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#1. I was on Oprah's show recently talking about the people who impacted me the most. One was a teacher and one was my soccer coach. I didn't even go into my family, who had the most influence.

Andrew Shue

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#2. My being a teacher had a decisive influence on making language and systems as simple as possible so that in my teaching, I could concentrate on the essential issues of programming rather than on details of language and notation.

Niklaus Wirth

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#3. We have lots of heroes today - sportsmen, supermodels, media personalities. They come, they have their 15 minutes of fame, and they go. But the influence of good teachers stays with us. They are the people who really shape our lives.

Jonathan Sacks

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#4. Nature is man's teacher. She unfolds her treasures to his search, unseals his eye, illumes his mind, and purifies his heart; an influence breathes from all the sights and sounds of her existence.

Alfred Nobel

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#5. Influence others positively by being a teacher, coach, counselor, or mentor.

Stephen G. Post

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#6. I take every opportunity to articulate to others the ways that they have blessed and influenced me. I hold sweet memories of making the opportunity to thank teachers who have influenced me. I encourage everyone to seize opportunities to tell people who have made a gift of knowledge or influence.

Mary Anne Radmacher

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#7. Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.

Henry Adams

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#8. My father was a GP; my mother was a teacher and amateur actress. My father was a bit of a storyteller, but the acting influence must have been from her - yes, put it down to my mother.

Ciaran Hinds

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#9. A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.

Henry Adams

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#10. The teacher's first duty is to watch over the environment, and this takes precedence over all the rest. It's influence is indirect, but unless it be well done there will be no effective and permanent results of any kind, physical, intellectual or spiritual.

Maria Montessori

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#11. I think eventually I want to become a teacher, like my father wanted to be, and hopefully positively influence the next generation.

Ann Curry

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#12. But a mountain of recent evidence suggests that teacher skill has less influence on a student's performance than a completely different set of factors: namely, how much kids have learned from their parents, how hard they work at home, and whether the parents have instilled an appetite for education.

Steven D. Levitt

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#13. I got into acting because my teachers kept nudging me into it. The power a teacher has to influence someone is so great. I can't think of a profession I have more respect for.

Jon Hamm

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#14. The true teacher defends his pupils against his own personal influence.

Amos Bronson Alcott

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#15. I grew up in and the teachers. I think I was very lucky. I think I had a lot of social capital, and so when I found myself in this position of influence, I just - then I started to engage a bit with some of the problems in the world and realize that I could actually have an impact.

Matt Damon

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#16. An academical system without the personal influence of teachers on pupils, is an arctic winter; it will create an icebound, petrified, cast-iron University, and nothing else.

John Henry Newman

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#17. The Christian community has a golden opportunity to train an army of dedicated teachers who can invade the public school classrooms and use them to influence the nation for Christ.

D. James Kennedy

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#18. A good teacher protects his pupils from his own influence.

Bruce Lee

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#19. I never liked the Hierarchy of the Church-an equality in the teacher of Religion, and a dependence on the people, are republican sentiments-but if the Clergy combine, they will have their influence on Government

Rufus King

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#20. Humiliation and mental oppression by ignorant and selfish teachers wreak havoc in the youthful mind that can never be undone and often exert a baleful influence in later life.

Albert Einstein

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#21. The best teachers don't allow their own personal views to influence their teaching.

Amos Bronson Alcott

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#22. The iron rail proved a magicians' road. It virtually reduced England to a sixth of its size. It brought the country nearer to the town and the town to the country ... It energized punctuality, discipline, and attention; and proved a moral teacher by the influence of example.

Samuel Smiles

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#23. My father was my main influence. He was a preacher, but he was also a history and political science teacher, and since he was my hero, I wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a teacher.

David Soul

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#24. I grew up with a strong Spanish influence. I tried to learn flamenco when I was younger. But it's like my teacher said: 'It takes a lifetime to learn flamenco.'

Jose Gonzalez

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#25. The objective of false prophets and teachers of whatever stripe is ... the influence and control of the minds of men.

Ron Dart

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#26. Ask everyone whether they're an actor or a doctor or a teacher or whatever is entitled to his or her opinion. But unfortunately, because actors are in the public eye, whether we want it or not, sometimes our opinions carry more weight or influence than they deserve.

Debra Messing

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#27. The cardinal virtue of a teacher [is] to protect the pupil from his own influence.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#28. Teachers affect eternity. There is no telling where their influence stops.

Henry Adams

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#29. The most effective reading teachers are teachers who read. According to Morrison, Jacobs, and Swinyard (1999), "Perhaps the most influential teacher behavior to influence students' literacy development is personal reading, both in and out of school" (p. 81).

Donalyn Miller

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#30. Anyone can be a teacher or professor, but not everyone can influence you to strive for excellence and make a difference in the world around you.

Curtis White

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#31. I love stories about teachers. For some reason I can't get enough of those kind of stories. If I turn a movie on about a teacher, I love it. I love that idea of an adult influence on kids.

Jim Carrey

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#32. Osho is one of India's greatest mystics ... I see him as one of the world's great teachers, thinkers, philosophers and guides of our times. I have enormous respect for his world vision and the kind of International Communities he is building. I have always felt his influence in my life.

Kabir Bedi

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#33. My own ideas on the mechanism of catalytic phenomena were very different from those at one time commonly held, ideas which I no doubt owed to the influence of the illustrious teacher who had guided my first steps in chemistry nearly twenty years before - I refer, of course, to Berthelot.

Paul Sabatier

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