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#1. We'll meet again in Lvov, my love and I ... Tatiana hums, eating her ice cream, in our Leningrad, in jasmine June, near Fontanka, the Neva, the Summer Garden, where we are forever young. - Author: Paullina Simons
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#2. I can't pretend that I'm a great student of the art of comedy because anybody that becomes philosophical about humour doesn't know what he's talking about. - Author: Jackie Mason
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#3. How many times had I begged Mom to divorce him already? - Author: Justina Chen
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#4. Nothing is so pleasant ... as to display your worldly wisdom in epigram and dissertation, but it is a trifle tedious to hear another person display theirs. - Author: Ouida
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#5. Sure, and that's the cool thing about DVD: you can pack stuff on the disc that would've been too much for the big screen because actually it would've only interested yourself and a bunch of fanboys, who wanna know everything. - Author: Quentin Tarantino
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#6. Grandpa Mo choked out. They ... they ... they are hungry. Very hungry. - Author: R.L. Stine
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#7. In that England which I shall see no more. I see Her with a child upon her bosom, who bears my name. I see her father, aged - Author: Charles Dickens
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#8. What I found does the most good is just to get into a taxi and go to Tiffany's. It calms me down right away, the quietness and the proud look of it;nothing very bad could happen to you there. - Author: Truman Capote
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#9. You must give soldiers reasons to have confidence and pride in themselves, in their leaders, and in their units. Only then will you have loyalty. Loyalty was the primary trait I looked for in soldiers. - Author: George W. Dunaway
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#10. Love only gives hope if it is returned. A love not returned works like poison. - Author: Skyla Madi
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#11. I start a boxing movie and that's kind of something I've been able to get to the gym for. It's great anytime you can parallel a skill that your character has. I just think it makes it even more rewarding. - Author: Miles Teller
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#12. There is no such thing as an age for love ... because the man capable of loving - in the complex and modern sense of love as a sort of ideal exaltation - never ceases to love. - Author: Paul Bourget
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