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#1. Gentlemen ... Do you not see that so long as society says a woman is incompetent to be a lawyer, minister or doctor, but has ample ability to be a teacher, that every man of you who chooses this profession tacitly acknowledges that he has no more brains than a woman?

Susan B. Anthony

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#2. It's kind of sad that couples don't want to work together, it's like, 'Wow, you really don't like the person you're with?' I'd rather kiss her then some random person I just met

Matt Prokop

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#3. But you can't make someone be something they're not.

Sara Shepard

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#4. NEVERLAND:The imaginary island home of Peter Pan and the lost boys. A place where you never grow up. Michael Jackson's former retreat. An accurate description of the 21st century.

Daniel Prokop

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#5. In a desperate attempt to stay young forever we have achieved eternal childishness, rather than eternal youth.

Daniel Prokop

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#6. When the incarnation of the Dakini marked by the dragon is found by her mirror, the chains of the dragon will melt from the land of snows. Prophecy of a Free Tibet

Daniel Prokop

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#7. Behind every preventable threat to the future of the human race lurks a boy in a man's body with both hands buried deep in the cookie jar set aside for future generations.

Daniel Prokop

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#8. My first real kiss was in seventh grade. It was at the movie 'Hardball,' starring Keanu Reeves, and it was with my little sixth grade girlfriend. It was the first time we were alone. Her mom was sitting two rows in front of us!

Matt Prokop

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#9. Achala, worrying and scheming about your next life, before you have even completed this one, is not a good practice. Rinpoche

Daniel Prokop

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#10. I don't know that much about who directs what movies, but I'm definitely inspired by the look of old movies; I find them to be really beautiful.

Lana Del Rey

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#11. Even amidst tragedy there is laughter, sometimes farce. The degree of farce depends on who is running the tragedy.

Daniel Prokop

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#12. Ronald Reagan became, you know, not only a Republican but a pretty conservative Republican - not the most. But a pretty conservative Republican. And he's somebody that I actually knew and liked. And he liked me. And I worked with him and helped him.

Donald Trump

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#13. His biggest fear was that if and when he did find his missing daughter, she would no longer recognize who he had become in order to save her.

Jodi Picoult

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#14. I always see people tweeting about these crazy amazing things their boyfriend or girlfriend did for them. You shouldn't have to constantly be trying to prove your love when you're in a relationship.

Matt Prokop

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#15. When you're young and dating someone, just play it safe and don't try so hard.

Matt Prokop

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#16. My mom always liked the idea of us acting - me and my sister - like, one of us trying it. But my dad always thought it was a joke.

Matt Prokop

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#17. Now answer me, sincerely, honestly, who lives past forty? I'll tell you who does: fools and scoundrels.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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#18. Unfortunately the 'warrior' archetype accidentally dropped the soap in the shower and he has been getting boned senseless by the 'soldier/lobbyist archetype' ever since.

Daniel Prokop

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#19. For me, to be perfectly honest, the part of my brain that was stimulated by directing was much more exciting than a typical day of acting.

Misha Collins

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