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#1. Man does not ask for nightmares, he does not ask to be bad. He does not will his own willfulness. - Author: Anthony Burgess
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#2. Other than being crazy enough to press a button, there is nothing that Putin can do militarily to fundamentally alter American interests. - Author: Joe Biden
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#3. I want people to listen to my music and everyone to feel included, and I think it's kind of working because all my audiences are always so colorful. - Author: Shamir
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#4. Michelle Tafoya - best NFL sideline reporter - period. She is always prepared and professional. - Author: Megan Alexander
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#5. But I couldn't think it more hateful of them to have taken my fur tippet. Burglars never seem to realize one might feel the cold. How would they like it if I took away their wife's shawl? - Author: Nancy Mitford
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#6. National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month is celebrated each May, and becomes a chance for our Nation to become more familiar with the effects of this disease, and about the preventable steps that we can take to deal with it. - Author: Lois Capps
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#7. We didn't really expect to achieve anything outside of the UK, and it just went crazy. It's just crazy that people know our music. We're just humbled by it. - Author: Zayn Malik
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#8. I could never write about strange kingdoms. I could never do 'Harry Potter' or anything like that. Even when I did science-fiction, I didn't write about foreign planets and distant futures. I certainly never did fantasies about trolls living under bridges. - Author: Richard Matheson
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#9. Some shows, like PPG, tape in a group session, which is always more fun because you can play off each other. - Author: Tara Strong
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#10. College professors have two bad traits. They are logical
and they are easily flattered. - Author: Gertrude Stein
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#11. Nothing would be done at all if one waited until one could do it so well that no one could find fault with it. - Author: John Henry Newman
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#12. I was the kind nobody thought could make it. I had a funny Boston accent. I couldn't pronounce my R's. I wasn't a beauty. - Author: Barbara Walters
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#13. Because relationships are so predictable, right? Well, I'm finding a way to predict them. Take any two people, and even if they've never met each other, the formula will show who's going to break up with whom if they ever date, and approximately how long the relationship will last. - Author: John Green
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#14. My mother had spent one hundred dollars on shipping to send me cookies, antimeat propaganda, and laxatives. - Author: Molly Harper
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