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#1. Peter Hall was just organizing the Royal Shakespeare Company. It was going to be an ensemble, it was going to be in repertory, it was going to have a home in London as well as in the Midlands, and all of those things were happening at that time. - Author: Trevor Nunn
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#2. Picking other people's brains is an art worth cultivating. - Author: Jessica Mitford
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#3. I take a lot of flak from the counter-establishment for selling out. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#4. Every living thing suffers transfiguration. Yes, until the creation of Eve, Adam had fondled beasts. - Author: Joy Williams
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#5. Morality, like physical cleanliness, is not acquired once and for all: it can only be kept and renewed by a habit of constant watchfulness and discipline. - Author: Victoria Ocampo
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#6. We never really tried to shock for shock's sake on 'Family Guy'. If something was horribly offensive and shocking, we would put it in if it was also hysterically funny. - Author: Seth MacFarlane
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#7. [Y]ou're in a fog. When you circle round, you watch us live. You watch us struggle and you're envious. - Author: Jean Genet
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#8. Growth is a spiral process, doubling back on itself, reassessing and regrouping. - Author: Julia Margaret Cameron
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#9. God hath sworn to lift on high Who sinks himself by true humility. - Author: John Keble
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#10. They say 'Chaos is the ally of the desperate man,' and I reckon it applies to dwarves and snot-nosed boys too. Let's test is at the front gate, shall we? - Author: Gillian Bronte Adams
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