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Top 100 Quotes About No Self Worth

#1. My mother was a very hard-working maid, and their stories are worth telling. - Author: Judy Reyes
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#2. You are so ridiculous," said the lion. "Thinking that your thinking is worth thinking about. - Author: John Joseph Adams
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#3. Most inherent beauties are hidden, as are precious stones in the rocks - Author: Soke Behzad Ahmadi
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#4. What you do with your life is ascribing more to what you invest your time in. If you spend a lot of time on your phone, you're ascribing more worship to that. Anything can become, by that definition, some form of idol or deity or ultimate worth in your life. - Author: Jon Foreman
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#5. I learnt an enormous amount, but there came a point where I found there was too much stress. It was no fun any more. Outside of the chessboard I avoid conflict, so I thought this wasn't worth it. - Author: Magnus Carlsen
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#6. I hope that one day I will gain power somehow, and somehow convince myself that there is still hope and go back and fight, people who's trying to make that place worth living for both Jews and Palestinians. - Author: Sayed Kashua
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#7. This isn't a religious book though I mention God, not a medical advisory though I speak of pain. It's a circus, a mortuary, a grade school, a limousine ride. Will it be worth the paper it's printed on or the screen you hold in your hand? I just hope you remember it next week. - Author: Chila Woychik
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#8. I wasn't sure if all the bright days I'd had with Dimitri were worth the hurt I felt now. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#9. All these people I interview are worth ten times what I'm worth. - Author: Graham Norton
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#10. Marriage ain't easy but nothing that's worth much ever is. - Author: Lillian Gordy Carter
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#11. Yes, I've worked hard; and yes, I may have achieved a certain level of success-but I'm very clear about the fact that none of it would be worth it without doing the things that keep me close to God. - Author: David Archuleta
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#12. I have an ambition to write a great book, but that's really a competition with myself. I've noticed that a lot of young writers, people in all media, want to be famous but they don't really want to do anything. I can't think of anything less worth striving for than fame. - Author: Zadie Smith
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#13. Federal Officer: "The arms piled on the ground were not worth 10 cents a ton. - Author: Clint Johnson
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#14. In a speech, the columnist Charles Krauthammer ... offered a new version of Socrates' famous saying, "The unexamined life is not worth living." In our age of bottomless self-love and obsession with our own feelings, Krauthammer suggested, "The too-examined life is not worth living either. - Author: John Leo
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#15. Time is money, as they say, and it was never more apropos than on a television show, where a minute is worth about $200! - Author: Dirk Benedict
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#16. My dear, dear girl [ ... ] we can't turn back the days that have gone. We can't turn life back to the hours when our lungs were sound, our blood hot, our bodies young. We are a flash of fire
a brain, a heart, a spirit. And we are three-cents-worth of lime and iron
which we cannot get back. - Author: Thomas Wolfe
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#17. When people see the Cubevision logo, they should know it's something good, something worth checking out. - Author: Ice Cube
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#18. No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth. - Author: Robert Southey
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#19. The compulsion to do, and the tendency to derive your sense of self-worth and identity from external factors such as achievement, is an inevitable illusion as long as you are identified with the mind. This makes it hard or impossible for you to accept the low cycles and allow them to be. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#20. You agree - I'm sure you agree that beauty is the only thing worth living for. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#21. This is bad," said Jace. "You said that before." "It seemed worth repeating." "Well, it wasn't. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#22. Because the reward is worth the risk. - Author: Susan Mallery
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#23. The Irish tell the story of a man who arrives at the gates of heaven and asks to be let in St. Peter says, "Of course, just show us your scars." The man says, "I have no scars". St. Peter says, "What a pity was there nothing worth fighting for"? - Author: Martin Sheen
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#24. I don't care anymore. Even if she never speaks to me again because of the press, she's worth it. She makes me a person, not just a wish granter. - Author: Jackson Pearce
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#25. I didn't take well to pitying yourself. It weren't worth the effort or time and it pissed people off. - Author: Beth Lewis
