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#1. What difference does it make if the Gospel is mostly a lie? It's an engrossing story and the words of its hero are excellent words to live by, even today. - Author: Tom Robbins
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#2. I have to accept risk as a racing driver. - Author: Emerson Fittipaldi
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#3. I propose that the government should get out of the business of marrying people and, instead, only give legal status to civil unions. - Author: Tony Campolo
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#4. I've learned a lot about perspective, about appreciating when you're healthy, the things that you have. I decided I was a super healer. I really believe in self-fulfilling prophecy that you are what you think you are. - Author: Simon Whitfield
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#5. With the advancement in e-reading technology, I was curious if it were possible for readers to be able to hear the actual songs while reading the book. I contacted Amazon and discussed the idea with their Kindle team, and they were very enthusiastic about it. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#6. in becoming malicious he only picked up the weapon with which he had been wounded. He - Author: Victor Hugo
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#7. The purpose of a business is to create customers. - Author: Sam Wyly
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#8. Abstract ideas are connected in a systematic way to more concrete experiences. - Author: Steven Pinker
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#9. Dreams are manifestations of identities. - Author: Kathy Acker
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#10. In 1411, the French Crown granted a patent declaring that only the cheese of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon could be called Roquefort cheese. - Author: Mark Kurlansky
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#11. Often when we hear people speak about meditation, we hear about wisdom, we hear about knowledge. But what, actually, is the effect, what's the use, of wisdom or knowledge? Understanding. When you understand mind, you're not at its mercy. When you don't understand, you're lost in the midst of it. - Author: Stephen Levine
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#12. But the workingpeople, the common people, they won't allow it.' 'It's the common people who get most fun out of the torture and execution of great men ... If it's not going too far back I'd like to know who it was demanded the execution of our friend Jesus H. Christ. - Author: John Dos Passos
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#13. Things like water and sewage systems require states in a large-scale society, but states are also a good mechanism for dealing with health care, education, public transportation, and infrastructure. - Author: Cynthia Kauffman
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#14. One of the gravest perils which besets the ministry is a restless scattering of energies over an amazing multiplicity of interests which leaves no margin of time and of strength for receptive and absorbing communion with God. - Author: Bonar Law
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