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Top 21 Quotes About The Book 1984

#1. But let's face it: society doesn't really care who it blames, as long as it blames someone - Author: Alex Marwood
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#2. Frank Sobotka in 'The Wire' on HBO was one of the greatest characters I've ever played. They cut his throat at the end of that season. There's something about creative coupling that seems to go with great characters, and the fact that you can never play them again once you're done. - Author: Chris Bauer
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#3. Wilke subscribed to the principles laid out in a seminal book about constraints in manufacturing, Eliyahu M. Goldratt's The Goal, published in 1984. - Author: Brad Stone
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#4. Remembrance is a form of meeting. - Author: Kahlil Gibran
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#5. The term Big Brother is from George Orwell's book 1984 - where everyone's watched over by a network of cameras called Big Brother. I've never understood why Orwell chose that phrase for somebody watching you all the time. Isn't that more like Creepy Uncle? - Author: Craig Ferguson
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#6. For many, the recent disclosure of massive warrantless surveillance programs of all citizens by the Obama administration has brought back memories of George Orwell's '1984.' Another Orwell book seems more apt as the White House and its allies try to contain the scandal: 'Animal Farm.' - Author: Jonathan Turley
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#7. We are not trying to solve the world's problems ... However, even in the midst of hatred and killing, there are things worth living for. A wonderful encounter, or a thing of beauty can still exist. - Author: Hayao Miyazaki
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#8. If it sounds like writing, I rewrite. - Author: Elmore Leonard
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#9. Most people don't like to think things through. Too much effort. They'd rather have the edited visceral highlights. - Author: Richard K. Morgan
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#10. Why do men and women like to advertise themselves so much? Is it not but an instinct derived from the days of slavery? - Author: Okakura Kakuzo
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#11. Knowledge indeed is a desirable, a lovely possession. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#12. I think there is a Paris inside us all. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#13. I am very proud to have kept my commitment to introduce the married couples' tax allowance. I think it will prove very popular. I think it's absolutely right that we recognise marriage in the tax system properly, and I would like to see that expanded. - Author: David Cameron
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#14. Women do not find it difficult nowadays to behave like men, but they often find it extremely difficult to behave like gentlemen - Author: Compton Mackenzie
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#15. As my editor had no desire to frighten readers with the Romanian pages, he had them translated and published the whole thing in French in 1984. It was only years later, in Romania, that I was able to publish the book as I wrote it. - Author: Dumitru Tepeneag
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#16. President Obama's view of a free economy is to send your money to his friends. My vision for a free enterprise economy is to return entrepreneurship and genius and creativity to the American people! - Author: Mitt Romney
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#17. I read '1984' at a precocious age, like 8, and when I did the math, I realized that Julia, Winston Smith's lover, was born the same year I was, 1957. I read that book over and over again with the 1960s as a backdrop: anti-war and anti-bomb protests and this general pervasive sense of doom. - Author: Elizabeth Hand
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#18. I think it's interesting to me to talk to people who don't agree with me all the time. - Author: Joy Behar
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#19. I'll be sober ten years and married nine soon. - Author: Rob Lowe
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#20. I have a big cynical side to me. - Author: Peter Dinklage
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#21. Orwell wasn't right about where society was in 1984. We haven't turned into that sort of surveillance society. But that may be, at least in small part, because of his book. The notion that ubiquitous surveillance and state manipulation of the media is evil is deeply engrained in us. - Author: Ramez Naam
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