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#26. If anything is worth trying at all, it's worth trying at least 10 times. - Author: Art Linkletter
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#27. Public education is a good foundation on which to build a better life for each of us. And if we want to prove to these children who never made the mess in the first place that education is worth the trouble, our schools have to inspire them so they can do what they ought to do. - Author: Bill Cosby
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#28. Whatever happens after this, I just want you to know that this was worth it. You were worth it. You were worth everything. - Author: Sierra Simone
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#29. To call a fashion wearable is the kiss of death. No new fashion worth its salt is ever wearable. - Author: Eugenia Sheppard
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#30. Every one of a hundred thousand cities around the world had its own special sunset and it was worth going there, just once, if only to see the sun go down. - Author: Ryu Murakami
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#31. There is no other company in the world I've found more pleasurable than my own. For no one else has ever been as accepting of me or as thoroughly entertained by my quirkiness. It is a sweet thing to like yourself. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#32. I hope that, in a small way, I am interesting people in animal life and in its conservation. If I accomplish this I will consider that I have achieved something worth while. And if I can, later on, help even slightly towards preventing an animal from becoming extinct, I will be content. - Author: Gerald Durrell
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#33. A handful of patience is worth a bushel of brains - Author: Hobart Brown
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#34. In a nation that has developed to a high art advertising, the creator who refuses to advertise himself is immediately suspected of having no product worth selling. - Author: Gore Vidal
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#35. Nothing worth knowing can be understood with the mind. - Author: Woody Allen
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#36. I don't think there's any topic a writer should feel afraid of tackling just because it has already been discussed. If you feel you have a fresh perspective and an understanding of a certain emotional truth, it's always worth writing. - Author: Jami Attenberg
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#37. The ancient Egyptians believed the god Anubis met each of us on the other side, and that he stood before a great scale on which our hearts were set. There each was weighed, tested, for its worth.
Was this the heart I wanted measured? - Author: Victor LaValle
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#38. There will be a solidity to their faith which is very dangerous to our designs and difficult to dissolve. There is a luminosity to it. Just one Christian of that type can dispel years worth of diabolical delusion. - Author: Geoffrey Wood
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#39. I'm just excited that the fans are going to get their money's worth, and you can't say that a lot of the times. - Author: Andre Ward
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#40. I watched as she, with a half-life-worth of anger and resolve, flickered into this dark night and tried with all her might to get back what was taken from her. - Author: Mo Daviau
Quotes About No Self Worth #16922
#41. If your knowledge teaches you not to rise above human weakness and misery and lead your fellow man on the right path, you are indeed a man of little worth and will remain such till Judgment Day. - Author: Khalil Gibran
Quotes About No Self Worth #16917
#42. One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name - Author: Walter Scott
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#43. The vocation, whether it be that of the farmer or the architect, is a function; the exercise of this function as regards the man himself is the most indispensable means of spiritual development, and as regards his relation to society the measure of his worth. - Author: Ananda Coomaraswamy
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#44. You will never attain and maintain more than you think you deserve. - Author: Rob Liano
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#45. Sign your work ... If you're not proud of it, don't ship it. If you are, sign your work and own the results. We'll know who to thank. If you work for a place where work goes unsigned (internally, in particular) it's worth asking why. - Author: Seth Godin
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#46. A successful person isn't necessarily better than her less successful peers at solving problems; her pattern-recognition facilities have just learned what problems are worth solving. - Author: Ray Kurzweil
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#47. The book is worth reading, in part because it is enjoyable to read of
other people's folly, not to mention their avarice and stupidity."
Roger Lowenstein, reviewing "Devil Take the Hindmost: a History
of Financial Speculation", WSJ 6-1-99 - Author: Roger Lowenstein
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#48. You prove your worth with your actions, not with your mouth. - Author: Jean Paul
Quotes About No Self Worth #15728
#49. That's all small talk is - a quick way to connect on a human level - which is why it is by no means as irrelevant as the people who are bad at it insist. In short, it's worth making the effort. - Author: Lynn Coady
