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#1. I think that the Internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. - Author: Milton Friedman
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#2. We must move from revenue-neutral to revenue-reducing tax reform, because the federal government spends far too much money. - Author: Carly Fiorina
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#3. I found that I was getting a warm reception for my message of freeing you from the income tax, releasing you from Social Security, ending the insane war on drugs, restoring gun rights, and reducing the federal government to just its constitutional functions. - Author: Harry Browne
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#4. When you reduce taxes on higher earners it's vital to be reducing them on lower earning people as well so the nation shares in the approach. - Author: William Hague
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#5. When we ask people to live their lives through our models, we are potentially reducing life itself. How can we ever know what we might be losing? - Author: Jaron Lanier
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#6. A crowd in its very concept is the untruth, by reason of the fact that it renders the individual completely impenitent and irresponsible, or at least weakens his sense of responsibility by reducing it to a fraction. - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
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#7. The truth is, our corporate income taxes are some of the highest in the world, and frankly, in my judgment it's unpatriotic if you're not for reducing the corporate income tax. We want to make it so American companies are on a more level playing field competing with companies around the world. - Author: Jim Jordan
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#8. If you reduce sculpture to the flat plane of the photograph, you're passing on only a residue of your concerns ... You're not only reducing the sculpture to a different scale for the purposes of consumption, but you're denying the real content of the work. - Author: Richard Serra
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#9. It is the American vice, the democratic disease which expresses its tyranny by reducing everything unique to the level of the herd. - Author: Henry Miller
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#10. If you're the type of person who wants to associate exclusively with those who perfectly mirror your own ethical worldview, you're reducing significantly the scope of your potential life experience. - Author: Chuck Klosterman
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#11. I'm not interested in 'abstracting' or taking things out or reducing painting to design, form, line, and color. I paint this way because I can keep putting more things in it - drama, anger, pain, love, a figure, a horse, my ideas about space. Through your eyes it again becomes an emotion or idea. - Author: Willem De Kooning
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#12. Wherever a people have grown savage in arms so that human laws have no longer any place among it, the only powerful means of reducing it is religion. - Author: Georgie Henley
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#13. Also essential to math is the sense in which abstracting something can mean reducing it to its absolute skeletal essence, as in the abstract of an article or book. As such, it can mean thinking hard about things that for the most part people can't think hard about-because it drives them crazy. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#14. Remember, it goes beyond reducing WIP. Being able to take needless work out of the system is more important than being able to put more work into the system. - Author: Gene Kim
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#15. My own view is that being a vegetarian or vegan is not an end in itself, but a means towards reducing both human and animal suffering and leaving a habitable planet to future generations. - Author: Peter Singer
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#16. While editors and newspaper owners currently fret over shrinking readership and lost profits, they do the one thing that insures cutting their own throats; they keep reducing space for the one feature that attracts new young readers in the first place; the comic strips. - Author: Elayne Boosler
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#17. There's a lot of evidence that fruits and vegetables are beneficial for reducing the risk of stroke. - Author: Walter Willett
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#18. I went through all my electric bills, the water bills, the phone bills, elevator contracts, and I found enough wasteful spending without reducing any programs anywhere, without reducing any services, I found enough wasteful spending to pay my entire salary for three years. - Author: Thomas Massie
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#19. To make sustainable progress in reducing extreme poverty will require improvements in both the quantity and quality of aid. - Author: Peter Singer
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#20. Reducing the nuclear danger will require a universal, consistent opposition to all forms of weapons development - Author: David Cortright
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#21. If you take a look at Medicare, there are things we could do, not just tort reform but truly reform the whole reimbursement system which will help in terms of reducing costs and creating the right kind of incentives for savings. - Author: John Hoeven
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#22. Raising the personal allowance is massively expensive. For the same amount of money, you could look at reducing the rate of tax. - Author: Nigel Lawson
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#23. Enjoying things which are pleasant; that is not the evil; it is the reducing of our moral self to slavery by them that is. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#24. You may know the pain of possessing and dependency, reducing persons to objects, but this is not love. Love doesn't attempt to bind, ensnare, capture. It is light, free of the burden of attachments. Love asks nothing, is fulfilled in itself. When love is there, nothing remains to be done. - Author: Vimala Thakar
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#25. Kissing was very much like eating. But instead of reducing the appetite, the food consumed actually increased it. The food wasn't matter, it had no mass, and yet it seemed to convert into a very delicious energy inside me. - Author: Matt Haig
