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Top 20 Quotes About Sport Psychology

#1. I think we each have a certain number of unnecessary apologies, which we willingly dish out before we realize it's time to stand and fight. I may still have two or three left. - Author: Joyce Rachelle
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#2. I tell people all the time, I've always loved music and I love the language, which is a huge reason why I'm part of theater. But, I didn't wanna do all of this. I would've been satisfied to do it, like, on the weekends among friends, and to have a regular job. - Author: Mos Def
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#3. To embrace love, we risk heartbreak. To resist love, we risk emptiness. - Author: Jennifer Lane
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#4. Murmured to him nonsense, which is the language of love, - Author: Julie Anne Long
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#5. We come to recognize that playfulness, as a philosophical stance, can be very serious indeed; and moreover, that it possesses an unfailing capacity to arouse ridicule and hostility in those among us who crave certainty, reverence, and restraint. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#6. Example is a bright looking-glass, universal and for all shapes to look into. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
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#7. How can I tell her ... " His voice broke, and he had to clear his throat. "How the fuck can I explain this to her?"
"How can you not. She loves you.
Vishous - Butch (re. Jane)(Lover Unleashed) - Author: J.R. Ward
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#8. Her bond with the couple who raised her is fierce and beyond questioning. She cannot name the sensation of losing them as grief. She has no word for longing or despair. - Author: M.L. Stedman
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#9. I'm a chocolate addict. - Author: Zendaya
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#10. When you look at all of the great players who ever played the game, they all had that other gear that they could go to, and it makes a world of difference. - Author: Tiger Woods
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#11. After a while, the anger I felt just sort of became part of me, like it was the only way I knew how to handle the grief. I didn't like who I'd become, but I was stuck in this horrible cycle of questions and blame. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#12. When you sit down to play a game you should think only about the position, but not about the opponent. Whether chess is regarded as a science, or an art, or a sport, all the same psychology bears no relation to it and only stands in the way of real chess. - Author: Jose Raul Capablanca
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#13. Things have to be believable, not in a literal, photographic sense, but in an emotional sense - capturing the essence of the situation. - Author: Michael Foreman
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#14. Arguing is a waste of time, because our attitudes need a quantum leap, not our knowledge. Arguing is a sport at best and a bad attitude at worst. - Author: Stefan Emunds
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#15. Psychology is a big part of sport that some people do not realise. But it is a skill you have to practice. - Author: Jade Jones
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#16. Tennis is the loneliest sport - Author: Andre Agassi
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#17. All I could really think was how much I wanted to sleep. How much I wanted to be in a different world other than the one I was in. - Author: Jennifer Brown
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#18. The monkey said, "Bad. Bad, shitty bad. - Author: Robert Reed
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#19. What if you love knowledge for its own sake, not necessarily as a blueprint to action? What if you wish there were more, not fewer reflective types in the world? - Author: Susan Cain
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#20. Sony has canceled the big Seth Rogen movie, 'The Interview.' North Koreans hacked their email so Sony said, 'Now we can't show anybody the movie.' I'm disappointed. I think this is the wrong thing to do. And I hear in the film Meryl Streep is great as Kim Jong Un. - Author: Conan O'Brien
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