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#1. A typical 'Larry King Live' is a pastiche whose absurdism defies parody. Wearing his trademark suspenders and purple shirts, he looks as if he's strapped to the chair with vertical seat belts, unable to eject.

James Wolcott

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#2. The first 50 years of the cinema were absolutely great years. Original minds were at work establishing the ways to tell a story. And what is happening now is a copying, a pastiche-ing of what was done by great men.

V.S. Naipaul

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#3. A pastiche of eyes. But faces all gray. Not the color of metal, but the color of old ash in a campfire. Ash faces. Ash clothes. Ash lives.

Pierce Brown

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#4. When people ask, "Is there any advice you'd give a young writer?," I say write short stories. They afford lots of failure. Pastiche is a great way to start.

Ian McEwan

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#5. I really enjoy the pastiche storytelling of watching separate stories slowly collide with one another. The audience gets to participate in trying to guess and decipher how one story will connect with another.

Tim Kring

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#6. He had read and absorbed more than he could understand, so he lived by pastiche and pretence.

Stephen Fry

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#7. I think, with abstraction, it's easy to fall into a sort of pastiche.

Joe Bradley

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#8. It was a pastiche of public library porn from Irving Stone to Philip Roth.

Nell Zink

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#9. The God Delusion is a rather disorganized collage of arguments and pastiche of assertions which cannot be said to advance those ideas or enhance their critical edge, but rather harnesses them in the service of the advocacy of atheism.

Alister E. McGrath

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#10. I want my buildings to take root and look as if they've always been there. It isn't about pastiche or adapting what's already there. It's about trying to blend the future and the past.

Moshe Safdie

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#11. I pastiche, I quote, I lie. Fake, forge, forage, fabricate, copy, borrow, transform, steal. I illusion. I'm a genuine deceiver, a shy sham artist.

Shawna Lemay

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#12. I dislike pastiche; it attracts attention to the language only.

Hilary Mantel

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#13. The emphasis in doing any in-depth photography is on building relationships, quality relationships. It's what I call thirty-cups-of-coffee-a-frame photography. You need to enter into the community - not just photographically, but intellectually and emotionally.

Lynn Johnston

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#14. To win the hearts of beautiful creatures, your stories must always be told with a joyful face, full of sweetness and love, seen at a distance with kindness.

Auliq Ice

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#15. My next option is to only write a list of the books I like, but then again, I don't read a book I don't like so it doesn't solve any of my problems.

Genesis Quihuis

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#16. Given a test question, every wrong answer you eliminate from options A - E increases your chances of getting the right answer by 20percent.
The more you identify what you should not be doing, the closer you get to the things you should do.

Olaotan Fawehinmi

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#17. Oh no. I split my time between Paris and New York. They're the only places to really live.

Naomi Wood

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#18. Now that I am a mother, I understand what Mother's Day is about: it's about looking through our lives and recognizing the act of mothering everywhere we see it, and more than that, recognizing that when any of us mother
when we listen, nuture, nourish, protect
we're doing sacred work.

Shauna Niequist

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#19. I think longevity is more important than trying to make people realize you're around every second.

Don McLean

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#20. For human beings. We almost went extinct fighting one another before. Now our numbers are even fewer. Our conditions more tenuous. Is this really what we want to do? Kill ourselves off completely? In the hopes that - what? Some decent species will inherit the smoking remains of the earth?" "I

Suzanne Collins

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#21. We wasted almost an entire decade apart. I don't want to go another day without you in my life. I've had a life without you. I don't want to go back to that.

Winter Renshaw

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