in 'Joseph And The Technicolor Dreamcoat' gave me a taste for it. - Author: Gareth Gates
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#83. The West is dead ... you may lose a sweetheart but you won't forget her. - Author: Charles Marion Russell
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#84. We are intent on building a movement. The next step is grassroots town meetings. We must keep alive the dialogue around the covenants. - Author: Cornel West
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#85. I know I'm not strong enough to be everything that I'm supposed to be. I give up. I'm not stong enough. Hands of mercy won't you cover me? Lord right now I'm asking you to be Strong enough. Strong enough for the both of us. - Author: Matthew West
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#86. I've just grown a little disappointed with 'Muppets in the Old West', 'Muppets Under Water' and all these weird concept movies. I just want to go take it back to the early 80's, when it was about the Muppets trying to put on a show. That's what I'm trying to bring back. - Author: Jason Segel
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#87. When you're leading, you're generally trying to lead change, and I think it was Roy Amara, who said about technology, "We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run." And I think the same applies to change within an organization. - Author: Harry West
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#88. Stood alone on a mountain top, starin' out at the Great Divide. I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide. Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' and my soul began to rise. - Author: Bob Seger
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#89. He loves to be the center of attention. I hate it. He is the king of the school. I do not want to be the queen. I - Author: Kasie West
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#90. The ideal of self-advancement which the civilizing west offers to backward populations brings with it the plague of individual frustration. All the advantages brought by the West are ineffectual substitutes for the sheltering and soothing anonymity of communal existence. - Author: Eric Hoffer
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#91. Man is a creature who walks in two worlds and traces upon the walls of his cave the wonders and the nightmare experiences of his spiritual pilgrimage. - Author: Morris West
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#92. I fervently believe that people shouldn't stay in bad relationships just because of some artificial rom-com notion of true love being "forever." In fact, I think that the pressure of conforming to that framework ruins-literally RUINS-a lot of people's lives. - Author: Lindy West
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#93. The Witch was too much afraid of the dark to dare go in Dorothy's room at night to take the shoes, and her dread of water was greater than her fear of the dark. - Author: L. Frank Baum
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#94. The soul of a man such as you can never leave the west. - Author: Stephen King
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#95. The other world is as to this like the east to the west. We cannot approach the one without turning away from the other. - Author: Abdelkader El Djezairi
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#96. You must let suffering speak, if you want to hear the truth - Author: Cornel West
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#97. You have me under your spell.

With all the secrets you tell.

I can't make it stop.

Please don't let it stop.

You have me under your spell.

If you knew me as well,

You would make it stop.

I can't let it stop. - Author: Kasie West
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#98. The wise traveler is he who is perpetually surprised. - Author: Vita Sackville-West
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#99. I love Denver. There's not a better place to hit, better place to play. I'm a West Coast guy, so I like playing in the NL West. - Author: Garrett Atkins
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#100. The best episodes of 'The West Wing' that dealt with policy and stuff, in my opinion, were the ones where they were in the middle of a crisis, and they were trying to figure out how to solve problems. - Author: Michael Schur
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