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Top 18 Quotes About Quotes Hawking

#1. Because Adam, God's deputy on earth, transfered his legal dominion to Satan, God became obligated to recognize Satan's legal standing.

Ed Silvoso

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#2. Being an investment banker is pretty much the perfect job for an all around triple-threat genius, and because I'm doing so well with it, I know I'm actually smarter than certifiable geniuses like Stephen Hawking and Einstein.

A.D. Aliwat

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#3. I am a contradiction myself. I'm always looking for something that scares me because when I'm not scared, I'm not stimulated.

Yasmine Al Masri

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#4. In a fit of pique, I said to my agent, 'I'm going to write something you can sell.' The idea was to write a straight page-turner, with no literary conceits.

Glen Duncan

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#5. Freydolf worried that the stone might have been [stolen], but he finally found it safe and sound in one of the many drawers that were better for losing things than organizing them.

C.J. Milbrandt

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#6. It wasn't only his city that was healing, Raphael thought, his eyes catching the refracted light that betrayed Aodhan's presence in the sky; his people were, too. And it had all begun with a single, vulnerable mortal who did not accept that to be an archangel was to be always right.

Nalini Singh

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#7. Why can't we accept the human form as it is? screams no one. I don't know why, but we never have. That's why people wore corsets and neck stretchers and powdered wigs.

Tina Fey

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#8. I work hard, and I do good, and I'm going to enjoy myself. I'm not going to let you restrict me.

Usain Bolt

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#9. Stephen Hawking Quotes

Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

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#10. I couldn't possibly have played someone with feelings towards a woman unless I had those feelings myself.

Cate Blanchett

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#11. I don't rock for Cancer. I rock for cash, and the topless dancers.

Kid Rock

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#12. These dreams just keep passing me by.

Randolph Randy Camp

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#13. Thinking about the future and thinking about the past is really only a way of ignoring the present.

Billy Corgan

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#14. This is it, Marilyn told herself. Let it
go. This is what you have. Accept it.

Celeste Ng

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#15. I don't think we can afford to emulate the beauty editors of fashion magazines, airbrushing out blemishes and hawking a political ideal in which progressive people have no acne, no stupid remarks.

Anna Bondoc

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#16. I'm perfectly fine with being used. But I would like to know for what I'm being used.
That much I gathered. What am I supposed to be distracting you from? There's a chance that if I knew, I could do my job more effectively.

Kody Keplinger

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#17. I hardly ever go to showbiz parties, it's not my style. That doesn't mean to say I don't have a good time. I love hanging out with mates.

Max Beesley

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#18. From childhood I was compelled to concentrate attention upon myself. This caused me much suffering, but to my present view, it was a blessing in disguise for it has taught me to appreciate the inestimable value of introspection in the preservation of life, as well as a means of achievement.

Nikola Tesla

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