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#1. The riveting moral power of the Arab Spring comes from its homegrown quality. This is about Arabs overcoming fear to become agents of their own transformation and liberation. - Author: Roger Cohen
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#2. More riveting to me in the end than the politics of Berlin was the vast social experiment its division had become... it was possible to have freedom and plenty in the West and craft an empty life; it was possible to "have nothing" in the East and create a life of intimacy and dignity and beauty. - Author: Krista Tippett
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#3. The Truth about America's Silicon Valley-
Angels in the Silicon

Riveting and insightful regarding progressivism and the social upheavals living in the Silicon Valley.-

John Yoo, UC Berkeley Constitutional Lawyer, novelist, and public servant - Author: Richard Theodor Kusiolek
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#4. There are pop managers, and then there's Simon Cowell, who isn't gay, Jewish or particularly riveting. He's not without interest but he doesn't exactly have the hinterland of, say, Brian Epstein. - Author: Peter York
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#5. Few dramas in American political history remain more riveting than that of Nixon's exit and Mr. Ford's reaction, at first halting and then decisive, to the looming possibility of a former president on criminal trial for months on end. - Author: Scott Shane
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#6. The story of Bennet Omalu is a riveting story; it's just a riveting tale. I knew from the beginning if I stayed close to that kind of storytelling and focussed on the character, then the other stuff comes along with it, and the message becomes baked into the journey. - Author: Peter Landesman
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#7. Herschel Grynszpan's life was enigmatic, elusive and tragic. The traces he left on the historical record are just sufficient to tantalize and baffle historians. Harlan Greene has woven from these threads a riveting novel, erotic, haunting, and profoundly moving. - Author: Janette Turner Hospital
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#8. Forty years after the greatest scandal of the American presidency, Elizabeth Drew's account in Washington Journal remains fresh and riveting, instructive and evocative. Her afterword on Nixon's post-Watergate life is equally compelling. - Author: Tom Brokaw
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#9. I think you can make perfectly good television just from people who are genuinely interested, talking to people who genuinely know - simple as it sounds, it can be riveting. - Author: Paul McGann
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#10. I resent almost all of the time I spend in front of the television, but I find 'The Only Way Is Essex' absolutely riveting. - Author: Paul McGann
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#11. A riveting and realistic portrayal of space travel gone wrong, and of a crew who must fight for their survival. Bones Burnt Black is exciting, and expertly told. A must-listen. - Author: J. C. Hutchins
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#12. They devised such useful tools, skills, and techniques as the potter's wheel, the wagon wheel, the plow, the sailboat, the arch, the vault, the dome, casting in copper and bronze, riveting, brazing and soldering, sculpture - Author: Samuel Noah Kramer
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#13. A riveting, exciting and thoroughly compelling tale of adventure. - Author: John Grisham
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#14. For reasons no one has yet explained, the Internet is at once riveting and a great killer of concentration. - Author: Joseph Epstein
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#15. He was seeing the full extent of her failure - in the immensity of his own indifference. The droning stream of her insults was like the sound of a distant riveting machine, a long, impotent pressure that reached nothing within him. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#16. In my case, the listener is often in an automobile driving to work. You can concentrate on the road while still getting an audio message that can be riveting. - Author: Bob Edwards
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#17. Having told the truth for years as a first-rate reporter, Jason Leopold now comes completely clean about himself and also sheds light on his imperiled profession. A riveting account of just how hard the truth can be. - Author: Mark Crispin Miller
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#18. What I've realized is that a film operates both on the intellectual and emotional levels, and if you can find a way to tell a riveting story and draw ideas out of that, it's very powerful. - Author: Dinesh D'Souza
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#19. Never content just to be, America is also obliged to mean; America signifies, hence its constant and riveting vulnerability to illusion. - Author: Martin Amis
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#20. What makes Geoffrey Chaucer such compelling reading is his creation of a riveting conversation between the ideal and the everyday. - Author: John Mark Reynolds
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#21. The relationship of black Americans to Obama is sociologically riveting. - Author: Andrew Sullivan
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#22. I can tell you that as a writer and as a reader, I regard character as king. Or queen. No matter how riveting the action or interesting the plot twists, if I don't feel like I'm meeting someone who feels real, I'm not going to be compelled to read further. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#23. I saw a documentary on how ships are kept together. Riveting! - Author: Stewart Francis
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#24. So, anyway." Jackal's impatient voice broke through our cold standoff. "Not to interrupt this riveting family drama, but are we going to go hunting anytime soon, or are you two going to glare at each other until the sun comes up? - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#25. As authentic as it is riveting and ultimately unforgettable. Your past will find you-and it can change your life. I think it's the most soulful book Patti Callahan has ever written. - Author: Dorothea Benton Frank
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#26. I am a storyteller, not a historian, and it's my ambition to create something compelling - something unputdownable and riveting - that chimes with the real history but is, in fact, fiction. - Author: Sara Sheridan