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#26. The symbolism in any kind of dance allows for recall, reenactment, and reexperience of events for purposes of resisting, reducing, transforming, and escaping stress. - Author: Judith Lynne Hanna
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#27. The complexity of a subject, if crucial for understanding the story, needs to be shown in the visualisation. Thus, in many cases, clarifying a subject requires increasing the amount of information, not reducing it. - Author: Alberto Cairo
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#28. If you recognize that self-driving cars are going to prevent car accidents, AI will be responsible for reducing one of the leading causes of death in the world. - Author: Mark Zuckerberg
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#29. Too much of our time is spent trying to chart God on a grid, and too little is spent allowing our hearts to feel awe. By reducing Christian spirituality to formula, we deprive our hearts of wonder. - Author: Donald Miller
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#30. The whole other world that LSD opened your mind to existed only in the moment itself - Now - and any attempt to plan, compose, orchestrate, write a script, only locked you out the moment, back to the world of conditioning and training where the brain was a reducing valve - Author: Tom Wolfe
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#31. Time and again we've seen that reducing poverty comes down to economic opportunity-not just connecting the poor to services like banking, but ensuring they can be producers on fair terms in the global economy. - Author: Leila Janah
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#32. Fear is a big reason. Ultra achievers don't have an attitude for overcoming fear. They just do it anyway, because they're okay with being afraid. Instead of putting energy into reducing fear, they confront it with action. - Author: Rory Vaden
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#33. Democrats have always wanted to grow government with revenues from our society's producers. They aren't sincere about reducing the deficit, because they will not abandon their addiction to spending other people's money. - Author: David Limbaugh
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#34. The number one priority now is reducing the deficit that they [Labour] left us - the biggest deficit since the Second World War. - Author: Iain Duncan Smith
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#35. Frentzen is taking, er, reducing that gap between himself and Frentzen. - Author: Murray Walker
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#36. The Tea Party was born out of the disgust many Americans felt early in the financial crisis upon learning that the federal government was even contemplating reducing the principal on some troubled mortgages. - Author: Mark Zandi
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#37. So we in Congress have a very clear choice. We can take largely symbolic action and sit back and fiddle while Americans burn more gasoline. Or we can pass concrete, effective legislation that will save consumers money while significantly reducing U.S. oil consumption. - Author: Sherwood Boehlert
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#38. I got the name Slash because I used to work in a grocery store and I was in charge of reducing prices for really big sales. - Author: Slash
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#39. If you punish the banks, all you are doing is reducing the banks' capital, which you want to increase, and punishing shareholders, who have done nothing wrong. - Author: Nigel Lawson
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#40. Every businessman enjoying customer patronage, whether he be a baker, banker, or barber is conferring a public benefit, raising production, and reducing unemployment; businessmen earn their livelihood by producing products and rendering services where ever they are needed. - Author: Hans F. Sennholz
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#41. Emma says her illness was a kind of self-hypnosis which obliterated the outside world, a way of escaping life and reducing its proportions to what she could manage. - Author: Carol Lee
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#42. I am convinced that most companies don't maximize their barter possibilities. Instead of aggressively reducing costs by trading their services with those of their suppliers, they seem content to pay top dollar for everything. - Author: Mark McCormack
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#43. It's easier to say (I'm going to be myself and if anyone wants to be with me, then she/he has to accept me as I am ... flaws and all) than it is for us to work at reducing our flaws and making ourselves more acceptable. - Author: Darrell Roberts
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#44. A cap on carbon is important because it sets a specific goal for reducing carbon emissions 80% by 2050. - Author: Frances Beinecke
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#45. The war was declared over - the end of major combat operations - in May 2003. Release procedures got under way immediately; reducing the population from 8,000 to just over 300, of course, requires fewer military police soldiers. - Author: Janis Karpinski
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#46. I tell you, the difference for me is between being victimized, terrorized, numbed by reading about different disasters, or reducing the anxiety by getting up and doing something about it, at whatever level. - Author: Ted Danson
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#47. Unlike the weak, the strong neither give up nor are driven by pain into rash or stupid behavior. They don't like pain any more than anyone else, but they are not willing to settle for short-term relief if it means reducing their options later. They don't rob Peter to pay Paul, they face reality now. - Author: William Glasser
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#48. Working in the digital domain, you're using approximations of things; the actual sound wave never enters the equation. You deal with sections of it, and you're able to do so much more by just reducing the information to a finite amount. - Author: Sean Booth
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#49. There are many commitments I have made for reducing poverty. One is to reform social security. Social security reaches only 44 percent of Mexicans. One of my goals is to give social security to all the people. - Author: Enrique Pena Nieto
