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Top 57 Quotes About Taking Time For You

#1. Are you saying you gave up getting a human body for me?" He lifted my bandaged hand. Underneath all the game, my knuckles throbbed from punching Jules. Patch kissed each finger, taking his time, keeping his eyes glued to mine.
"What good is a body if I can't have you? - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
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#2. If you have a headache every Monday morning when it is time for you to go to work, perhaps you're driving the wrong car, perhaps you're taking the wrong route, or you may be in the wrong line of work. Obviously, only you can figure out the message. - Author: Christiane Northrup
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#3. Taking time to show your daughter your love, fills the tapestry of her live with memories she will keep forever and builds a reservoir of undeniable knowledge of the love you feel for her. - Author: Tasha Chen
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#4. I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to come and witness my hanging. - Author: George W. Bush
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#5. [Monty] talks about Fritz Perls and the Gestalt theory. The here and now is the only time that exists. And being yourself. Not accepting yourself, not taking yourself for granted. Being yourself. Your self. Monty defines 'normality' as a contententment with who you are. - Author: Antony Sher
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#6. In the early days of picture-taking, the exposure shutter had to stay open for a long time, so you had to stay really still. - Author: Eve Plumb
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#7. You shouldn't feel guilty about taking time for yourself. Every so often, everyone needs to give themselves a big ol' bear hug and treat themselves to some TLC. - Author: Sean Covey
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#8. Second novels are bears. As are other people's expectations for them. I think taking the time you need with the second book is key. Writers spend years and years on their first novels and then are often expected to turn out a second at warp speed, a recipe for failure. - Author: Jandy Nelson
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#9. I've realized is that every time you get something cool for your birthday or for Christmas, within a week it's being used against you. (We'll be taking this away until your English grade improves) - Author: Jeff Kinney
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#10. One significant thing that you can do for your children is to invest some time into taking them out into nature. - Author: Jaggi Vasudev
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#11. 'Sweet Dreams' is such a dark-sounding song, but it's about not taking anything for granted; share yourself with others after you have first spent some time with yourself. - Author: Angel Olsen
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#12. Kacie, get attached. Please, get attached. I sure as hell know I am. You're what I want. You and the girls. This is it for me." I brushed a fresh tear from her cheek. "I know we're taking our time, especially where the girls are concerned, but you're my more, remember?" "You're my more too. - Author: Beth Ehemann
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#13. What time do you need to get ready for college boy?" I looked at my watch. "I probably should leave soon. Do you think it's strange that he's taking me?"
Levi shook his head. "I would find it odd if anybody didn't want to take you anywhere you wanted to go. - Author: Elizabeth Eulberg
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#14. My mother read that parents should spend quality time with their children. One way is to sign up for organized activities together. This month we're taking meditation to free the mind. Last month it was Rolfing. Have you ever Rolfed, Tone?"
