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Top 38 Quotes About The Kurds

#1. So the idea that you could put Kurds, Shiite Arabs, and Sunni Arabs in a nice, liberal, federal system in Iraq in a short amount of time, six months or a year, boggles the mind. - Author: William Odom
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#2. The U.S. cannot force Sunnis, Shias, and Kurds to make peace or to act for the common good. They have been in conflict for 1,400 years. - Author: Peter DeFazio
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#3. This current government in Iraq has never fulfilled the commitments it made to form a unity government with the Kurds, the Sunnis and the Shia. We have worked hard with them within the confines of our ability to do that but we can't dictate to them. - Author: Chuck Hagel
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#4. To move any regime you need to have co-operation and co-ordination between Kurds, Shia Arabs, Sunni Arabs, the people and the army. Until we have this we cannot change the regime. - Author: Jalal Talabani
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#6. The free world cannot afford to accept any form of extremism, whether it is fascism, racism or religious extremism. - Author: Widad Akreyi
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#7. Whenever a Kurd wants to measure the depth of some foreign leader's commitment to Kurdish autonomy, he listens for one particular word. That word is 'federal.' Anyone who will say he favors Kurdish federalism can be counted a friend of the Kurds. - Author: Timothy Noah
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#8. We need to use overwhelming air power. We need to be arming the Kurds. We need to be fighting and killing ISIS where they are. - Author: Ted Cruz
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#9. The Purpose of life is to thrive and save lives with passion! Save Yazidis today with love and compassion! - Author: Widad Akreyi
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#10. No torture has yet been devised that could get a liberal to mention the poor, beleaguered Kurds dancing in the streets because Saddam is gone. - Author: Ann Coulter
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#11. The voices of peace can't be silenced by bombs, shootings, sieges, brutality and barbarism. Despite the challenges we face as peace-makers in a troubled region, all we want is peace and our campaign #WeWantPeace continues. - Author: Widad Akreyi
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#12. Back when Saddam Hussein was in power, the Americans didn't care about his crimes. When he was gassing the Kurds and gassing Iran, they didn't care about it. When oil was at stake, somehow, suddenly, things mattered. - Author: Sam Richards
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#13. Let's stand against the killing of innocent civilians. It is time to make the future better than today. Together we can bring peace and unity to our communities. - Author: Widad Akreyi
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#14. America sold VX nerve gas and anthrax to Iraq for years, even after the Halabja gas attack, which killed thousands of Kurds. - Author: Henry Rollins
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#15. They were able to deduce from his reports that the sharbat was poisonous to Turks but not to Kurds; however, because of the official state position that Kurds and Turks are indistinguishable, they kept this conclusion to themselves. - Author: Orhan Pamuk
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#16. There's a certain amount of sympathy here for the Bush administration's problem, which is they would like to get rid of Saddam Hussein and they would like to have the Kurds autonomous. - Author: Les Aspin
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#17. Under the Assads, Kurds were forbidden from learning their own language at school, or even from speaking it in the military. The result is a generation of Syrian Kurds, many now in late middle age, who can't write their own language. - Author: Luke Harding
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#18. What is postwar Iraq going to look like, with the Kurds and the Sunnis and the Shiites? That's a huge question, to my mind. - Author: Norman Schwarzkopf
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#19. The Iraquis can see it. The Kurds can feel it. The jihadists are counting on it. - Author: Charles Krauthammer
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#20. We need to do whatever is necessary to utterly defeat ISIS ... We're not using our overwhelming air power. We're not arming the Kurds. Those need to be the first steps. And then we need to put whatever ground power is needed to carry it out. - Author: Ted Cruz
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#21. Iraqi national identity under Saddam Hussein never truly incorporated Shiites or Kurds. Sunnis, who identified most closely with the Iraqi nation, remain in some ways disenfranchised relative to the other groups, or at least they perceive themselves that way. - Author: Noah Feldman
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#22. The powerlessness of people with pure intentions, in the long run, can sometimes be more powerful than power in the hands of those blinded or depraved by evil tempers. - Author: Widad Akreyi
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#23. There's been so much bad blood between the Kurds and the Turks. - Author: Ahmet Ertegun
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#24. We seem to be afraid to give the Kurds weaponry. We like to send it for some strange reason through Baghdad, and then they only get a tenth of it. - Author: Benjamin Carson
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#25. The Kurds were the only people in Iraq who were completely unguarded in expressing their gratitude to the United States for setting them free. - Author: Timothy Noah
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#26. I will follow anyone ... and invite everyone ... too unite and defend the freedom of expression. - Author: Widad Akreyi
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#28. The victims of Ankara peace rally sacrificed their lives for peace and their only wish was We Want Peace. - Author: Widad Akreyi
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#29. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Saddam Hussein had and used significant weapons of mass destruction on his own people, both the Kurds and the Iranians. - Author: Curt Weldon
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#30. Where were the peacekeepers? Where was the UN? Why was the entire world ignoring Saddam's attack upon his own people? Were we Kurds considered so unworthy, so disposable? I longed to stand at the top of the mountain and shout out, Where are you, world? Where are you ? - Author: Jean Sasson
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#31. If they make the deadline because the Shiites and Kurds essentially rammed a draft through over Sunni Arab objections, there will be hell to pay. - Author: Wayne White
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#32. There is a difference between Iraq, where you have Sunni, Shia, and Kurds put together after the First World War by the Western powers. It doesn't work. It needs to break up into three parts. - Author: John Kasich
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#33. We need to embed our forces - our troops inside the Iraqi military. We need to arm directly the Kurds. And all of that has to be done in concert with the Arab nations. - Author: Jeb Bush
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#34. I used to be someone who would not even tread on an ant. But this is a war for honor and self-defense. A 100 percent elimination policy (by Ankara of the Kurds) has forced me to defense and it has become a glorious defense of a people. - Author: Abdullah Ocalan
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#35. The Arabs are victims. You have Shia Arabs, under Arabization under Saddam Hussein, who were forcibly moved up there ... You have Kurds who were displaced by these Arabs that were moved up there by Saddam Hussein. Kurds have been displaced from Kirkuk for hundreds of years. - Author: Raymond T. Odierno
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#36. The Kurds are the greatest fighting force and our strongest allies. They're Muslim. - Author: Jeb Bush
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#37. It is time to recognize the past and ongoing genocides to prevent new ones. Together we can build a better world! - Author: Widad Akreyi
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#38. In the 20th century, the Muslim world created a vision of religious nationalism. Turkey, for example, had to be ethnically Turkish. Kurds, Armenians, other minorities didn't have a place in such a vision of a nation-state. - Author: Feisal Abdul Rauf
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