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#1. Life is measured in love and positive contributions and moments of grace. - Author: Carly Fiorina
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#2. Not many are the moments in life, where the easiest choice also happens to be the best one.
Cherish and remember those moments, but do not let them become a habit, for the fruits that hard work reaps are irreplaceable. - Author: Rosen Topuzov
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#3. A change in those moments, some switch turned off forever, the end of trust or safety or love, and how do we ever find the switch again? - Author: David Vann
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#4. Moments like these are fleeting, and we have to grab onto them while we can. From the instant I saw you, I wanted to give you my heart. But today I'll settle for giving you a flower. - Author: Chloe Asher
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#5. I love being in scenes where I get to be part of a Maggie Smith put-down. A Dowager Countess put-down is always a special moment. Especially if you're working on set and she managed to do one off set at you. - Author: Allen Leech
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#6. So often the most meaningful moments in our lives are those that we share with our families. Treasured memories are created by celebrating, sharing and embracing the moments of life with the people we love. - Author: Sandra Magsamen
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#7. Time is precious and should be spent doing things that make you happy, not brushing those very moments aside. That's when you really die, and I plan on living. - Author: Katelin LaMontagne
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#8. Stewart loves me with a tiger's intensity, his need taking my breath away, his confidence in our relationship strong enough to not be bothered by the presence of another man. He stares into my soul as if he owns it, and shows his love with money, sex, and rare moments of time. - Author: Alessandra Torre
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#9. Eternity is not just looking to the future and our place with God in Heaven, but it is looking at our Eternity as if it were only moments away. - Author: Beth Nimmo
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#10. I like you but you mightn't feel the same way about me, and I wouldn't blame you. To save us both from any awkward moments I've figured out an easy way to do this. Nod if you're even slightly interested in getting to know me. Write a ten page explanation if you're not. - Author: Bill Condon
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#11. Much healing can occur through the sexual act with a person you love and trust if the two of you can stay with each other during your most vulnerable moments. You enter into a sacred space, this unknown territory, from which you'll emerge into new and unexpected states of being. - Author: Alexandra Katehakis
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#12. Fashion and music have always played off each other and certainly do for me; I love both so much. But there are definitely those moments when you're playing the right song at the right time in the right place, and it feels like the best job in the world. - Author: Harley Viera-Newton
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#13. It was no wonder my love life was so messed up when the most profound and intimate moments were always being interrupted by dire situations - Author: Richelle Mead
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#14. I could have.What does this phrase mean? At any given moment in our lives, there are certain things that could have heppened but, didn't. The magic moments go unrecognized, and then suddenly, the hand of destiny changes everything. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#15. When I was a child I experienced moments of not wanting to see the ugliness, not wanting to see not being wanted. This lack of love went into my eyes and into my mind. - Author: John Lennon
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#16. What I love about Popsicle and the moments I can be with Camden is that their whole philosophy is family and these moments that it can create to just sit with my son, read a comic book or go outside on a hot day, take a swim and have a Popsicle treat with him. - Author: Vanessa Lachey
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#17. The criteria for success: you are free, you live in the present moment, you are useful to the people around you, and you feel love for all humanity. - Author: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
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#18. Lover of love. I adore love letters, and professions of love, and true, heartfelt moments when two people know they're meant for each other. - Author: Lauren Blakely
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#19. Space and silence weigh equally upon the heart. A sudden love, a great work, a decisive act, a thought which transfigures, all these at certain moments bring the same unbearable anxiety, linked with an irresistible charm. - Author: Albert Camus
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#20. The most treasured and sacred moments of our lives are those filled with the spirit of love. The greater the measure of our love, the greater is our joy. In the end, the development of such love is the true measure of success in life. - Author: Joseph B. Wirthlin
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#21. When I think of what life is, and how seldom love is answered by love; it is one of the moments for which the world was made. - Author: E. M. Forster
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#22. Love isn't always pretty, and it's usually during the ugliest moments when you discover just how strong it can be. - Author: Lisa Kessler
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#23. Writing a novel, in an unplanned and unpredictable way, makes you engaged; it takes you into yourself, and it becomes something between you and the character for a moment, and then you move back into the structure of the book. I love those moments, because they are completely unbidden. - Author: David Bezmozgis
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#24. Love the moment. Flowers grow out of dark moments. Therefore, each moment is vital. It affects the whole. Life is a succession of such moments and to live each, is to succeed. - Author: Corita Kent
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#25. I try to be aware of the life that surrounds me as much as my mind permits me. It's the only time I have new blissful moments, and I love bliss. - Author: Alicia Sixtos
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#26. The ghost of a smile appeared on her face. Learn to love the moment you are in. Treasure your experiences, for precious moments too quickly pass you by, and if you are always rushing toward the future, or pining for the past, you will forget to enjoy and appreciate the present. - Author: Colleen Houck
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#27. We're once again just a boy and a girl searching and failing for words and moments that transcend the mundane. - Author: A.J. Compton
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#28. I was gone so much in my first marriage. I love the moments when I engage with my youngest daughter now. It's not my thing to sit on the ground and play tea party, but I'll do it because it's a moment that will stick with me forever. - Author: Tim Allen
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#29. Woe to the man who in the first moments of a love-affair does not believe that it will last forever! Woe to him who even in the arms of some mistress who has just yielded to him maintains an awareness of trouble to come and foresees that he may later tear himself away! - Author: Benjamin Constant
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#30. These are the moments I fall deeper in love with him. When neither of us says anything, and we just ... stare. There's an understanding there that goes much deeper than words ever could. A connection so real I can't speak, because words could never say the things I feel. - Author: Amanda Grace
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#31. Time is made of moments.
