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Top 10 Quotes About Selfless Friends

#1. Selfless love is always costly; fear can't afford it, pride doesn't understand it and friends never forget it. - Author: Bob Goff
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#2. Never mistake legibility for communication. - Author: David Carson
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#3. Calls ignored, texts unanswered, short replies, excuses made. All I can say is don't be surprised when you're not in my future. - Author: Behdad Sami
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#4. You have to appreciate life before you want to preserve it," she said.
"And it's the survivors who maintain the most light and poignant hold upon the beauties of living. Women know this more often than men because birth is the reflection of death. - Author: Frank Herbert
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#5. I think you can never know what you can live without. I think you can never know what you will live through. Only when the disaster arrives and you are there does the depth of your real inner resources reveal itself, and not a moment before. - Author: Alexander Chee
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#6. There's only one thing to do in crisis like this - SLEEP ON IT!

Garfield, the cat. - Author: Jim Davis
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#7. But not we men. We weren't fit to be told. For so you women think, and hug your mysteries, getting your backs on us for the slight God did in not creating you in His image. - Author: Colleen McCullough
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#8. Whether rich or poor, following the Should Life will lead to heartache and struggle. Leading your life will lead to places you never thought you'd be, people you never thought you'd meet, knowledge you never thought you'd gain, and a life of adventure and growth. Lead your life; not the Should Life. - Author: Tirumalai S. Srivatsan
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#9. For a hero is someone who is selfless. Think about it, friends. Superman, Luke Skywalker, and Captain America. They are helping others. They aren't only thinking for themselves. They are reaching out beyond themselves. - Author: Mark Andrew Poe
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#10. America sold VX nerve gas and anthrax to Iraq for years, even after the Halabja gas attack, which killed thousands of Kurds. - Author: Henry Rollins
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