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Top 30 Quotes About Not Being Focused

#1. It's time we admitted that there's more to life than money, and it's time we focused not just on GDP, but on GWB - general well-being - Author: David Cameron
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#2. Life is not enjoyed by being busy over everything in general, but being passionate about one thing in particular. Always focus on that one thing; dream it and live it! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#3. The last show we played, I was straight as a die. It did feel weird not to be hiding behind alcohol or dope, but being focused was ... good. - Author: Ron Wood
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#4. I'm not exactly an Einstein, so I compensate by being more focused. - Author: Peter Munk
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#5. It's very important that you focus on winning games and being consistent down the stretch. I think that's what we're focused on. All of the other stuff about who wins and who loses and how many wins do we need, if we're focusing on that, then that's not good. - Author: Mike Singletary
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#6. People accuse me of being arrogant all the time.I'm not arrogant , i'm focused - Author: Russell Crowe
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#7. Being busy is not the same as being focused. Being focused means being here. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
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#8. Part of being creative is not being super-duper focused. - Author: Joshua Foer
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#9. I make time to exercise. It's not being indulgent. I think it's got a lot to do with your ability to manage properly and stay focused. There's no doubt about that. - Author: Ginni Rometty
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#10. My life is parallel to a horse race. They have blinders on to keep them from being distracted in the race and keep them focused on winning the race. That's kind of like my life. Focus on the goal, not the things coming at me from the side. - Author: Reggie Bush
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#11. I was just so focused on being healthy for my baby during pregnancy, and afterward I was not in a rush to lose the weight. I really wanted to be as healthy as I could. It wasn't about getting my six-pack back. There are more important things in life than a six-pack, I realized. - Author: Marisa Miller
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#12. My government, you can be assured, will be less focused on personalities. It is about treating people with respect. I think complaining about the community not being able to see the wisdom of our ideas is the wrong approach. - Author: Jay Weatherill
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#13. Even when the attention focused on me is positive, I am uncomfortable being looked at by a lot of people - it's just not my natural state of being. - Author: Susan Cain
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#14. I'm not overly focused on being loved by everybody. - Author: Bethenny Frankel
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#15. Anger and bitterness are two noticeable signs of being focused on self and not trusting God's sovereignty in your life. When you believe that God causes all things to work together for good to those who belong to Him and love Him, you can respond to trials with joy instead of anger or bitterness. - Author: John C. Broger
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#16. I have always been focused on my job. No profession allows you the luxury of being half-focused. If you're not into it, you're not there. And the film industry is all the more harsh in these cases, perhaps because it's a business of the limelight. - Author: Deepika Padukone
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#17. I've had mostly book parties, where I get very focused on inviting everyone and not forgetting anyone, although of course one always does, and being worried no one will show up, but mostly the book comes from going to parties and feeling very, for lack of a better word, anxious. - Author: Bruce Eric Kaplan
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#18. She was not unattractive until she focused her eyes on a human being, when their unblinking coldness gave the effect of the stare of an adder. - Author: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
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#19. Living the focused life is not about trying to feel happy all the time ... rather, it's about treating your mind as you would a private garden and being as careful as possible about what you introduce and allow to grow there. - Author: Winifred Gallagher
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#20. Looking for the positive does not necessarily mean overlooking faults. being a positive thinker does not mean one has to agree or accept everything. It only means that a person is solution-focused. - Author: Shiv Khera
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#21. Time isn't precious at all, because it is an illusion. What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is out of time: the Now. That is precious indeed. The more you are focused on time - past and future - the more you miss the Now, the most precious thing there is. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#22. In addition to being in constant communion with God, we are to spend regular periods of time in focused, one-on-one interaction with our Creator. And what a privilege! To have access to the throne room of heaven anytime we choose is a divine benefit we should not ignore. - Author: Bob Lepine
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#23. If the sad truth be known, writers, being the misfits we are, probably ought not to belong to families in the first place. We simply are too self-interested, though we may excuse the flaw by calling it 'focused.' - Author: Roger Rosenblatt
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#24. You should not give your heart to someone who hasn't asked for it. You never know who may fall in love with you, or who you may come to love, if you are sensible and stop being so focused on one man. - Author: Melanie Dickerson
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#25. I bought my first camera to photograph my brother's children. I learned a lot from that experience. The value of innocence and of not being focused on yourself, and I have to say that these things have remained with me to this day. I can immediately feel when someone is putting on a camera face. - Author: Peter Lindbergh
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#26. Being it is much different than doing it. If you find yourself unhappy with what you are doing, it might just be because you've been too focused on being, and not focused enough on doing. Time to change that. - Author: Nick O'Kelly
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#27. Being is not passive; it takes focused awareness. - Author: Maureen Murdock
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#28. I always focused on being an actor. I did stand-up briefly, but I also did a lot of dramatic work. But since I've been on 'The Daily Show,' people think I'm a comedian. That's not how I see myself. - Author: Aasif Mandvi
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#29. At times, don't be forced to play nice with others, especially when their version of playing nice favours them, and is focused on them. Playing nice means working together for a shared result. I'm not sorry for not being able to play nice with everyone, sometimes I only play nice with the best. - Author: Tony Curl
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#30. The climate of today is not really focused as much as it was then on being able to speak about different cultural issues or different situations that were going on politically. - Author: Alicia Keys
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