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Top 70 Quotes About Spite And Love

#1. And one of the things I learned is that one should live in spite of. Although, one should eat. Although, one should love. Although, it must die. Even it is often the same even though it pushes us forward. It was despite the fact that it gave me an unhappy anguish that was the creator of my own life.

Clarice Lispector

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#2. Yet I will make you all love me and I will punish myself to spite your love.

Joyce Carol Oates

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#3. Love is missing the taste of someone's morning breath. Thinking they're beautiful, even when their nose is Rudolph-red and their hair is bird's nest crazy. Love isn't putting up with someone in spite of their faults
it's adoring them because of them.

Emma Chase

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#4. In spite of their love, they had made each other's life a hell. The fact that they loved each other was merely proof that the fault lay not in themselves, in their behavior or inconstancy of feeling, but rather in their incompatibility: he was strong and she was weak.

Milan Kundera

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#5. God saw your entire life from beginning to end, birth to hearse, and in spite of what he saw, he still dreams of having you by his side. Even with your faults and failures. Despite your muddles and missteps. He still stands near, arms open wide, ready to embrace you with a Father's love.

Max Lucado

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#6. I have always been their rock. A mother's unconditional love is fervent enough to battle against the gates of hell, rise up from her knees and stand gallant, in spite of her gaping war wounds. If only they knew the battle fought and the flood of tearshed without having to endure such agony.

Terry A. O'Neal

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#7. I love you," I murmur, and he smiles his heart-achingly shy smile, and I melt. "I will always love you, Christian."
"And I you," he says softly.
"In spite of my disobedience?" I raise my eyebrow.
"Because of your disobedience, Anastasia." He grins.

E.L. James

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#8. Well, you get out of bed, you eat your grits, say hey to your neighbor, you give extra love to her children, and you live your life. The sun is a pretty stubborn guy, and he'll rise each day just to spite you. But life does go on.

Karen White

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#9. God does not love us because we are lovable, have a pleasing personality or a good sense of humor, or at rare times show exceptional kindness. In spite of who we are and what we have done, God wants to pour out His love on us, for the unlovable are also precious unto Him.

David B. Haight

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#10. Find the person who will love you because of your differences and not in spite of them and you have found a lover for life.

Leo Buscaglia

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#11. Love is not love if it compelled by reason and driven by logic - love exists in spite of those things, not because of them. It is a emotion which needs no fuel to fire it or oxygen to feed it; if you have to look for the why, then stop looking; it was never there at all.

Julia Cameron

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#12. Fear is the mother of all emotion. Before love, hate, spite, grief, rage, and all the rest, there was fear, and fear gave birth to them all, and ask every combat soldier knows there are as many incarnations and species of fear as the Eskimo language has words for snow.

Ben Fountain

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#13. Trust God's love. His perfect love. Don't fear He will discover your past. He already has. Don't fear disappointing Him in the future. He can show you the chapter in which you will. With perfect knowledge of the past and perfect vision of the future, He loves you perfectly in spite of both.

Max Lucado

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#14. If there had once been a chance and there had once been love, then it will still be there in spite of time and obstacles. If you can get past that, you can get past a lot.

Donna Lynn Hope

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#15. They smile and sing their psalms and preach that their creed is all about love, but tell them you believe in a different god and suddenly it's all spittle and spite.

Bernard Cornwell

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#16. In spite of the six thousand manuals on child raising in the bookstores, child raising is still a dark continent and no one really knows anything. You just need a lot of love and luck - and, of course, courage.

Bill Cosby

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#17. I know ... I will never see or meet her again, because she is just a ghost from my dreams. In spite of this, she remains with me as a spark of hope. Because when she throws herself desperately into my arms and my hands embrace her, for the first and last time in my life I feel true love.

Alexandar Tomov

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#18. You see her for who she really is, past all the disillusions most people get tangled up in when they think they are falling in love. You accept her flaws, and you love her just as much because of them as you do in spite of them.

Blakney Francis

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#19. But I consoled myself with the reflexion that in spite of everything she was for me the real point of intersection between reality and dream.

Marcel Proust

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#20. It had just hit her why and how people could fall in love with Istanbul, in spite of all the sorrow it might cause them. It would not be easy to fall out of love with a city this heartbreakingly beautiful. With

Elif Shafak

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#21. Yes, social friend, I love thee well,
In learned doctor's spite;
Thy clouds all other clouds dispel
And lap me in delight.

Charles Sprague Sargent

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#22. No boy is worth your teenage years!." "For me to be in love with someone means that I have to accept who I am, and not allow another person to define me. And if someone loves me in spite of all that, then that's a start.

Hayley Williams

Quotes About Spite And Love #573314
#23. Ring out false pride in place and blood, The civic slander and the spite; Ring in the love of truth and right, Ring in the common love of good. Ring out old shapes of foul disease; Ring out the narrowing lust of gold; Ring out the thousand wars of old, Ring in the thousand years of peace.