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#27. An inspired letter can be as riveting as a stare. It can move us to tears, spur us to action, provoke us, uplift us, touch us. Transform us. When written from the heart, letters are dreams on paper, wishes fulfilled, desires satisfied. letters can be powerful. - Author: Alexandra Stoddard
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#28. This group came on stage, Big Brother and the Holding Company, and this whirling dervish, this electrifying white soul singer was so riveting. And I'm seeing this and I said, 'My God, this is a musical revolution.' - Author: Clive Davis
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#29. goat. His performance was riveting, bolstered as it was with red, swollen eyes, uncombed hair, trembling hands. Had he begun to rent his clothes in grief, Claudia would not have been surprised. She wondered how long he had rehearsed, or if he had at all. - Author: Laura Belgrave
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#30. Robert Zubrin's masterful study ... makes for riveting reading. a cautionary tale of what happens when powerful, unprincipled elites are not only alienated from the mass of their fellow men, but come to see them as a barrier to imagined social, evolutionary, or environmental progress. - Author: Steven W. Mosher
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#31. Like Flannery O'Connor, McCorkle's genius is to give us both philosophical speculation and a riveting narrative filled with unforgettable characters. Great writing, poignancy, humor, wisdom-all are in abundance here. Jill McCorkle is one of the South's greatest writers; she is also one of America's. - Author: Ron Rash
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#32. I can think of no other experience quite like that of being 20 or so pages into a book and realizing that this is the real thing: a book that is going to offer the delicious promise of a riveting story, arresting language and characters that will haunt me for days. - Author: Anita Shreve
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#33. BEAUTIFUL is stark, disquieting and, quite simply, riveting. Amy Reed is an author to keep on your radar. - Author: Ellen Hopkins
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#34. I read many riveting escape-and-evade accounts of airmen and of the Resistance networks organized to hide them and then send them on grueling treks across the Pyrenees to safety. But it was the people I met in France and Belgium who made the period come alive for me. They had lived it. - Author: Bobbie Ann Mason
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#35. Handsome people are always interesting to watch. But a handsome person in crisis is riveting. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
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#36. Today the challenge is not visuals, but to be able to tell a riveting emotional story, something that can reach deep down inside the audience's heart and twist it like a toy to make them laugh, cry or jump out of their seats to root for the hero. - Author: Gabriel Campisi
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#37. A delightful, intelligent read. Jim Zirin's sparkling account of life in the Second Circuit's famed MOTHER COURT is informative, riveting, accessible, and uplifting. It would be criminal not to read this book. - Author: Linda Fairstein
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#38. Don't sit back and watch other people live out your dreams - Author: JoAnn Michael Young
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#39. Researchers could probably explain how the combination of thick black hair, riveting green eyes, and a slow, confident smile provoked some cascade of estrogen designed to fool the female mind into confusing a simple kiss with a merging of souls. - Author: Samanthe Beck
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#40. I sat and three hours later realized I had been seized by an idea that started short but grew to wild size by day's end. The concept was so riveting I found it hard at sunset to flee the library basement and take the bus home to reality: my house, my wife, and our baby daughter. - Author: Ray Bradbury
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#41. It's essential to tailor rehab to what impassions someone. The brain gradually learns by riveting its attention-through endless repetitions. - Author: Diane Ackerman
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#42. At the end of the day, I'd much rather do a piece about people in a story that I find riveting and intriguing and moving, versus really carrying some kind of heavy political agenda on my sleeve. That's not who I am. - Author: Charlize Theron
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#43. UNMARKED is both gorgeous and hideous. A frightening and disturbing tale spun with great beauty. Absolutely riveting. - Author: Jonathan Maberry
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#44. Jon Land writes great fiction, and Betrayal reads like the best of it. The fact that it's true makes the story all the more riveting ... A sobering indictment of our law enforcement system and one man's relentless quest to see justice done. - Author: Robert Leuci
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#45. Economics has become as riveting as politics. - Author: Tina Brown
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" ... Wickard will have readers on edge ..."
" ... a methodical, white-knuckled grip of the throat, the tension getting tighter."
"A leisurely paced but ultimately rewarding, riveting thriller." - Author: Douglas Wickard
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#47. The Hurt Artist is a riveting memoir by Shane Niemeyer that takes us on a raw, unedited life journey that includes the struggles of an addict trying to find peace and the joy and journey to every triathlete's promised land: Kona, Hawaii! - Author: Jason Peter
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#48. Superficial people find the extraordinary fascinating, and profound people find the ordinary riveting. - Author: Julian Barbour
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#49. Ben Farmer brings a legend to life in Evangeline, evoking with grace and panache the travails of the Acadians in mid-eighteenth century America from Nova Scotia to New Orleans. Farmer is a wonderful storyteller, and readers won't soon forget this tale of love and fortitude. Simply riveting. - Author: Keith Donohue
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