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Top 8 Quotes About Santa Ana Winds

#1. The pitcher has got only a ball. I've got a bat. So the percentage in weapons is in my favor and I let the fellow with the ball do the fretting. - Author: Hank Aaron
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#2. Just remember, anger is always your enemy. You must keep your emotions in check. The moment you lose control of them, you lose the fight every time. (Takeshi) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#3. Immoral women do not exist", said the organist. "That this only a superstition. On the other hand there exist women who sleep thirty times with one man, and women who sleep once with thirty men. - Author: Halldor Laxness
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#4. Ibsen is like this room where we are sitting, with all the tables and chairs. Do I care whether you have twenty or twenty-five links on your chain? Hedda Gabler, Nora and the rest: it is not that I want! I want Rome and the Coliseum, the Acropolis, Athens; I want beauty, and the flame of life. - Author: Eleanora Duse
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#5. To the great majority of white Americans, the Negro problem has distinctly negative connotations. It suggests something difficult to settle and equally difficult to leave alone. It is embarrassing. It makes for moral uneasiness. - Author: Gunnar Myrdal
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#6. 'Peace on earth, good will toward men' - democracy must cling to that message. For it is my deep conviction that democracy cannot live without that true religion which gives a nation a sense of justice and moral purpose. - Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt
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#7. It is undoubtedly true, though it may seem paradoxical,
but, in general, those who are habitually employed in finding and displaying faults are unqualified for the work of reformation. - Author: Edmund Burke
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#8. If you write 50 songs, you're bound to write at least a dozen good ones. - Author: Dean Ween
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