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Top 8 Quotes About Overpraising

#1. I think I'm a better collaborator, in seeing the bigger picture and trying to just help that, and not be so self-centered in whatever my task is, which is being an actor.

Ray McKinnon

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#2. The audiences in the U.K. like me more than in America.

Brian Wilson

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#3. Panic is something that good operations officers plan for.

Tom Clancy

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#4. I have damaged my intellect trying to imagine why a man should want to invent a repeating clock, and how another man could be found to lust after it and buy it. The man who can guess these riddles is far on the way to guess why the human race was invented - which is another riddle which tires me.

Mark Twain

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#5. Perspective gets lost in moral certainties. Which only means that no one was ever burned at the stake by a doubter.

Thomas H. Cook

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#6. Age is of no importance unless you're a cheese.

Billie Burke

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#7. You couldn't drop knowledge if you threw an Encyclopedia off a cliff.

Celph Titled

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#8. Turning a blind eye to your finances always brings trouble. When you let the bills or late notices stay in their envelopes, you're making matters worse. When you finally have to deal with the problem - believe me, you will eventually - it will be exaggerated because you didn't take action.

Jean Chatzky

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