Alfred The Great

Quotes About Spite And Love #573956
#24. How to Be an American Housewife is filled with dreams and love-the kinds that come true and those that don't. Margaret Dilloway is wise and ironic. She has created wonderful characters who never, in spite of hardships, stop finding ways to love each other.

Luanne Rice

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#25. She surely can cook a fight from the most peaceful ingredients. But nothing worth doing is easy. I love her in spite of it. I love her because of it. I love her." And his face broke out in that grin again. "Every day's a new adventure, that's for sure.

Joe Abercrombie

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#26. The essence of being human is that, in the brief moment we exist on this spinning planet, we can love some persons and some things, in spite of the fact that time and death will ultimately claim us all.

Rollo May

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#27. I saw that deep-heart love meant loving someone in spite of and because of his limitations.

Lisa See

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#28. God's grace - His goodness and love toward us in spite of our sin - is the wellspring of our salvation.

Billy Graham

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#29. I'd set out to write a book about how we learn to trust our own experience in the face of confusion, doubt, and anxiety. What I ended up with is the story of how we love each other in spite of immense limitations

Heather Sellers

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#30. God did not make us robots. In spite of the denial by Luther, Calvin, and many evangelical leaders today, God gave man a will to freely choose to love or to hate Him, to receive Christ as Savior and Lord or to reject Him.

Dave Hunt

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#31. I watch the confusion of friends all numb with love moving like stray dogs to the anthem of night long conversations of pulsing rhythms and random voltage voices in spite of themselves graceful as these raindrops creeping spermlike across the car window.

Bruce Cockburn

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#32. LEIA: Love unfulfill'd turns quickly into spite,
And vengefulness doth fill the empty place
Within my heart.

Ian Doescher

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#33. The righteousness of God in His election means, then, that as a righteous Judge God perceives and estimates as such the lost cause of the creature, and that in spite of its opposition He gives sentence in its favour, fashioning for it His own righteousness.

Karl Barth

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#34. What is love? Love is what endures in spite of ups and downs and every damn thing in the way."
-ANOTHER HEAVEN- by Annu Subramanian

Annu Subramanian

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#35. Love dies by steps. The footfalls of fear, resentment, anger, and spite kill love, little by little. It withers. It tarnishes. It passes away, poisoned, ill, and wounded beyond all power to heal.

Mark T. Barnes

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#36. I think religion has always tried to turn hatred towards gay people. Religion promotes the hatred and spite against gays. But there are so many Christian people I know who are gay and love their religion.

Elton John

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#37. I loved her in spite of myself. I loved her immeasurably.
Infinitely. And I feared that love as much as I feared my own fury at the

Susan Abulhawa

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#38. Learning how to love your neighbor requires a willingness to draw on the strength of Jesus Christ as you die to self and live for Him. Living in this manner allows you to practice biblical love for others in spite of adverse circumstances or your feelings to the contrary.

John C. Broger

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#39. When I wrote to him, I wanted my letters to be sprightly, trivial, indifferent. In spite of myself, I imbued them with my love. I would have liked to make it seem powerful, sure of itself and sure of me, but I infused it, despite myself, with all my anxiety.

Jean Genet

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#40. In spite of all the tragedy and cruelty, all humans have a kind heart, great spirit, and an insatiable love for the humanity.

Debasish Mridha

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#41. And I wanted this girl who was like no girl I had ever known, wanted her not in spite of her moods and her secret bruises and her sad attempts at artifice but because of them, because of them all.

Tana French

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#42. If I fall in love with you, it'll be because I know you inside and out, and because you're somebody I want to be a better person for - instead of in spite of.

Cara McKenna

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#43. To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.

L. Ron Hubbard

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#44. And gradually his memory slipped a little, as memories do, even those with so much love attached to them; as if there is an unconscious healing process within the mind which mends up in spite of our desperate determination never to forget.

Colleen McCullough

Quotes About Spite And Love #1087588
#45. But ultimately we attempted to find some middle ground because at the end of the day we love each other in spite of all our many and vast differences.

Melanie Shankle

Quotes About Spite And Love #1126857
#46. Love is a mess, at best, and I figure it can be very real in spite of all the things people try to attach to it.

Sean Penn

Quotes About Spite And Love #1188086
#47. This sweetest and best of all creatures, faultless in spite of all her faults.

Jane Austen

Quotes About Spite And Love #1192103
#48. Love may forgive all infirmities and love still in spite of them: but Love cannot cease to will their removal.

C.S. Lewis

Quotes About Spite And Love #1243210
#49. In the matter of animals I love only cats, but I love them unreasonably for their qualities and in spite of their numerous faults. I have only one, but I could not live without a cat.

