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Top 16 Quotes About Nurses Day

#1. Sometimes it takes watching someone else observe how you live to realize exactly how you live. - Author: Jasmine Warga
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#2. Life seems so vulgar, so easily content with the commonplace things of every day, and yet it always nurses and cherishes certain higher claims in secret, and looks about for the means of satisfying them. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#3. It dawns on me that maybe I'm just terrifically lazy; that I might be appropriating other people's invisible sicknesses and disorders and scribbling them on the clipboard at the end of my bed to fool the nurses; so I can indulge in rest cures all day, every day. That I'm even fooling myself. - Author: Jalina Mhyana
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#4. A hobby is an activity done at one's leisure - an occupation is done at another's. Since nurses are called upon at all times of the day, it is by nature an occupation, and a highly innapropriate one at that for two respectable girls - Author: Kelly Zekas
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#5. After doing comedy for a while and knowing how hard it is to do physical comedy right, I learned how incredibly talented the Three Stooges really were after re-watching old episodes. They still stand up! - Author: Carly Craig
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#6. Virtue, once bragged about, once you pride yourself upon it, ceases to be such. - Author: Ameen Rihani
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#7. Dedicated to any of you who might just need a little reminder that you are awesome just the way you are!!! - Author: Jay Crownover
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#8. The problem with women was that they were always planning some future that involved you and that you were not aware of, as if you'd signed up for a credit card without knowing it. - Author: Jean Thompson
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#9. I talk to nurses and programmers, salespeople and firefighters - people who bust their tails every day. Not one of them - not one - stashes their money in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. - Author: Elizabeth Warren
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#10. Do this all day long: run through a mental checklist that changes unpredictably. Of course I have things written down, but nurses spend the shift recalibrating the tasks we have and their urgency. - Author: Theresa Brown
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#11. I spent a day in a neck brace on a hospital trolley after falling from a horse and cart in Ireland. All the nurses thought I was a traveler, which made me laugh. Who else comes into a hospital saying they've fallen off a horse and cart? - Author: Jasmine Guinness
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#12. The nurses' job is emotional and distressing. Their day-to-day work is dealing with people withering and falling to pieces. So black humour is essential for them cope with that. It's just a consequence of their environment. - Author: Peter Capaldi
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#13. The worst is waking up in a hospital. Your parents are there, crying. Or your mother is yelling at the doctors and nurses. You come back wrecked. You ruin everyone's day. It won't happen again. I promise. - Author: Julie Anne Peters
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#14. The people who are on the front lines every day in hospitals, nurses, the people who are running clinics, the people who are taking care of your children, those are the people who are the lovers of the world, are the good of the world. - Author: Eve Ensler
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#15. The doctors and nurses at the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital are saving lives every day and helping improve health care in the DRC which has been ravaged by more than a decade of war and disease. - Author: Dikembe Mutombo
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#16. Work hard and party harder... - Author: Aman
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