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#1. I grew up in Hollywood, California. A lot of my parents' friends were in the motion picture industry, but I saw their doctor friends as more solid. I admired them; there was a peacefulness in them, a sense of purpose that I liked. So I became very interested in being a surgeon. - Author: Spencer Johnson
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#2. According to my local hip-hop station everyone has garnish wages, child support, liens and wants to buy or rent rims. Ya Heard! - Author: Felipe Esparza
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#3. In his madness he became a terrifying actor! - Author: Luigi Pirandello
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#4. He was constantly surprising me like that. I had thought I didn't like surprises, but I found I did when they came from him. - Author: Malorie Blackman
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#5. Democracy, by its very nature, can't be imposed on people. Democracy has to be the people deciding for themselves. - Author: George Soros
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#6. Until I had turned the car around and was on my way back up the lane. I looked back at the farmhouse in my rearview mirror, and a trick of the light made it seem as if two moons hung in the sky above it, like a pair - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#7. There is so much that must be done in a civilized barbarism like war. - Author: Amelia Earhart
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#8. A public debt is a kind of anchor in the storm; but if the anchor be too heavy for the vessel, she will be sunk by that very weight which was intended for her preservation. - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
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#9. When you are conscious you have all the relationships you choose to have. When you choose to be healthy and prosperous you are clear about what your body requires and the direction your career is headed. - Author: Frank Natale
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#10. If we did get a divorce, the only way my husband would find out about it is if they announced it on Wide World of Sports. - Author: Joyce Brothers
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#11. Sometimes I feel that I am a natural born genius in a field of human endeavor that hasn't been invented yet - Author: Max Beerbohm
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#12. I couldn't have been more shocked if he pulled a pink elephant out of his ass! - Author: Tamara Rose Blodgett
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#13. We move much too fast, and too frequently, to pause to savor landscapes or avoid disfiguring clutter. - Author: Edwin M. Yoder Jr.
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