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#1. My parents had a huge pile of records - vinyl! - that I loved, especially the Motown stuff, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding.

Jonny Lang

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#2. I buy records - vinyl. I have a record player at home.

Amber Heard

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#3. The previous day she had been on a conference call with a younger Urban Outfitters marketing team member (the chain now sells more vinyl and turntables than anyone else in America), who asked Braun what the little lines on the records meant. "I had to tell her those are the songs," she said.

David Sax

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#4. Oftentimes, when people cut a record from analog tape to vinyl, they digitize the music first; I did a little investigating and discovered that most vinyl records that I've ever heard were digitized before they were put onto vinyl.

Kevin Shields

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#5. When we were making vinyl records we had a lot of time limitations for each record so songs were left off for a number of reasons. Now, with CDs, much more music can be included.

Ken Hensley

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#6. Well, everybody faces the fact there really aren't many records stores around to just go and browse. Maybe browse online, yet that tactile feel of flipping through a stack of vinyl remains one of life's simple pleasures.

Billy Gibbons

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#7. Kit spoke vintage vinyl in all its dialects. And he casually rubbed elbows with stars from all walks of life. Oh, and he was twenty. And drop-dead gorgeous. Kit Hemion was a very big way Aaron's Records made money with the West Side set.

Suzanne Stroh

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#8. When I went to college, I wasn't interested in fashion anymore - I was interested in art.

Stephen Sprouse

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#9. All the men in Daddy's records sang of love with drastically imbalanced emotion. In the span of three minutes, they begged for it and kicked it to the curb. They turned to anybody, even to God, with a perpetual request: Please send me someone to love. But once they got it, love scrambled them.

Rashod Ollison

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#10. I grew up working at a record store and listening to vinyl. Even if it's side A and B, there's always this continuity that really turned me on about music.

Amos Lee

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#11. As an artist, even if you are putting out something really dark and disturbing, that's good because it's opening a discussion. Always in the back of my mind is this thought that the world has to be a better place with you in it.

Shaun Tan

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#12. Life is not a piece of cake

Ian Davies

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#13. Sometimes, my books start with a scene I see in my mind, such as a woman in a wedding dress running away from her wedding like in 'Embers of Love.' Sometimes, a book can start with a character.

Tracie Peterson

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#14. It's also ironic that in the old days of tape and tape hiss and vinyl records and surface noise, we were always trying to get records louder and louder to overcome that.

T Bone Burnett

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#15. Our parents surround us with origin stories that create deep grooves in the vinyl records of our lives.

Amy Poehler

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#16. I guess my biggest influence was actually my Grandfather. He used to play old records on vinyl, and would play old jazz and soul music like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and The Rat Pack and swing music.

Ella Henderson

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#17. My kids love vinyl, I had to teach them how to put the needle on the records. Now they're worried about scratching the records, but it's incredible!

Simon Le Bon

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#18. I love that vinyl is actually growing in popularity, and that there are so many great record stores.


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#19. I do love the ceremony of putting on a record but I don't have space for a vinyl collection.

Annie E. Clark

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#20. The decision about digital or film is going to be made for us. I think the answer is that film is gonna be gone, although I think it'll make a comeback; it'll be like vinyl records or something.

James Gray

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#21. I'm a record collector. I'd spend all my pocket money on vinyl.

Lily Allen

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#22. Ugster vinyl pumps, Partridge Family records, plastic daisy jewelry, old postcards ... It's a magpie Christmas market.

Francesca Lia Block

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#23. You can't really take a vinyl record player on a plane so you're not going to have the same experience, but if you walk yourself away and allow yourself to experience these different moments with music, you're so much richer in experience for that. That's what I believe.

Brendon Urie

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#24. As a powerful creator, your potential success only awaits the genesis of thought.

Bryant McGill

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#25. Nutters love murder.

Robert Galbraith

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#26. I'm fairly tired of hipsters. They have terrible taste in music. These kids come in and say, 'You don't have anything that was released this year?' That makes me crazy. We don't need anything from this year! (Bob Diener, owner of Record Swap in Champaign, IL)

Eric Spitznagel

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#27. For me, a record is valid when I actually hold the vinyl. Like, I've worked on the art for a while and I see the vinyl and I go "Ooh, it's an actual LP. How cool is that?" That's very sacred to me. You can't take that back, you know?

Ryan Adams

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#28. I try to make a dent in people when I can. I figure people drift toward liberalism at a young age, and I always hope that they change when they see how the world really is.

Johnny Ramone

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#29. I have a lot of vinyl, but I only buy old records on vinyl. Like secondhand. It's too expensive otherwise.

Caitlin Rose

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#30. I believe in doing vinyl. As long as vinyl can still be made into a high-quality standard, I'm going to still make all my records as a side A and a side B because that's how I grew up listening to music.

Jason Molina

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#31. A 2015 research report in the United Kingdom found that the main consumers of vinyl records that year were 18- to 24-year-olds, and research group MusicWatch noted that more than half of vinyl buyers were under 25. Not ageing, retro hipsters. Not crusty old dudes.

David Sax

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