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Top 19 Quotes About Salvaging

#1. We crave explanations for most everything, but innovation and progress happen when we allow ourselves to embrace uncertainty.

Simon Sinek

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#2. Casting directors don't necessarily want a more recognizable commercial face. Sometimes, they want a lesser known person.

Allyn Rachel

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#3. Not only had Yates continued to grow as a writer in terms of craft, but also philosophically, salvaging from the ruins of his life a greater degree of compassion for suffering humankind.

Blake Bailey

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#4. If I ever had an out-of-body experience - I'd try to come back to a different one.

Tom Wilson

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#5. It is good for a man to invite his ghosts into his warm interior, out of the wild night, into the firelight, out of the howling dark.

A.S. Byatt

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#6. Thorn grunted and the metal control fell from his spasming fingers. It bounced across the dusty concrete and I stomped down as hard as I could. I felt more than heard the metallic crunch under my boot. Another irreplaceable artifact ruined, courtesy of Julia Reed.

Erica Lindquist

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#7. ...this is your life. It's not your mom's. You have to do what makes you happy too

Jessica Verdi

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#8. Pizza made me who I am. In the summer of 1998, I dropped out of college and started a pizza restaurant called Growlies in my hometown in rural Canada. My seed money: a credit card with a $20,000 limit.

Ryan Holmes

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#9. I didn't get bullied any more than anybody else. I think I got bullied more for being poor than being gay. But no more than any other kid. And I'm sure that I did my fair share of picking on other kids, too. We're all humans.

Brandi Carlile

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#10. The music of the far-away summer flutters around the Autumn seeking its former nest.

Rabindranath Tagore

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#11. I think the relationship between memory and time is a very deep and tricky one, to tell you the truth. I don't consider memory another sense. I do consider memory that which allows us to think that time flows.

Brian Greene

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#12. The longer I live the more I mistrust
theatricality, the false glamour cast
by performance, the more I know its poverty beside
the truths we are salvaging from
the splitting-open of our lives.
-from Transcendental Etude

Adrienne Rich

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#13. That was one of the worst things about losing your wife, I found: your wife is the very person you want to discuss it all with.

Anne Tyler

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#14. With this darkness all around me, I like to be liked. In this emptiness and fear, I want to be wanted. Cause I love to be loved.

Peter Gabriel

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#15. To know God, you must appreciate the salvaging will of His son. Through Christ, we become true leaders worthy of rewards!

Israelmore Ayivor

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#16. It is clear that our survival and the salvaging of our environment are dependent on more technology, not less.

Samuel Florman

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#17. The reason that [Greek grammar is] good for you, of course, is that the depth of your preaching or teaching from the New Testament depends in large part on how well you handle the original Greek.

David Alan Black

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#18. I want co-operation between nations for the salvaging of civilization, but co-operation presupposes free nations worthy of co-operation.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#19. None of great sages of China preached the precept of love as a guideline for human behavior ...

James Thayer

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