"Only after the school's shepherd's pie," I said. - Author: Julie Anne Peters
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#15. I think the violence is important. It all depends on the genre. Rambo was ultra-violent, and I think it worked. You have to give Stallone credit. You have to respect him for taking that shot, and taking the violence all the way. He was the first one to do that in a long time. It fricking worked. - Author: Dolph Lundgren
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#16. That's my girl, he whispered into her mind. I meant what I said about taking your body into my keeping. You'll always be safe with me. Just let yourself feel, not think. You're with me, and I'll cherish and protect you for all time. - Author: Christine Feehan
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#17. Whether it's physically having a visual of what you want to accomplish in front of you, like a running list or a vision board, or mentally visualizing and taking time to meditate, having a vision of what you are running for keeps you from running for the sake of running. - Author: Ian Somerhalder
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#18. I'm gonna wait for Mr. Right to come along and take my time. I'm just enjoying just having a little me time, you know? But it's not that I'm not taking applications. - Author: Vivica A. Fox
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#19. If I was gay, there would be no closet. You would never see the closet I came out of. Why? Because I'd have burned it for kindling by the time I was twelve ... If I was gay, at this stage of the game?age 37, aging alternative icon?I'd be taking out ads. - Author: Henry Rollins
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#20. Do not let a day go by without taking some time for yourself - some time you spend in pure pleasure, as you see it. - Author: Napoleon Hill
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#21. I think my family needs me more than anybody else, and tennis doesn't need me anymore. I respect my wife a lot for taking all that in. She said, 'I didn't marry a tennis player; you'd retired.' Now it's time to do something else. - Author: Thomas Muster
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#22. Rand Paul is taking a week-long break from talking to the media to spend time with his family before he officially announces that he is running for president. Because nothing motivates you to be on the road for two straight years like a week alone with your family. - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#23. Acting has always been something I've wanted to get into. I think the best models are actors; you're taking on a character. In that sense, I have been acting for a long time. It didn't seem like a crazy transition. - Author: Liberty Ross
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#24. We tend to take things for granted that we've had for long periods of time. Take a moment to appreciate the person in your life. Realize why you are with them. Take a moment with them and really be in that moment completely. - Author: Pandora Boxx
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#25. If you are looking at data over and over you better be taking away valuable insight every time. If you are constantly looking at data that isn't leading to strategic action stop wasting your time and look for more Actionable Analytics. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#26. Next time I'm taking down hellhounds for you, I'll remember to tone down the pretty. - Author: Pippa DaCosta
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#27. Honored Big Sister," said Risana, "my heart is glad to finally be in your presence." "I should thank you, Little Sister," Jia said, "for taking care of our husband all this time. His letters never mentioned how beautiful you are." The two women smiled at each other. - Author: Ken Liu
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#28. On tour I feel like it's always so go go ... you're always just taking in and storing information and feelings and things. So for me I need time off to let all those things come out and settle. - Author: Tristan Prettyman
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#29. Every time you make a fruit crisp for me, you are my favorite person in the world. It's something delicious and warm, right out of the oven. I mean, what more could anyone want? And all you're doing is taking the best fruit of the season, putting a crumb topping on it and putting it in the oven. - Author: Tom Douglas
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#30. Where I'm taking you, no one will ever find us. We'll have all the time in the world for you to grow to love me as much as I love you. - Author: Sanjida Kay
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#31. When you look for a long time into the deep sky, without taking your eyes away, your thoughts and soul merge for some reason in an awareness of loneliness. You begin to feel yourself irremediably alone, and all that you once considered close and dear becomes infinitely distant and devoid of value. - Author: Anton Chekhov
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#32. My advice for other female directors is look for people who really appreciate your vision and are willing to genuinely support you. When it comes time to taking notes on various cuts, if you have a smart producer, listen to her notes! - Author: Linda Hoaglund
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#33. I'll be in a series for three or four episodes, but then I'll be off the series, and downtime, as an actor, is a little more than most people understand. Most of the time you're just sitting around taking coffee with friends. - Author: Felicia Day
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#34. It's an old magical principle - it's even filtered down into RPG systems - that magic, while taking a lot of effort, can be 'stored' - in a staff, for example. No doubt a wizard spends a little time each day charging up his staff, although you go blind if you do it too much, of course. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#35. You earn very little money on independent films and I'm the provider for my home, so I do have to think of taking one for the accountant time and again and that means studio pictures. - Author: Vera Farmiga
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#36. I think a lot of actors, we underprepare emotionally for how intense pilot season can be. And we underprepare the people around us, our support system. So when it starts taking up more time than you expect it to, we feel guilty. - Author: Autumn Reeser
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#37. If you are not taking the time to set your own goals, chances are pretty high someone else is doing it for you. So don't be surprised someday when you end up someplace you never hoped to be. - Author: Mark W. Boyer
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#38. Taking time to contemplate what you're grateful for isn't merely the 'right' thing to do. It also improves your mood because it reduces the stress hormone cortisol by 23%. - Author: Travis Bradberry
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#39. You're a taker. And you've been taking for a long time. And I think that you can only take so much from the universe before it closes shop. - Author: J.T. Lawrence
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#40. For a woman who claims to be an open book, you hide so much." He runs his thumb down the side of my neck, over the hollow in my collarbone. "Next time you strip for me, you're taking off more than your clothes. - Author: Lexi Ryan
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#41. Hey! Thanks for taking the time to read Trapped in a Video Game: Book Three. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it. I'm currently working on Book Three, and I plan on releasing it December, 2016. - Author: Dustin Brady
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#42. You been taking care of yourself a long time, Foxy. You must be fucking hungry for it. I bet you're drenched right now. - Author: Sherilee Gray
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#43. There never is a good time for tough decisions. There will always be an election or something else. You have to pick courage and do it. Governance is about taking tough, even unpopular, decisions. - Author: Jairam Ramesh
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#44. Now when you say staring, are you including yourself in this assessment? I recall you taking in the view on several occasions."

