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#1. The most volatile current debate among American school administrators, teachers, parents, and students concerns "high-stakes" testing. The stakes are considered high because instead of simply testing students to measure their progress, schools are increasingly held accountable for the results.


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#2. The only exercise most people get is jumping to conclusions, running down their friends, sidestepping responsibility, and pushing their luck. - UNKNOWN

Hal Elrod

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#3. I like helping people achieve their dreams just like people helped me.

John Leguizamo

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#4. Will this be the end of it?'
'There is never an end to such things,' he said quietly. 'But we are alive. And that is good.

Diana Gabaldon

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#5. I kind of like being depressed.

Nate Ruess

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#6. There is no way that you can know the taste of water unless you drink it or unless it has rained on you or unless you jump in the river.

Charles Manson

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#7. I'm 5 9, and there were two stars in my life who didn't mind that I was taller than they - George Raft and John Garfield.

Marie Windsor

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#8. Because I don't work with an outline, writing a story is like crossing a stream, now I'm on this rock, now I'm on this rock, now I'm on this rock.

Ann Beattie

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#9. The purpose of random testing is not to catch, punish, or expose students who use drugs, but to save their lives and discover abuse problems early so that students can grow up and learn in a drug-free environment.

John Walters

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#10. PISA was developed by a kind of think tank for the developed world, called the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the scientist at the center of the experiment was Andreas Schleicher.

Amanda Ripley

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#11. Instead of testing a new idea or tool, "paralysis by analysis" takes hold. We overanalyze new options, mull over all of the things we don't know, think about how students will react, and then we don't act!

Matt Miller

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#12. Oh, sweet peaches and cream, this hurts."

"Child, what have you done to your foot?"

Beth glanced down to see blood dripping from the side of her sandal. "Crap."

"Honey, that's blood. That calls for a shit or a damn or something stronger than crap.

Terri Osburn

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#13. In the fall of 1943 we brought home our second son, whom we named Alexander.

Harpo Marx

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#14. Common Core reminds us what testing can do right. Modeled on standards of the world's education superpowers, questions demand critical thinking and creativity. Students are asked to write at length, show their work, and explain their reasoning.

Wendy Kopp

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#15. Hence [through No Child Left Behind] the state has been given fire all teachers and principles. So here we have an unusual case in which the students are engaged in the performances, but the high stakes have been displaced onto the teachers who are preparing their charges for the exams.

James M. Lang

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#16. Knowing where you have come from is important in forming an idea of where you want to go.

Alexander Stille

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#17. A sense of responsibility in teaching pushes us constantly to think about and promote the best interests of our students. In contrast, the demand for accountability often induces mere compliance.

Nel Noddings

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#18. If Microsoft is the new IBM, Google is the new Microsoft - the defining company of the industry.

Mitchell Kapor

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