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Top 23 Quotes About Ocd And Anxiety

#1. Being stress and anxiety free is a human preset, I just show you how to 'flick the switch' to off. Permanent stress and anxiety recovery is possible quickly and simply despite what many are told. - Author: Charles Linden
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#2. But though empires, like all the other works of men, have all hitherto proved mortal, yet every empire aims at immortality. - Author: Adam Smith
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#3. People with mental illnesses aren't wrapped up in themselves because they are intrinsically any more selfish than other people. Of course not. They are just feeling things that can't be ignored. Things that point the arrows inward. - Author: Matt Haig
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#4. I realized that I was okay with myself. I was quirky and withdrawn and loud, but I liked that. I smiled at strangers without thinking they were going to attack me and drag me into their cars. I went to doctors' offices and touched magazines that had been touched by sick people. - Author: Anna White
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#5. He sang of Odin, the all-father, who was sacrificed to himself as bravely and as nobly as others were sacrificed to him. He sang of the nine days that the all-father hung from the world-tree, his side pierced and dripping from the spear-point - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#6. There isn't anybody out there who doesn't have a mental health issue, whether it's depression, anxiety, or how to cope with relationships. Having OCD is not an embarrassment anymore - for me. Just know that there is help and your life could be better if you go out and seek the help. - Author: Howie Mandel
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#7. OCD is an anxiety disorder, one that brings conscious intrusive thoughts and compulsions - 'Touch the bannister. Pick up that rock. You'd better do it, or something terrible will happen.' - Author: Tim Howard
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#8. Only what you choose is what makes you. - Author: Ross Turner
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#9. (If plan KTB kill the bastard) didn't work, well, gray would resort to Plan B: Operation Oh Sh** - Author: Gena Showalter
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#10. The main necessity on both sides of a revolution is kindness, which makes possible the most surprising things. To treat one's neighbor as oneself is the fundamental maxim for revolution. - Author: Freya Stark
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#11. I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay, and I don't ever want to finish second again. There is a second place bowl game, but it is a game for losers played by losers. It is and always has been an American zeal to be first in anything we do, and to win, and to win, and to win. - Author: Vince Lombardi
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#12. This will sound strange, and yet I'm sure it was the point: it was a bit like being high. That, for me, anyway, had always been the attraction of drugs, to stop the brutal round of hypercritical thinking, to escape the ravages of an unoccupied mind cannibalizing itself. - Author: Norah Vincent
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#13. Ethiopia did not have the same problem [of corruption]. African leaders looked at us with envy. - Author: Mengistu Haile Mariam
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#14. Because there is a belief that once you begin to open books, you will become a better person. It is Pandora's box, but in a good way. You are inching toward the promised land, page by page. - Author: Don Borchert
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#15. You should trust any man in his own art provided he is skilled in it. - Author: Edward Coke
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#16. The only thing that prevented a father's love from faltering was the fact that there was in his possession a photograph of himself at the same early age, in which he, too, looked like a homicidal fried egg. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
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#17. According to National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the following anxiety disorders exist within adults with Asperger's: 1. Panic Disorder 2. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) 3. Social Anxiety Disorder / Social Phobia 4. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) - Author: Leslie Burby
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#18. It is the business of cavalry to follow up the victory, and to prevent the beaten army from rallying. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
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#19. People with anxiety disorders such as OCD know that nothing can be more paralyzing than having too many options. Go to a store to buy a sweater, find four that you like and the odds are pretty good you'll stare and stare ... and buy nothing at all. - Author: Jeffrey Kluger
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#20. Nobody wins the superbowl, I win the superbowl. I am the superbowl. - Author: Thom Yorke
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#21. My compulsive thoughts aren't even thoughts, they're absolute certainties and obeying them isn't a choice. - Author: Paul Rudnick
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#22. Canada? Why would I want to leave America just to visit America, Jr.? - Author: Homer
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#23. Most of the manufacturers they tend to design things to sell they are more interested in the money side than anything else. - Author: Massimo Vignelli
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