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Top 29 Quotes About Speed Cars

#1. When you think of painting as painting it is rather absurd. The real world is before us - glorious sunlight and activity and fresh air, and high speed motor cars and television, all the animation - a world apart from a little square of canvas that you smear paint on. - Author: Wayne Thiebaud
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#2. Am I the only one who is self conscious about my windshield wiper speed when it's raining? Like I gotta watch other cars to make sure I'm not being too dramatic. - Author: Unknown
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#3. When you think of bike couriers, you think of hyper speed. They get paid by how fast they can drop stuff off. The faster you go, the more chances you take. And the more chances you take, the greater the war between cyclists and cars. - Author: Dan Hill
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#4. Mach-5, the speed at which stress can't keep up, is simply forward motion. But it has to be self- propelled. Note that people in cars are still stressed. - Author: Jef Mallett
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#5. Richard Hugo taught me that anyone with a desire to write, an ear for language and a bit of imagination could become a writer. He also, in a way, gave me permission to write about northern Montana. - Author: James Welch
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#6. Without the heart it is no worship. It is a stage play. It is an acting of a part without being that person, really. It is playing the hypocrite. - Author: Stephen Charnock
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#7. I love driving fast. I grew up in Germany; we have the Autobahn here, where we can drive without a speed limit. And throughout my 20s, I always had fast cars, and I always went to the maximum. Like, my average cruising speed was 250 km/hr. - Author: Kim Dotcom
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#8. If God sets your speed limit high, don't be afraid of your life-car being crashed. - Author: Munia Khan
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#9. A fast car can make women 'like' a man; and a man 'like' women ... fast. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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#10. When you save a girl, you save generations - Author: Mary N. Cook
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#11. With this film, 'Need For Speed,' with this, we had a blank canvas to work with. What we had to do was have fast cars, and that's it. - Author: Aaron Paul
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#12. Philosophy still moves too much straight ahead, and is not yet cyclical enough. - Author: Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
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#13. Cars, with their air conditioning, windows, sound systems, and great speed, keep us isolated from our environment ...
"Self-propulsion," such as biking, walking, canoeing, puts us in touch with the land below and the world around us. - Author: Dinty W. Moore
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#14. I'm not good with speeding," said Shirley, sounding more than a little anxious. "The speed limits are there for a reason. Cars aren't meant to go fast. - Author: Jeff Strand
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#15. A man enrich his community. A man teach and display leadership qualities for his children. A man by his presence is safety and security for his Queen. The best the thing a man can do for this world, his children and Queen is be a man. - Author: Carlos Wallace
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#16. Miami drivers have long ago take the simple chore of going from one place to another and turned it into a kind of high-speed, heavily armed game of high-stakes bumper cars. - Author: Jeff Lindsay
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#17. Wittiness turns me on more than anything else. - Author: Caity Lotz
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#18. I'm a typical guy. Driving cars and speed are really fun. - Author: Luke Mably
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#19. Happiness is a present attitude and not a future condition. - Author: Hugh Prather
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#20. Rather than the kind of change that takes what we already have and augments it, like power to our cars and speed to our computers, I believe the kind of change we need now is a change of direction. - Author: Ilchi Lee
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#21. I am not a sentimental person. - Author: Jack Kevorkian
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#22. Some receivers are like sports cars: they have a lot of speed and flair. Me, I'm like an old pickup truck. I just bounce around and try to get the job done. - Author: Steve Largent
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#23. He kept pushing her, expecting for her to break. Fearing it. But he was the one who splintered apart. He was the one who broke. - Author: Amber Lin
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#24. I always loved cars. I used to play 'Need for Speed' all the time ... any racing game. - Author: Afrojack
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#25. I love speed. I love racing cars, whether it's on the streets or wherever. Don't tell the St. Louis police, though. - Author: Nelly
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#26. If one day the speed kills me dont be sad because i will have died smiling - Author: Paul Walker
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#27. Art is an irreplaceable way of understanding and expressing the world, - Author: Dana Gioia
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#28. Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn't block traffic. - Author: Dan Rather
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#29. Good-bye, till we meet then
I embrace you warmly, warmly, with many kisses. Yours till death, - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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