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#50. I'd seen too many shrines in South Central and thought it was worth asking where the first bullet came from that started all this violence. - Author: Antoine Fuqua
Quotes About No Self Worth #15503
#51. You want to be loved? Love yourself first and passionately. Forgive yourself readily. Care for every part of you. Only when you love yourself do you have love to give to others. - Author: Toni Sorenson
Quotes About No Self Worth #2537
#52. You want the vote so badly that you think it worth while to become hysterical over it.' 'There is not much hysteria in the movement, only hysteria is the thing that strikes a hysterical press as most worthy of note. - Author: Stella Benson
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#53. Microsoft has gotten so big that it can put out a Preview that will install itself without checking first to see if it has expired. The message here is that Microsoft's time is worth more than yours ... no start-up company could get away with being that arrogant. - Author: Jerry Pournelle
Quotes About No Self Worth #6157
#54. The bigger the 'flat' [apartment], the harder one has to work. If the 'flat' is worth six hundred thousand, then he has to work six times as hard. If it is three hundred thousand, he has to work three times over. One simply has to keep on working hard, doesn't he? - Author: Dada Bhagwan
Quotes About No Self Worth #5652
#55. You know, Roland and I were just talking about how we don't have any pyromaniac friends. And everyone knows you need a good pyro to pull off any reform school prank worth the effort. - Author: Lauren Kate
Quotes About No Self Worth #5595
#56. We all grieve in our own ways," Avasarala said. "For what it's worth, you'll never kill enough people to keep your platoon from dying. No more than I can save enough people that one of them will be Charanpal. - Author: James S.A. Corey
Quotes About No Self Worth #4725
#57. What was wonderful was that even within the drunkenness of two a.m., each of you somehow recognized the more permanent worth and pleasure of the other. You may have arrived with others, will perhaps cohabit this night with others, but both of you have found your fates. - Author: Michael Ondaatje
Quotes About No Self Worth #4638
#58. From the moment I start a new novel, life's just one endless torture. The first few chapters may go fairly well and I may feel there's still a chance to prove my worth, but that feeling soon disappears and every day I feel less and less satisfied. - Author: Emile Zola
Quotes About No Self Worth #4290
#59. The sympathy which is reverent with what it cannot understand is worth its weight in gold. 69 L - Author: Oswald Chambers
Quotes About No Self Worth #3682
#60. The truth is that I've got all my net worth safely in Berkshire and I will never sell a share so there is no one more concerned about what happens after my death than I am. - Author: Warren Buffett
Quotes About No Self Worth #3673
#61. At its core, every battle worth fighting is a spiritual battle. Those men were able to succeed only because they humbled themselves and entrusted the battle to God. But - Author: Eric Metaxas
Quotes About No Self Worth #3043
#62. We don't take on Google Glass or the self-driving car project or Project Loon unless we think that on a risk-adjusted basis, it's worth Google's money to do it. - Author: Astro Teller
Quotes About No Self Worth #2573
#63. It is not enough to know your craft - you have to have feeling. Science is all very well, but for us imagination is worth far more. - Author: Edouard Manet
Quotes About No Self Worth #2564
#64. If it's something you can't say in front of your parents then it's probably worth saying. - Author: Max Redford
Quotes About No Self Worth #6464
#65. Not all things worth counting are countable and not all things that count are worth counting. - Author: Albert Einstein
Quotes About No Self Worth #2425
#66. Say something worth the words. - Author: Tracy Chevalier
Quotes About No Self Worth #2382
#67. No Executive can value the worth of others unless he first learns to value himself - Author: John M. Capozzi
Quotes About No Self Worth #2171
#68. True, we might never have arrived, but the fact is we did. If only people thought a little more about it, they would see that life is not worth worrying about so much. - Author: Mikhail Lermontov
Quotes About No Self Worth #1932
#69. Learn to recognize true wealth. Money itself will not make you financially free. That comes as a result of only that powerful state of mind which tells us that we are worth far more than our money. - Author: Suze Orman
Quotes About No Self Worth #1787
#70. We measure the success of schools not by the kinds of human beings they promote but by whatever increases in reading scores they chalk up. We have allowed quantitative standards, so central to the adult economic system, to become the principal yardstick for our definition of our children's worth. - Author: Kenneth Keniston
Quotes About No Self Worth #1589
#71. If it is worth doing, it is worth overdoing. - Author: Steven Tyler
Quotes About No Self Worth #1383
#72. I only shoot on film. I like the quality, the grain and the imperfections. It offers me something much more rewarding than any digital camera can give me. I believe the extra expense is worth it. - Author: Guy Berryman
Quotes About No Self Worth #1243
#73. What I think museums do very well is that they say to a public, "We have some stuff that's worth looking at." - Author: Theaster Gates
Quotes About No Self Worth #1028
#74. A living fool is worth less than a dead hero. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Quotes About No Self Worth #842