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#50. I was concerned about a couple of steps that the Russian government took in the last several days. One was reducing the energy supplies to Czechoslovakia. - Author: John McCain
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#51. By refraining from reducing multiplication to addition we are enabled through these axioms to banish continuity, which is so difficult to fix precisely, from the logical structure of geometry. - Author: Hermann Weyl
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#52. I compensate for big risks by always doing my homework and being well-prepared. I can take on larger risks by reducing the overall risk. - Author: Donna Shalala
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#53. Sea buckthorn oil works miracles reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and some even say it has reduced the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. - Author: Annie Needs
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#54. We look at all the polls, not just the Gallup Poll. So, it's kind of like if you have, you know, four out of five doctors agree that reducing cholesterol reduces your risk of a heart attack, Gallup is like the fifth doctor. - Author: Nate Silver
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#55. Tears and complaints - the means which I have called water power - can be an extremely useful weapon for disturbing cooperation and reducing other to a condition of slavery. - Author: Alfred Adler
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#56. When it comes to decreasing inequalities of wealth for good or reducing unusually high levels of public debt, a progressive tax on capital is generally a better tool than inflation. - Author: Thomas Piketty
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#57. Civilization is the process of reducing the infinite to the finite. - Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes
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#58. There's no shortage of Democrats who are at least as committed as Schwarzenegger to reducing greenhouse gases. - Author: Timothy Noah
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#59. Coffee is a pretty miraculous beverage. It has many well-documented health benefits, including reducing the risk of various diseases. There are few, if any, reasons to avoid coffee and there may be numerous reasons to drink it - Author: Timothy Caulfield
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#60. We've got a lot of work to do: not only on education, but on the economy, on our tax code, and on reducing our crushing debt. - Author: Michael Bennet
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#61. Contraceptives have a proven track record of enhancing the health of women and children, preventing unintended pregnancy, and reducing the need for abortion. - Author: Louise Slaughter
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#62. Parents don't believe that lifting life-chances in one school means reducing them in another. - Author: David Blunkett
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#63. Reducing hunger should become the driving force for progress and hope - Author: Jacques Diouf
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#64. Recently, the administration has rejected conservation attempts like more accurate fuel mileage for cars and bipartisan proposals for reducing our dependence on foreign oil by a million barrels a day. - Author: Maria Cantwell
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#65. Even if they don't know it consciously, people can feel when you are making them into a means to an end only. And people are much less likely to do what you want them to do - for example, to buy the car - when they feel you are reducing them into a means to an end. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#66. Nkechi never tried to hide her bottom. She was proud of it. Fascinating to me. Irish girls' lives were a constant quest for bottom-disguising or bottom-reducing clothing tactics. We can learn much from other cultures. - Author: Marian Keyes
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#67. Reducing our dependence on foreign energy - that is critically important to America's economic future. Excellence in education - if we're not the best educated, we're not going to be the most powerful for very long. - Author: Kent Conrad
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#68. Increased government spending can provide a temporary stimulus to demand and output but in the longer run higher levels of government spending crowd out private investment or require higher taxes that weaken growth by reducing incentives to save, invest, innovate, and work. - Author: Martin Feldstein
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#69. [Fiscal prudence] means spending wisely, reducing waste, collecting sufficient taxes to pay for the public goods and services we want, keeping budgets in relative balance over time, and keeping debt coming down, at least during reasonably good times. - Author: Alex Himelfarb
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#70. Mercury is a potent toxin that interferes with the human nervous system. Reducing this hazard will be a major public health breakthrough. - Author: Frances Beinecke
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#71. Beyond reducing individual use, one of our top priorities must be to move from fossil fuels to energy that has fewer detrimental effects on water supplies and fewer environmental impacts overall. - Author: David Suzuki
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#72. With all that's going on in our lives and the world, reducing stress is important, and it's a factor in heart health. - Author: Andie MacDowell
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#73. Abortion, euthanasia, human cloning, for example, risk reducing the human person to a mere object: life and death to order, as it were! - Author: Pope John Paul II
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#74. As far as protecting yourself against Alzheimer's disease, well, it turns out that fish oil has the effect of reducing your risk for Alzheimer's disease. You should also keep your blood pressure down, because chronic high blood pressure is the biggest single risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. - Author: Gregory Petsko
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#75. I may finally call attention to the probability that the association of paternal and maternal chromosomes in pairs and their subsequent separation during the reducing division as indicated above may constitute the physical basis of the Mendelian law of heredity. - Author: Walter S. Sutton
