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Top 25 Quotes About Mumbai City

#1. What is most amusing and can happen only in India is that the most posh and big households that I've seen in Mumbai, the 'big city', will have their balconies and windows festooned with rows of baniyans and tauliyas hanging on them.

Kailash Kher

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#2. In this city, every deserted street corner conceals a crowd. It appears in a minute when something disrupts the way in which the world is supposed to work. It can disappear almost as instantaneously.

Jerry Pinto

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#3. It's never occurred to me that the stars are still up there shining even in the daytime when we can't see them.

Jandy Nelson

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#4. I didn't want to be a catcher. It was thrust upon me, as they say in the classics.

Mickey Cochrane

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#5. Mumbai is not a city, it's a way of life

Subhasis Das

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#6. You have to be smart to get what you want.

Bryant McGill

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#7. Follow the Lord at all times, at every passage He will be there with you, and will show you how to love your neighbour.

George Calleja

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#8. The Club Kids were about fun. Wild, messy fun - the more debauched, the better.

James St. James

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#9. Mumbai is not a city, it's life...

Subhasis Das

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#10. Having children is a lottery and you never know what you are going to draw out. Perhaps it is as well I got none.

G.B. Edwards

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#11. If there is one city apart from Mumbai where I would love to settle down, it has to be Chennai.

Ashwin Sanghi

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#12. I would never be able to spend all my life in a busy city like Mumbai.

Kangana Ranaut

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#13. Everything is a part of destiny's plan and I believe true love awaits its destiny.

Sara Naveed

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#14. I feel amazing, in my life right now, I have so much motivation. I am so hungry and so determined. I am young, I am healthy and I feel great ... 42 is the new 32.

Oscar De La Hoya

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#15. She had seen behind the obvious truth
that Mumbai was a hive of hope and ambition
to a profitable corollary. Mumbai was a place of festering grievance and ambient envy. Was there a soul in this enriching, unequal city who didn't blame his dissatisfaction on someone else?

Katherine Boo

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#16. Never follow the crowd ...
Until and unless you're crossing the road ...

Sanhita Baruah

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#17. I know now that it's the sweet, sweating smell of hope, which is opposite of hate; and it's the sour, stifled smell of greed, which is the opposite of love.

Gregory David Roberts

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#18. Terror attacks in Mumbai have grown due to increase in the population of the north Indians in the city.

Raj Thackeray

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#19. Mumbai may not be my city. But it is my kind of city.

Vikas Swarup

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#20. Mumbai is a city of stark contrasts - providing opportunities to millionaires to pursue their riches and millions of poor to pursue livelihood. For many, Mumbai is a city where their dreams begin; for many others, it marks and end of a dream.

Duvvuri Subbarao

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#21. There is also the fact that, unlike China, India is a democracy. Thus, Mumbai's robust activism functions as a brake on the drive to impose from above the fantasy of a global city.

Gyan Prakash

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#22. Filming in India was one big adventure. For 'The Cheetah Girls', we were in Mumbai for two weeks, then Rajasthan for six weeks. Every day after shooting, I would hop into a rickshaw and start exploring the city. I even learned a bit of Hindi. It's such an amazing place to visit.

Michael Steger

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#23. Money he didn't have, but fuck it, that was the easiest kind to spend - and

Joe Hill

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#24. Above all, Danny Boyle's 'Slumdog Millionaire' is the work of an artist at the peak of his powers. India is his palette, and Mumbai - that teeming 'maximum city', with 19 million strivers on the make, jostling, scheming, struggling and killing for success - is his brush.

Shashi Tharoor

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#25. We are seeing a changed Mumbai, but having showcased Dharavi in 'Slum Dog Millionaire' brought shame and disgrace to our city. Whenever the firangs visit Mumbai, they must visit Dharavi; it has become a sightseeing spot. However, I feel saddened about it.

Rohit Shetty

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