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Top 45 Quotes About My Cute Face

#1. I like a fresh face. I like clean skin. Fresh skin, cute color on the lip, cat eye, mascara, and I'm good to go! - Author: Becky G
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#2. Aline: "He's cute, for a Downworlder"
Sebastian: "You'll have to forgive her; she has the face of an angel and the manners of a Moloch demon - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#3. Ethan gave me an admiring look that wasn't about sex, but about that guy moment when they realize you are not just another pretty face, but maybe, just maybe you can be cute, petite, and one of the guys all at the same time. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#4. I'm not your new pet, you know! I'm more than just another cute furry face! - Author: Natasha Brown
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#5. She got icing all over her face. I think that's why I like her. For the good stuff, she's willing to get icing all over her face. Who wouldn't want a girl like that? - Author: Laura Ruby
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#6. Day leans in toward me. He reaches up to touch my face. I can tell it still hurts him to use his fingers, and his nails are dark with dried blood. "You're brilliant," he says. "But you're a fool to stay wish someone like me."
I close my eyes at the touch of his hand. "Then we're both fools. - Author: Marie Lu
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#7. He lifted a hand to her face, running a fingertip across her cheekbone and down to her mouth. It lingered for a moment before he dropped his hand to his side. I'll be here. - Author: Amanda Gray
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#8. I don't mean like balls-in-your-face or gifts of pornography and butt plugs romantic, just cute, over-the-pants, PG-13 movie stuff. - Author: Frances Winkler
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#9. You know, I was not an attractive child - I never had a cute face. - Author: Megyn Kelly
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#10. In spite of her cute little angelic face and pink sneakers, Brianna is actually a baby Tyrannosaurus rex. On STEROIDS! - Author: Rachel Renee Russell
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#11. center of her face. "Cute nose." He gently brushed her - Author: Sara King
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#12. Jason had to bury his face against her shoulder to keep from laughing out loud. She was just so damn cute. "Stop laughing at me! I'm a threat, damn it!"
Jason pressed a gentle kiss to her lips. "No, you're my sweet little grasshopper. - Author: R.L. Mathewson
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#13. Also, he was kind of cute. Not really, of course, since he was the enemy, and the enemy cannot possibly be cute. He was only cute enough to make me wish I could free my hands so that I could fix my hair. I mean, fix my hair, then punch him in the face, and then run. - Author: Leila Sales
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#14. You think I'm cute?" He said thinkly, pulling on her hand.
She was glad he couldn't see her face. "I think you're ... "
Beautiful. Breathtaking. Like the person in a Greek myth who makes one of the gods stop caring about being a god. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#15. Little cute thing said, what's yo' name? I put my necklace in her face and told her read the chain. - Author: Ludacris
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#16. He's kind of cute,' Charly said. She was still sideways on the couch, face-planted in throw pillows. 'You should go for him. He has that same serious, never-say-what-I'm-thinking thing as you. You guys would be perfect together. You could just sit around being broody together. - Author: Jessica Martinez
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#17. The look she gives me is priceless - shock mixed with pure pleasure. I make a note to put that look on her face as often as possible. - Author: Deanna Chase
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#18. So many details came into focus. The shape of his lips, the line of his neck. "I'm not dangerous," I breathed.
He brought his face toward mine. "You are to me."
And somehow, against all reason, we were kissing. I closed my eyes, and the world around me faded. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#19. Life is impermanent and in the face of that impermanence, cavort! Look death in the eye, tell him you're as cute as a button, flash a little deviant guile his way, and tell him to go feast on somebody's else's sweet flesh. - Author: Nancy Milford
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#20. His smiles were hard won, but when they came, they were well worth it. They lit up his face like summer sunshine. The rest of the time, and far more frequently, he seemed lost in winter. And when he laughed, he was a different person. - Author: Danielle Steel
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#21. What's wrong, little sis? You look upset."
She could barely catch her breath. "Cracked ... my ... nail polish slapping your ... worthless face. See?" She showed him her finger - just one of them.
"Cute" He snorted. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#22. I know you so well, dragon king, you only get that particular look on your face when you're burning to give me one of your lectures."
"Do I give you lectures ?"
"Oh, I don't mind. I think you're kind of cute when you do, and I don't really listen anyway. - Author: Christine Feehan
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#23. I remember the first time I saw the 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' video. I will never forget that day. I just wanted to see Kurt Cobain's face. I had a feeling he was very cute. But, I couldn't see his face. When I finally did see him, he was even cuter than I imagined! - Author: Shakira
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#24. I told Quynn that I'm in love with you."
