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#1. I always say that I can play sort of six variations on one girl, all of whom are a variation on me. Maybe I'll think of myself as an actor if, like, I do a corset drama. - Author: Lena Dunham
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#2. Shamu the killer whale is Sea World's Mickey Mouse; whales named Shamu are the star attractions of three parks and the focus of their marketing efforts. - Author: Nina Easton
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#3. Character, mon cher, does not stand still. It can gather strength. It can also deteriorate. What a person really is, is only apparent when the test comes - that is, the moment when you stand or fall on your own feet. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#4. Lady Ponsonby was right. The forbidden fruit isn't shaped like an apple. It's shaped like a banana. - Author: Michelle Marcos
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#5. It's OK to be down in the dumps - just don't stay there too long. - Author: Catherine DeVrye
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#6. I cannot switch my voice. My voice is not like an elevator going up and down. - Author: Maria Callas
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#7. She couldn't repay him. She couldn't even appropriately thank him. How can you thank someone for The Cure? Or the X-Men? Sometimes it felt like she'd always be in his debt. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#8. I'm never really nervous because I've done the maximum; now it's up to the audience to do its job. - Author: Michel Ocelot
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#9. This is insane," I said blankly. "I'm the instrument of an all-powerful primordial deity's wave of chaos and destruction."
"That's kind of extreme" said Dante jovially. "It's not like you work for Google or anything. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#10. May you walk in beauty. - Author: Sonia Choquette
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#11. Nature is not affected by finance. If someone offered you ten thousand dollars to let them touch your eyeball without blinking, you would never collect the money. At the very last moment, Nature would force you to blink your eye. Nature will protect her own. - Author: Dick Gregory
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#12. True silence is a garden enclosed, where alone the soul can meet its God. - Author: Catherine Doherty
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