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Top 11 Quotes About Supernovae

#1. Stars that become supernovae start off at least eight times heavier than our sun. They're so short-lived that, even if they have planets, there is unlikely to be time for life to get started. The surface is 40,000C and, as a result, the colouring will be extremely blue. - Author: Martin Rees
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#2. I know it sounds corny, but when you follow your dreams, it happens. And if it's music, take it seriously. - Author: Enrique Iglesias
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#3. But there was nothing I could do to dim the supernovae exploding inside my brain, an endless chain of intra cranial firecrackers - Author: John Green
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#4. It is a harder and a nobler task to preserve detachment in a crowd than in a cell; the little daily sacrifices of family life are often a greater trial than self-imposed mortifications. - Author: William Ralph Inge
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#5. Historians have determined that had Chamberlain not charged that day, the rebels would have won at Gettysburg. - Author: Andy Andrews
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#6. I think when you've been exposed to the Creator of the universe, then the federal government doesn't seem very powerful. - Author: Steve Largent
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#7. We look at distant exploding stars called supernovae, and we've developed techniques to measure how far away they are and how fast they're moving away from us. - Author: Adam Riess
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#8. Watch over your child, as it struggles for breath on the outermost verge of life, or see your wife follow the child to that outermost verge, beside herself for anxiety and sleeplessness, - then love will teach you that life comes first. - Author: Bjornstjerne Bjornson
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#9. That's the problem with being born in New York, the old newsman observed a little sadly. You've got no New York to run away to. - Author: Amor Towles
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#10. There were aging orange embers, blue dwarfs, twin yellow giants. There were collapsing neutron stars, and angry supernovae that hissed into the icy emptiness. There were borning stars, breathing stars, pulsing stars, and dying stars. There was the Death Star. At - Author: George Lucas
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#11. Testifying has helped me understand that one individual's behavior and actions make a difference. That my actions are important to people other than myself. - Author: Anita Hill
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