#75. The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for. - Author: Will Rogers
Quotes About No Self Worth #768
#76. Only the impossible is worth attempting. In everything else one is sure to fail. - Author: Celia Green
Quotes About No Self Worth #8174
#77. One of the hardest things was learning that I was worth recovery - Author: Demi Lovato
Quotes About No Self Worth #10150
#78. One book, printed in the Heart's own wax / Is worth a thousand in the stack's - Author: Jan Luyken
Quotes About No Self Worth #10106
#79. Waiting to live life is not worth it. Waiting for someone to figure out how to live with you is not worth waiting for. When you start living your own life, life brings you someone worth being with ... - Author: Sadiqua Hamdan
Quotes About No Self Worth #10016
#80. Yes, I'm often reminded of her, and in one of my array of pockets, I have kept her story to retell. It is one of the small legion I carry, each one extraordinary in its own right. Each one an attempt - an immense leap of an attempt - to prove to me that you, and your human existence, are worth it. - Author: Markus Zusak
Quotes About No Self Worth #9823
#81. Our home, our special country, is for all of us the place where we find liberation; a very difficult word ... that tries to describe something that can't be described but is the only thing worth having. - Author: Elizabeth Goudge
Quotes About No Self Worth #9776
#82. Art serves us best precisely at that point where it can shift our sense of what is possible, when we know more than we knew before, when we feel we have - by some manner of a leap - encountered the truth. That, by the logic of art, is always worth the pain. - Author: T. S. Eliot
Quotes About No Self Worth #9546
#83. There is no such thing as a boring person: everyone has stories and insights worth sharing. While on the road, we let our phones or laptops take up our attention. By doing that, we might miss out on the chance to learn and absorb ideas and inspiration from an unexpected source: our fellow travelers. - Author: Richard Branson
Quotes About No Self Worth #9402
#84. When we view ourselves through the lens of God's Word, we better understand God's love for us and the worth we have in His eyes. - Author: Elizabeth George
Quotes About No Self Worth #9368
#85. Will searching for distant messages work? Is there intelligent life out there? The SETI effort is worth continuing, but our common-sense beacons approach seems more likely to answer those questions. - Author: Gregory Benford
Quotes About No Self Worth #8947
#86. Arthur was not one of those interesting characters whose subtle motives can be dissected. He was only a simple and affectionate man, because Merlyn had believed that love and simplicity were worth having. - Author: T.H. White
Quotes About No Self Worth #8814
#87. When you win a race your on top that day, so take it for what its worth, have a good time and party, cause the next day when you get out of bed, the meter goes back to zero again. - Author: Bobby Allison
Quotes About No Self Worth #8781
#88. Focus on quality of life, and enjoy a life worth living. Researchers have said that only 4% of people enjoy both their work and their personal life. - Author: Gary Lockwood
Quotes About No Self Worth #8386
#89. The absolute value of love makes life worth while, and so makes Man's strange and difficult situation acceptable. Love cannot save life from death; but it can fulfill life's purpose. - Author: Arnold J. Toynbee
Quotes About No Self Worth #264
#90. Anything worth having is worth busting your ass for. - Author: Tabatha Coffey
Quotes About No Self Worth #8065
#91. There's one thing I want you to do for me."
"Anything." He pleaded.
"When you're all alone, sitting in the silence behind bars, separated from your freedom. Ask yourself. Was it worth it?" She closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. - Author: Michelle Umland
Quotes About No Self Worth #8041
#92. I can be patient, Vivienne, and I believe you're worth waiting for. - Author: Samantha Chase
Quotes About No Self Worth #8020
#93. A kind heart: $0.00
A Smile $0.00
Laughing with friends $0.00
Time alone $0.00

The benefit to those around you: Worth A Fortune - Author: Steven Aitchison
Quotes About No Self Worth #8003
#94. You were worth it. - Author: J.M. Darhower
Quotes About No Self Worth #7730
#95. So nobody got time for people who aren't worth your time. - Author: Fiona Chazhoor
Quotes About No Self Worth #7531
#96. She has been trying to pull her worth from him for so long. She has been trying to extract her beauty from his skin. She has been dying to be loved by him again ... but he will always leave her empty - Author: Coco J. Ginger
Quotes About No Self Worth #7450
#97. William Faulkner said, "The only story worth telling is that of the human mind in conflict with itself". - Author: Miles Skedsvold
Quotes About No Self Worth #7366
#98. I write - and read - for the sake of the story ... My basic test for any story is: 'Would I want to meet these characters and observe these events in real life? Is this story an experience worth living through for its own sake? Is the pleasure of contemplating these characters an end itself? - Author: Ayn Rand
Quotes About No Self Worth #7175
#99. Australian Aborigines say that the big stories - the stories worth telling and retelling, the ones in which you may find the meaning of your life - are forever stalking the right teller, sniffing and tracking like predators hunting their prey in the bush. - Author: Robert Moss
Quotes About No Self Worth #6982
#100. Is anything worth it? - Author: Mary Boykin Chesnut
Quotes About No Self Worth #6468

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