Her face gets real red. That damn cute red that drives me crazy. "Um, why would you do that?"
I shake my head, smiling at her. "Cause its the truth, you dork. - Author: Becca Ann
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#25. sometimes strengers put a cute smile on our face - Author: Amit Kumar
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#26. So you're her brother?" says Lynn. "I guess we know who got the good genes."
I laugh at the expression on Caleb's face, his mouth drawn into a slight pucker and his eyes wide. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#27. Beauty isn't just a pretty face, a beautiful body or even a cute voice. Beauty arises from your mind, your soul, and most important your personality. But most people don't seem to notice. - Author: Emily Gabriela Vira
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#28. You have to see your own face one day. A long time ago it unnerved me, but now it's kind of cute. - Author: Karen Swart
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#29. I say that I'm not into you like that, Camryn, because..," he pauses, searching my face, looking at my lips for a moment as if deciding whether or not he should kiss them again, " ... because you're not the girl I could only sleep with once. - Author: J.A. Redmerski
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#30. You're amazing," she whispered hoarsely.
He pushed back the hair from her face. "You too."
"How? All I do is let you play me like a piano."
He chuckled. "You've got a great keyboard. - Author: Ashlyn Chase
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#31. I had a dog I raised for many years. He was a Pekingese with big eyes and a flat face, very cute. - Author: Stephen Chow
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#32. Her face dares me to ask her more, but I've reached my quota of daring things (1 = following cute girl, 2 = yelling at ex-boyfriend of cute girl, 3 = saving life of cute girl, 4 = asking out cute girl) for the day. - Author: Nicola Yoon
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#33. "Whatever," she said, rolling her eyes. "What do you need?"
I loved how her face glowed. She stood up on her tiptoes and gave me a quick peck on the lips. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#34. Sasha? What is it?" My face slipped off my palm and jerked my shoulders toward the table. Blinking away the daydream, I tore my eyes away from the balmy day peeking out of the window. My boyfriend, Jared, stared at me out of a cute, boyish face, his eyebrows quirked quizzically. - Author: K.F. Breene
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#35. If you would have watched her from the roof, you would have seen a broad grin over her face. - Author: Devanshi Gupta
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#36. Ben ambles over, a smirky grin on his face. I glare at him. "You set me up," I accuse as he squeezes in next to me. He cocks his head to the side innocently. "I have no idea what you're talking about. Hey, you look cute in that shade, Juliet. Humiliation red, is it? - Author: Nicole Christie
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#37. Oh, precious losing streak,
you're too cute for your own good.
I try to laugh about it
but my face is made of wood. - Author: Casey Renee Kiser
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#38. Her face reddened. "Sorry, i, um, assumed that, you know, that since you said i was yours, that we would kind of, i guess ... "
Damn, she was cute when she stammered. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#39. When abused children under court protection were studied in California and Massachusetts, it turned out that a disproportionate number of them were unattractive ... abused kids had head and face proportions that made them look less infantile and cute. - Author: Nancy Etcoff
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#40. There's something weird about that guy, she whispers as she slips into the car, bringing an unexpected smile to my face.
Ah, Ariel. Some might say she has poor taste, but I cant help but be flattered.
Take that, knight in shining armor. This lady prefers the knave. - Author: Stacey Jay
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#41. It's like, are you kidding me? I'd sell way more if I just put a picture of my face. That's the fact. I'd sell more copies of me just looking cute. That's what sells more. That's what sells at Wal-Mart. Not someone in a bathtub looking like they're about to kill someone. Topless. - Author: Sky Ferreira
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#42. Most women beg me to lick them, and I give it to you for free and you push me away," he said with a fake pout on his face.
"You're crazy." I giggled
"I'm the good kind of crazy, though. - Author: Abbi Glines
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#43. I started to duck under the spears, only to have the two vamps on the other wall suddenly appear in my face. Or, at least, their crotches did. Another day, I would have made a cute remark about heat and leather jock straps, but I wasn't feeling real cute right now. - Author: Karen Chance
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#44. Frankly, if her face wasn't so cute, I would most certainly have been punching it. - Author: Wataru Watari
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#45. I woke up with Mac smothering my face. I don't know what it is about cats and the whole "the rest of the bed is not good enough for me, I want to be where your head is" action, but fortunately, he's cute, so I let him live. - Author: Kate Danley
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