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Top 24 Quotes About Music Rehearsal

#1. I truly thought I was going to be in pop music. And then I joined a choir to meet girls, and everything changed in the first rehearsal. - Author: Eric Whitacre
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#2. You'd go in, read the script once for timing and then you would sit around and play games. The sound effects people would come in and we would do a dress rehearsal so they could get the effects and the music cues in place. Then you would wait until you went on the air. - Author: Dick York
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#3. Pure love is an unmediated, unmitigated, and unrevealing, but everlasting source of joy for the giver and for the receiver. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#4. My belief is that the music is always stronger than the performer: there is always something new, something we learn, whether at a performance or during a rehearsal. - Author: Helene Grimaud
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#5. Unfortunately or fortunately, in order to become acquainted with the idiom of country or rock music, it is necessary to occasionally play in a bar. Bars are a rehearsal place. - Author: Garth Hudson
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#6. American Ballet Theatre's rehearsal studios are at 890 Broadway, an old building where exposed pipes clank and hiss in uneven accompaniment to piano music. The high ceilings wear a toupee of dust. The wall paint peels like a newbie ballerina's toes. - Author: Sascha Radetsky
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#7. Do you do them in that old-fashioned code,like daffodils mean I'm sorry I was late, daisies mean sorry I embarrassed you in front of your friends, these things here fanned out mean just thinking of you?Or did you just have them throw whatever was pretty together? - Author: Daniel Handler
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#8. The rough must always accompany the smooth. Without one or the other one learns nothing about oneself. - Author: Solange Nicole
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#9. The NRA hates freedom. They don't want you to have the freedom to send your children to school & expect them to come home alive. - Author: Michael Moore
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#10. The thing I like about 'Nashville,' it just happens to be about musicians, and all the music is practical, meaning it's performed at a concert or during a rehearsal. - Author: Will Chase
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#11. I've always been interested in both writing and music. When I first started getting published, I also worked as rehearsal pianist for the Boston Ballet, touring with them all over the U.S.A. and Europe - I wasn't making enough money from writing to support myself. - Author: William Sleator
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#12. A bachelor is a man who comes to work each morning from a different direction. - Author: Sholem Aleichem
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#13. We were rattled. A team like Rutgers, they play in spurts, and they didn't have a large spurt. We certainly knew we had it in us to get back in the game if we stayed focused. - Author: Dawn Staley
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#14. Johnny was great in the studio; he was there to make the music that he wanted to make. We lived right beside each other and had a rehearsal studio that was just ours, with nobody else using it, it was part of Johnny's house, so we could rehearse every day. - Author: Rick Derringer
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#15. When I was younger, I was always running into other girls involved in music. When I was about 14 or 15, one of my friend's dads was an Elvis impersonator and asked us to sing backups at a rehearsal. I did well and was hired. Did that for about two years. - Author: Brandi Carlile
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#16. Capitalism always draws from the cheap labor pool; the profit is greater when the expense is limited - Author: Michael Schwalbe
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#17. I've always had something in my heart where I root for guys who struggle with women. - Author: Kevin James
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#18. Things will come to you when the time is right and I say just go for it. If you love what you want to do, just keep on going. - Author: Bailee Madison
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#19. No one should be afraid to be themselves. - Author: Lindsey Stirling
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#20. And then we came here for three weeks of band rehearsal with [music consultant/member of the band "Sloan"] Chris Murphy. And I grew up in Toronto during Sloan's heyday, so like I was like "Oh my god!" And so that was pretty cool. - Author: Alison Pill
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#21. The narrative was too constricted; it was like a fetus strangling on its own umbilical cord. - Author: John Gregory Dunne
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#22. Patience, thought Milligan, that word was invented by dull buggers who couldn't think quick enough. - Author: Spike Milligan
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#23. Some songs started from a bass line, some started from having the full lyric and Jim, my drummer, who's also the first guy I've been in the studio with him since 16, sometimes he'd have an idea and I'd put a lyric to it and then the track evolves, there's no set way to write a song. - Author: Paolo Nutini
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#24. And plenty makes us poor. - Author: John Dryden
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