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#76. Our Government is investing in stronger communities by supporting the important work of charities by reducing their administrative burden, encouraging charitable giving and allowing charities to use modern electronic tools. - Author: Kevin Sorenson
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#77. Efficient breathing means that fewer free radicals are produced, reducing the risk of inflammation, tissue damage, and injury. Free - Author: Patrick McKeown
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#78. America can enjoy a vital, fully functioning government, with all the benefits provided by Texas, while reducing Texas at the same time. - Author: Ian Frazier
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#79. Conserving energy and thus saving money, reducing consumption of unnecessary products and packaging and shifting to a clean-energy economy would likely hurt the bottom line of polluting industries, but would undoubtedly have positive effects for most of us. - Author: David Suzuki
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#80. I worked with the March of Dimes to enact legislation for a national birth defects prevention program to provide surveillance, research and preventive services aimed at reducing the rate of birth defects. - Author: Solomon Ortiz
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#81. What is interesting about me isn't that I am a mother, it is who I am. I love my family, but if I just talk to you about being a mother, it's boring. I am sorry, but it's reducing who I really am, and it's really boring. - Author: Laetitia Casta
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#82. Reducing human beings to the faint after-image of some omnipotent deity, or trying to give human life meaning by postponing real fulfilment to some post-mortem paradise ... can actually threaten to rob real life of its meaningfulness. - Author: British Humanist Association
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#83. Chile needs to unite behind the goals of reducing poverty and creating more equal opportunities so that everyone can benefit from what the country has to offer, - Author: Michelle Bachelet
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#84. Think about it: Reducing crime and poverty and ensuring that we have an educated, stable work force has a direct effect on you and me and the future of our country. - Author: Jane Fonda
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#85. The road to recovery is to stimulate small business and innovation by reducing taxation, regulation, and litigation. - Author: Sandy Adams
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#86. Reducing the price of cancer drugs is a humanitarian move. - Author: Yusuf Hamied
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#87. It's a matter of reducing the work to its very simplest possible state, eliminating all of the things that lead away from the guts of the work, the thing the work is really about. Anything that's there must build towards its over-all organization and meaning. - Author: Paul Cullen
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#88. The price of imported oil in the US doubled between summer 2003 and summer 2005, reducing consumers' purchasing power by more than 1 per cent of gross domestic product. - Author: Martin Feldstein
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#89. How about this, I would counter: try not commenting on your own looks - on the size of your thighs or the tightness of your jeans. At least not in front of your daughter. Girls receive enough messages every day reducing them to their appearance without women they love delivering them, too. - Author: Peggy Orenstein
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#90. Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes. But I'd like to add a third certainty: trash. And while some in this room might want to discuss reducing taxes, I want to talk about reducing trash. - Author: Ruth Ann Minner
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#91. To reduce poetry to its reflections of historical events and movements would be like reducing the poet's words to their logical or grammatical connotations. - Author: Octavio Paz
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#92. The best anti-aging advice I've ever received? Drink a lot of water and have a plant-based diet. I also do mindful meditation with my daughter every day. It takes ten minutes. I think reducing stress plays a big part in anti-aging. - Author: Carolyn Murphy
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#93. Pollution from human activities is changing the Earth's climate. We see the damage that a disrupted climate can do: on our coasts, our farms, forests, mountains, and cities. Those impacts will grow more severe unless we start reducing global warming pollution now. - Author: Frances Beinecke
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#94. When e-commerce companies build scale, cost comes down. Companies that can handle scale and reduce costs over time will win. Margins will come from reducing costs over time and not by increasing prices. Technology is the answer at large scale. - Author: Sachin Bansal
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#95. Classes and routines are first and foremost intellectual tools for reducing complexity. If they're not making your job simpler, they're not doing their jobs. - Author: Steve McConnell
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#96. Organization isn't about perfection; it's about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life. - Author: Christina Scalise
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#97. Microsoft could help Facebook with one of the biggest challenges, namely monetizing its traffic without reducing the user's experience. It's obvious that Microsoft needs traffic and Facebook needs search. - Author: David Einhorn
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#98. Tax increases slow economic growth. Why would you raise taxes? We need to reform spending, the tens of trillions of unfunded liabilities can never be funded by tax increases, that can only be fixed by reducing spending. - Author: Grover Norquist
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#99. What's happened is that an incessant, an insidious insurgency has repeatedly attacked the key infrastructure targets, reducing outputs. - Author: Stuart Bowen
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#100. In response to the drop in wealth suffered as a consequence of the 2008 financial crisis, homeowners and firms did attempt to increase savings in financial assets by reducing expenditure on durables. - Author: Dale T. Mortensen
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