Top 18 Quotes About Peer Teaching

#1. Learning by doing, peer-to-peer teaching, and computer simulation are all part of the same equation.

Nicholas Negroponte

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#2. Her beauty was ethereal, knocking on the door of the part of his psyche that still believed in magic and miracles.

D.A. Henneman

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#3. The loyal subject serves not two lords. The chaste woman knows no second man.


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#4. The only thing that has ever consumed me is love from time to time. Feeling like, 'What is it? How do I get it?'

Jim Carrey

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#5. A majority of the crime in the downtown is property crime. There have been a few larcenies and burglaries, but robberies and assaults are not common in the downtown. There isn't usually any violent crime.

Greg Smith

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#6. Life is a great gift, and as we reach years of discretion, most of us naturally ask ourselves what should be the main object of our existence.

John Lubbock

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#7. I had bought a farm, was trying to rebuild my life and just looking to be left alone. Then I get charged with perjury strictly for political purposes.

Mark Fuhrman

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#8. If you are negotiating you must do so in a spirit of reconciliation, not from the point of view of issuing ultimatums.

Nelson Mandela

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#9. Act your age. Students do not look upon you as a buddy, pal, or peer. They expect you to be a mature adult ... Many young teachers have a tendency to seek popularity, resorting to tactics that can create endless problems.

Jim Brown

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#10. Oh,clever ... what's the use of that? Are they human beings?

John Fowles

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#11. Politeness can at once be the indifferent affliction of the 'civilized' as well as a subterfuge for the designed offence.

Vinod Pande

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#12. Vic had gotten rid of the Hoff years ago. The Hoff was a loser, and Trans Ams were oil-leaking shitboxes. She didn't miss him.

Joe Hill

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#13. The historian is, by definition, absolutely incapable of observing the facts which he examines.

Marc Bloch

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#14. I would say that I mostly use Kosher Salt for seasoning my water and flour. I love sea salt, too. I think both are just fine, as long as it's not iodized salt.

Wolfgang Puck

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#15. When we talk about God, I think what most of us mean is some greater thing, some higher power that can help us access our own strength or give us strength.

Lori Lansens

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#16. I'm into sincerity in music and sincerity in art. If it doesn't feel true, I don't want to do it. Things that are too dramatic scare me. I think that's why I don't always fit into the world of performing arts.

Zooey Deschanel

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#17. Effective Peer Coaches emphasize inquiry over advocacy. Too much advocacy can produce learned helplessness. Inquiry builds capacity to improve teaching and learning by helping teachers to be more effective at designing and implementing learning activities that meet the needs of their students.

Lester Joseph Foltos

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#18. School allowed me to have outlets so that some of the pressure was taken off the acting. Every role in every movie, I used to live or die by. Once I had these new outlets, I relaxed a lot more.

James Franco

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