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Top 31 Quotes About Parkour

#1. Parkour does not have to be liked or disliked! Parkour is here and it will stay here forever! Because it was born from a pure heart and nourished from all the love that a son can give to his father! - Author: David Belle
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#2. You feel on your lips a kiss Fluttering, a tiny scrap of life ... - Author: Arthur Rimbaud
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#3. Parkour is really a practice of getting to know yourself, what you're able to do, what are your limits. As you train, you start knowing what you can do. - Author: David Belle
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#4. Feelings should be indicators, not dictators. - Author: Lysa TerKeurst
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#5. The Parkour is with me, and it will continue to be with me. It is something that I love, and it's intrinsic to me. - Author: David Belle
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#6. One of the main points of the philosophy behind parkour is being able to help people ... To teach them they way themselves, to gain confidence in themselves, building up from simple moves to more complex things, to teach them that they are worthwhile people. - Author: Chris Hayes
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#7. You don't need any [money] to do [Parkour], just a pair of good shoes and that's all. - Author: David Belle
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#8. I am not a huge fan of the one-sided pining romances where the guy is a perfect love-object because we don't see inside his head. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#9. The simplest definition of Parkour is the ability to move quickly and efficiently from one destination to another, using the most direct route with the ability to combat any obstacles along the way. - Author: Jason Jones
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#10. Train not to get something right, train so that you can never get it wrong - Author: David Belle
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#11. The national will is the supreme law of the Republic, and on all subjects within the limits of his constitutional powers should be faithfully obeyed by the public servant. - Author: Martin Van Buren
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#12. 'College Road Trip' is colorless. It's not a black film. It's not a white film. - Author: Kym Whitley
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#13. The evolution of Parkour sort of happens with time and age as you change, and the body has a certain memory of Parkour. There is a sort of thing that remains intrinsic, but then the choreography will adapt to whatever the necessity of each particular film needs. - Author: David Belle
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#14. 'Run' is exciting, about family secrets, the mystery surrounding them and the outdoor sport of parkour. The story itself is full of intrigue and action, but the parkour takes the story to another level. It was an absolutely incredible experience, working with experts from all over the country. - Author: Kelsey Chow
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#15. There's definitely a whole double standard. I don't understand it. A guy can be sexy and good-looking, and it totally just enhances his credibility as an athlete. - Author: Lolo Jones
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#16. Parkour is not just linear. There are moments that are intense and some that are lesser, so you have to move from one to another, and that becomes the musicality of Parkour. - Author: David Belle
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#17. Parkour was never invented by anyone, it's always been here. - Author: Sebastien Foucan
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#18. Gratitude is the attitude that sets the altitude for living! - Author: James MacDonald
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#19. Parkour belongs to the ones who live it, not the ones who want to live thanks to it - Author: David Belle
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#20. If you are in front of a wall that you cannot get past, would you just keep banging your head into the wall? ... No, you would find a new wall. - Author: David Belle
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#21. The way of the parkour is to continue, not to stay here. - Author: Sebastien Foucan
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#22. A little backflip (backflips), but it's not part of Parkour, but i like doing this since i did gym. - Author: David Belle
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#23. The best part of falling is getting back up again. - Author: David Belle
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#24. First, do it. Second, do it well. Third, do it well and fast - that means you're a professional. - Author: David Belle
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#25. Parkour," I panted. "Bitch. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#26. Parkour teaches you to be sure of what you are able to do. - Author: David Belle
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#27. It was all in the means of expressing himself without anyone having to ever understand it. - Author: Lauren Lola
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#28. Many people open their mind through different things like music and painting, as well as Parkour. How is not important. What is important is to open your mind because you gain some freedom through it. - Author: David Belle
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#29. It's amazing what you can get if you quietly, clearly and authoritatively demand it. - Author: Meryl Streep
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#30. It's time we recognize that, as the workplace is currently structured, a lot of women don't want to get to the top and stay there because they don't want to pay the price - in terms of their health, their well-being, and their happiness. - Author: Arianna Huffington
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#31. The traceur doesn't knock an obstacle out of the way unless it's absolutely necessary. He meanders his way past it. Over. Under. Through. Around. He gets past not by moving the obstacle but by moving himself. That is parkour, and working this job I use every technique I know just to get it done. - Author: Sam A. Patel
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