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Top 18 Quotes About Random Encounters

#1. I want to be famous in my home. - Author: Mark Batterson
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#2. Somehow during their aimless but oh-so-significant conversation with its delicious pauses and thrilling undercurrents of emotion, they came to know that they loved each other passionately. - Author: Betty Smith
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#3. The experience you've had may be unwanted, may amount to nothing but damage and waste, but experience has substance, is factual, authoritative, lives on in your past and affects your present, whatever you attempt to do about it. - Author: A.S.A Harrison
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#4. The habit of collecting, of attachment to things, is an essential human trait. But Western civilization put collecting on a pedestal by inventing museums. Museums are about representing power. It could be the king's power or, later, people's power. - Author: Orhan Pamuk
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#5. It is gracious to overlook an offence. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#6. Always, always ask for what you want. Because the Universe might surprise you - and give it to you. - Author: James A. Owen
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#7. Diplomacy be damned, Nate preferred to say what was on his mind. 'Yes, and Aladdin might fly out your ass on his magic carpet and take you for a spin too. - Author: Teresa Schulz
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#8. Taking delight in random encounters that
come our way is a wonderful reminder that
God is in control. - Author: Mel Lawrenz
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#9. The human brain has evolved the capacity to impose a narrative, complete with chronology and cause-and-effect logic, on whatever it encounters, no matter how apparently random. - Author: Robin Marantz Henig
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#10. I think technology is spreading, and I think one's experience of technology is going to relate increasingly to class - not so much to country. - Author: Daniel Suarez
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#11. They ask me what the biggest thing I have going on right now is, and I usually say, "I think this interview?" And then they don't get that it's a joke. So then I say, Yogi Bear 3D. That's my default. - Author: T. J. Miller
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#12. You create identity, you're not given identity per se. What became more and more interesting to me wasn't the I, it was text because it's text that create identity. That's how I got interested in plagiarism. - Author: Kathy Acker
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#13. Kiera was a scar across my heart that would never fully heal, no matter how many random encounters I placed across it. My poor imitations of her were only ripping open the wound again and again. Good or bad, she was forever a part of me. Kellan Kyle - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#14. I have a very special love for all of those actors [in Fringe] and I'll miss them.Over the five years, we were given the chance to develop some pretty close bonds, both with our characters and personally, and we did. - Author: John Noble
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#15. Don't be too quick in your assessment of God's gifts to you. Thank him. Moment by moment. Day by day. - Author: Max Lucado
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#16. If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules
If Life is a Game, Play it for Real! - Author: Cherie Carter-Scott
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#17. Smokey Wilson was like my Gandhi. If I had run into somebody else in prison, with a different set of values, the world might have never known one of the greatest boxing talents ever to come out of Philadelphia. - Author: Bernard Hopkins
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#18. In navigating change, some of us take temporary actions and expect to obtain
permanent results. - Author: Ngina Otiende
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