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#1. That was what happened to laughter when you caged it. It became unbearably sad. It was worse than crying. - Author: Isobelle Carmody
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#2. Who I am on stage is very, very different to who I am in real life. - Author: Beyonce Knowles
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#3. As social animals, we need to exchange juicy tales about someone - to connect with one another. For millions of years our forebears must have sat around the campfire, whispering about everyone they knew. - Author: Helen Fisher
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#4. Know now what matters, and it is not what I have lost. It is my memories. Wounds heal. Love lasts. - Author: Kristin Hannah
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#5. She was remorseless, but she lacked method. - Author: Diana Wynne Jones
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#6. Acting is like driving; you can never forget it, and it's in my blood. - Author: Karisma Kapoor
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#7. We are all of the same substance, the same life. Though there are many differences between us, those are merely the shadows that delineate our boundaries. Our light is the same. - Author: Sally Wiener Grotta
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#8. Your beliefs are cause maps that you impose on the world, after which you 'see' what you have already imposed. - Author: Karl E. Weick
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#9. Finally, this book has the potential to radically alter your understanding of who you really are - your high calling as one of the "sons of God. - Author: David C. Alves
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#10. I met this homeless man who had never owned a shirt in his life. He had taken his pants and worn them as a shirt and I thought it was so creative. He was liberated from the conventions of fashion. - Author: Julia Stiles
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#11. Hawthorne sucks ... It's a crazy place, and I'm happy that I was the weird one that got out. - Author: Tyler, The Creator
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#12. I have been supporting the European Union, but we are still a work in progress. We have to become more of a United States of Europe. We should talk about electing a president of the E.U., rather than having one selected from the heads of government. - Author: George Papandreou
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#13. Coleridge perceived as no one else had done that lesbianism could be a source of the sublime. - Author: Andrew Elfenbein
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#14. Get off your high horse, Josephine, because if you fall it won't be pretty." I stuff my hands into my pocket and walk away. I didn't want to blow up at her, but she egged me on. - Author: Heidi McLaughlin
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#15. The tendency of our time is wholly oriented toward the secular. The efforts of the mystics will remain episodes. Despite a deepening of our conceptions of life, we will build no cathedrals. - Author: Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe
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#16. When this was over, he'd have time to teach her the truth. He was always crazy when it came to her. - Author: Kit Rocha
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