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Top 31 Quotes About Pursuing God

#1. The impulse to pursue God originates with God, but the outworking of that impulse is our following hard after Him; and all the time we are pursuing Him we are already in His hand: Thy right hand has upheld me. - Author: A.W. Tozer
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#2. You create a strong, unshakable internal core by unshakable internal core by understanding and pursuing the attributes that you want to inherit from your creator - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#3. The only God who can lead you out of trouble when you are pursuing your dreams is the one who gave you that assignment. Neglecting him from your plans is tantamount to commitment of suicide. - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#4. God desires to reveal His heart to us and to build His heart into us as we seek His face. - Author: Bill Mills
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#5. The only freedom that lasts comes from pursuing what we want when we want what we ought. - Author: John Piper
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#6. A lot of times, the reason we struggle to feel and receive the love of God - to see ourselves as His beloved, adopted children - is because we're not pursuing in our everyday lives those things His Word describes as being valuable and significant. - Author: Matt Chandler
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#7. Success is knowing your God given life purpose and pursuing it Passionately, Persistently, and Consistently until you die. - Author: Tom Cunningham
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#8. Eternal-mindedness keeps us from silly arguments. There's no time to fight. We have better things to pursue than our interests. Too much is at stake! God created us for a purpose. We can't afford to waste our lives. We can't afford to waste our marriage by merely pursuing our own happiness. - Author: Francis Chan
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#9. What I am anxious to see in Christian believers is a beautiful paradox. I want to see in them the joy of finding God while at the same time they are blessedly pursuing Him. I want to see in them the great joy of having God yet always wanting Him. - Author: Aiden Wilson Tozer
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#10. Make it your goal to become more like Christ by refusing to let sin have its way, and pursuing instead that which is pure and good in the sight of God. - Author: Billy Graham
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#11. While we have been pursuing God he has been rushing toward us with reckless love arms flung wide to hug us home. - Author: Ken Gire
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#12. When we stop pursuing God's purpose, our gifts and talent are misdirected. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#13. The presence of any humility in my life is purely and completely an evidence of God's grace. From my perspective, I am not a humble man. I am a proud man pursuing humility by the grace of God. - Author: C.J. Mahaney
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#14. finding greater pleasure in God will not result from pursuing more experiences of him, but from knowing him better. It will result from making a study of the Godhead. - Author: Jen Wilkin
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#15. To avoid the cost incurred in pursuing great things we opt for ease and blithely abandon great things. The sheer recklessness of such a pathetically apathetic trade-off will eventually cost us a life squandered, which in the end is the greatest cost of all. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#16. true confidence blooms in the soil of a relationship with God, following His path rather than one's own, pursuing His truth rather than the world's. - Author: Julie Lessman
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#17. To be Christian is to be obliged to engage the world, pursuing God's restorative purposes over all of life, - Author: James Davison Hunter
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#18. So unless you're stronger than Samson and smarter than Solomon, don't violate your relationship with God by pursuing romantic relations with non-Christians. Love for Jesus must come ahead of all lesser loves. - Author: David Feddes
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#19. Scripture warns us against pursuing sexual practice inconsistent with being in Christ. When we tolerate the doctrine which affirms homosexual behavior, we are tolerating a doctrine which leads people further from God. - Author: Kevin DeYoung
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#20. Pursuing desire is only toxic when we demand our desires be satisfied on our terms and in our timing. As recipients of the new heart of the Spirit, our deepest desire, when honestly realized, will always lead us to God. - Author: Emily P. Freeman
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#21. The devil doesn't sit idly by while you seek God. If you're pursuing Christ, the enemy is pursuing you. - Author: Mark Hart
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#22. It is the human condition to question one god after another, one appearance after another, or better, one apparition after another, always pursuing the truth of the imagination, which is not the same as the truth of appearance. - Author: Emile Chartier
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#23. I find that I spend a tremendous amount of time chasing the praises of men rather than sitting with the praises of God. The former is something I attempt to catch, the latter catches me. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#24. If God rewarded the righteous immediately, we would soon be engaged in business, not godliness ... we would be pursuing not piety,but profit. - Author: Clement Of Alexandria
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#25. I realized I'm not supposed to be pursuing impact, I'm supposed to be pursuing God. And when I pursue God I will have exactly as much impact as He wants me to have. - Author: Phil Vischer
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#26. It is possible to know when, at least basically, we please God. In fact, Joseph Smith taught that one of the conditions of genuine faith is to have "an actual knowledge that the course of life which [one] is pursuing is according to [God's] will." - Author: Neal A. Maxwell
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#27. Pursuing a dream without God's approval is as dangerous as walking on a rope bridge over a big gutter? Guess the end ... .! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#28. Build slowly if you must, but by all means, build. In pursuing an orderly process [of Bible study], you follow a pattern established by God himself. The God of the Bible is a God of order. - Author: Jen Wilkin
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#29. Pursuing a God-ordained passion, no matter how crazy it seems, is the most responsible thing you can do. - Author: Mark Batterson
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#30. pursuing the dreams and visions that God has deposited in the hearts of those who love Him. Ideas, dreams, and visions don't change the world. Rather, it's people - like you and me, who faithfully, prayerfully, and tenaciously live out these ideas, dreams, and visions - who change the world. - Author: Eugene Cho
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#31. Grace, lavished upon us by God and communicated through the Mystery of the Incarnate Word, is an absolutely free gift with which nature is healed, strengthened and assisted in pursuing the innate desire for happiness in the heart of every man and of every woman. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
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