"For the last time, I was not staring at you." I was a terrible liar. "Now, if you're done, I'd like to finish asking my question. - Author: Stacey O'Neale
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#45. Look, at the same time that I don't want to be a celebrity, I understand that when you make movies you put yourself out in the public eye. I'd be a baby and a fool to be like, 'Why are there cameras taking pictures of me?' when I'm on a billboard for a movie. I think that's a very absurd concept. - Author: Jonah Hill
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#46. Tis time, my friend, 'tis time! For rest the heart is aching; Days follow days in flight, and every day is taking Fragments of being, while together you and I Make plans to live. Look, all is dust, and we shall die. - Author: Alexander Pushkin
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#47. You paid some way for everything that was any good. I paid my way into enough things that I liked, so that I had a good time. Either you paid by learning about them, or by experience, or by taking chances, or by money. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#48. I know I did the right thing by taking time off to raise my son. But it also came at a price. I turned down many opportunities over the years because I didn't want to leave him for long periods of time. And in Hollywood, as in any business, the calls stop coming when you don't answer. - Author: Arsenio Hall
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#49. I love you, Olivia," he whispered, and my heart ached as if it would break in half. "You think we'll die if we stay together, but I've been dying slowly for the last six years. I'm taking my life back, Liv. Our life together. And this time, I'm not going to let you go. - Author: Rachel Vincent
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#50. There's great value to knitting or digging up your garden or chopping up vegetables for soup, because you're taking some time away from turning the pages, answering your emails, talking to people on the phone, and you're letting your brain process whatever is stuck up in there. - Author: Chellie Pingree
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#51. For the record," Snow grumbled. "I don't want to spend any more time with you either."
Stupid boy ... Baz sighed to himself, taking in Snow's tense shoulders, the flush of anger in his neck, and the thick fall of bronze hair partially trapped in his goggles ... What do you know about want? - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#52. The next time someone asks for your opinion, and you know it's contrary to that person's viewpoint, take the risk of putting your perspective on the table rather than taking the path of least resistance by agreeing or saying you have no opinion. - Author: Lois P Frankel
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#53. Perhaps the most important reason of all for taking action now is that time is finite. No matter how proficient you are, you can only accomplish so much in a lifetime. Every second that's wasted reduces the totality of what you can accomplish by one second - Author: Robert Ringer
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#54. You don't change the world by telling it what to do, sitting at home, and telling it what you believe. You believe by throwing yourself into it. Making a leap, getting involved, then waiting, taking some one person's place for a while, one suffering person at a time. - Author: Geoffrey Wood
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#55. Everything people do that doesn't work has to be somebody else's fault. Next time you know, geezers'll be suing the government for getting old and kids'll be taking their mommies to court because they came out ugly. - Author: Lionel Shriver
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#56. Researchers at Harvard say that taking a power nap for an hour in the afternoon can totally refresh you. They say that by the time you wake up you'll feel so good, you'll be able to start looking for a new job. - Author: Jay Leno
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#57. Time for you and time for me,
And time yet for a hundred indecisions,
And for a hundred visions and revisions,
Before the taking of a toast and tea. - Author: T. S. Eliot
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