Joris-Karl Huysmans

Quotes About Spite And Love #1272280
#50. Religion, ideology, resources, land, spite, love or just because ... No matter how pathetic the reason, it's enough to start war. War will never cease to exist ... reasons can be thought up after the fact ... Human nature pursues strife.

Masashi Kishimoto

Quotes About Spite And Love #1304847
#51. It is not the pain that is pleasing to God, child. It is the soul's endurance in faith and hope and love in spite of bodily afflictions that pleases Heaven.

Walter Miller

Quotes About Spite And Love #1329124
#52. Developing love and compassion and reducing anger and spite is a universal activity which requires no faith in any religion whatsoever

Dalai Lama

Quotes About Spite And Love #1337511
#53. I've fallen in love with this woman, in spite of her smart mouth and wicked temper, or maybe because of them. Ellie Mason is the first woman I've ever loved, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let her slip through my fingers again.

Carmen Jenner

Quotes About Spite And Love #1353528
#54. Moinous reaches for Sucette's hand and squeezes it. Oh but I do love you, I do, I swear, in spite of them. However, for the first time in his life Moinous understands what quicksand love is.

Raymond Federman

Quotes About Spite And Love #1425630
#55. Sometimes when you have a wild dream [massive vision]people intend to run away from you but is not that they hate you or jealous of you. Simply they can't see what you see, they can't hear what you hear and they don't know what you know. The best thing is to love them in spite of their silence.

Euginia Herlihy

Quotes About Spite And Love #1441261
#56. True friends are those who love you not in spite of your faults and imperfections, but because of them.

Randa Abdel-Fattah

Quotes About Spite And Love #1509150
#57. If beauty and love do not suit the times, then you have to be beautiful and to love to spite the times!

Mikhail Shishkin

Quotes About Spite And Love #1509886
#58. It does seem to me that some one might write stories that should be lively, natural and helpful tales in which the English should be good, the morals pure, and the characters such as we can love in spite of the faults that all may have.

Louisa May Alcott

Quotes About Spite And Love #1546911
#59. I am the woman I grew to be partly in spite of my mother, and partly because of the extraordinary love of her best friends, and my own best friends' mothers, and from surrogates, many of whom were not women at all but gay men. I have loved them my entire life, even after their passing.

Anne Lamott

Quotes About Spite And Love #1547733
#60. What i realise now is that the story actually did have a happy ending: the children came back. In spite of everything the adults did to them, the children found their own way home, their pockets full of precious stones and pearls that gleamed and shone in the light.

Julia Green

Quotes About Spite And Love #1561215
#61. In spite of your lies and deceit, I admit I do love you darling, I really do. But I must leave you anyway, because there is nothing left within you that I can live with.

Tonny K. Brown

Quotes About Spite And Love #1564654
#62. Many believe - and I believe - that I have been designated for this work by God. In spite of my old age, I do not want to give it up; I work out of love for God and I put all my hope in Him.


Quotes About Spite And Love #1597664
#63. And on the last day, the bad days become so difficult to recall, because one way or another, she had made a life here, just as I had. The town was paper, but the memories were not. All the things I'd done here, all the love and pity and compassion and violence and spite, kept welling up inside me.

John Green

Quotes About Spite And Love #1619053
#64. What makes one strong is not the ability to confront adversity and cruelty, but rather the ability to love in spite of it.

Christopher Earle

Quotes About Spite And Love #1644604
#65. The dogs were partly responsible for keeping her sane. The relationship she had with them was pure joy. No ulterior motives, no spite, just love and care and kindness, exactly the emotions she wanted to cultivate.

J. Courtney Sullivan

Quotes About Spite And Love #1646723
#66. To love is never just to love since it is also to will to love, and ... to love in spite of oneself, to allow oneself to be overcome by one's love.

Jean-Paul Sartre

Quotes About Spite And Love #1690361
#67. The truth is that each of us fall short of loving unconditionally. We don't love others the way God loves us. Yet Jesus extended perfect love by living and dying for all of our sins. In spite of our failures, weaknesses, and selfishness, He sacrificed His own life so we could have eternal life.

Dana Arcuri

Quotes About Spite And Love #1706543
#68. I must be out of my mind if I loved you in spite of everything you've done, and anyone else would condemn you for it, but I can't condemn you at all. In my own troubled mind, I loved you for it.

Donna Lynn Hope

Quotes About Spite And Love #1803047
#69. I love life in spite of all that mars it. I love friendship, jokes and laughter.

Tahar Ben Jelloun

Quotes About Spite And Love #1844452
#70. I denounce because though implicated and partially responsible, I have been hurt to the point of abysmal pain, hurt to the point of invisibility. And I defend because in spite of it all, I find that I love.

Ralph Ellison

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