The present is today.
New day and new grace.
Today is my precious time on earth. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#32. Someday we're going to look back on every shared smile and smile some more. It's moments like this that make life worth enduring. - Author: Nadege Richards
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#33. Don't disguise your tears, don't hide your sadness, don't be afraid to find out who you really are. Because in those fleeting moments you'll summon such beauty and strength that, in no time at all, you'll fully grasp exactly why you're so gossiped about here in the unseen - Author: Mike Dooley
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#34. motherhood is like this: a series of tiny moments that add up to an enormous love, with lots of other moments of frustration and misunderstanding and complexity woven in between. - Author: Allison Winn Scotch
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#35. Dream big & have huge ambition, but never forget life is lived in small moments and sustained by simple acts of love. - Author: Cory Booker
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#36. I think that what influences us in literature comes less from what we love and more from what we happen to pick up in moments when we are especially open. - Author: Ann Patchett
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#37. When you have an intense contact of love with nature or another human being, like a spark, then you understand that there is no time and that everything is eternal. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#38. The words "I love you," spoken in moments of genuine appreciation, wonder, or caring arise from something perfectly pure within us - the capacity to open ourselves and say yes without reserve. Such moments of pure openheartedness bring us as close to natural perfection as we can come in this life. - Author: John Welwood
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#39. He turned and pulled her in, placed his hands on the sides of her face and gazed into her eyes, his head moving closer and closer
she still couldn't say anything, couldn't think of anything other than his mouth landing on hers. - Author: Jane Green
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#40. Falling for a person isn't a process. You can't plan for it in advance, or anticipate its arrival. Love strikes in single moments. Anywhere. Anytime. Some day you catch them gardening in the sun, or singing dreadfully in the shower, and you think, Oh, I could spend all my life with you - Author: Beau Taplin
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#41. At every moment, Love's voice talks to us from left and from right. All we have to do is to know how to listen. - Author: Rumi
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#42. We're here today, gone tomorrow and all we have in between are the little moments we can fill up with life, with love. It's not the big things we do, it's the energy we put into making special moments every day. That's what counts. - Author: Jan Hambright
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#43. You see, what I want is life. A real life, full of moments of joy, of anguish, of irritation, of fun. A life with an end point, which makes each second important. A life that is full of love, that doesn't cause suffering and pain. - Author: Gemma Malley
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#44. He smells safe, too, like sunlit walks in the orchard and silent breakfasts
in the dining hall. And in the moments before I drift off to sleep, I almost forget about our war-torn city and all the conflict that will
come to find us soon, if we don't find it first. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#45. It occurred to her that all the bad parts of life, the sad parts, the frightening ones, were meant to be offset by moments and memories like this. She had to be present in it, right here, right now. - Author: Martina Boone
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#46. Any moment you spend attacking yourself is a moment away from your higher purpose and your power to love. Don't go there. - Author: Martha Beck
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#47. For life is a trumpery thing at best, isn't it? A few moments, a few words, between dark and dark. But in true love you keep company with the Gods. - Author: Winston Graham
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#48. Life is transitory... and love is poetry in action - Author: Scarlet Risque
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#49. Jesus' fathomless love changes how you and I will live in our moments, how we'll love in our neighborhoods, and what we'll be known for in eternity. - Author: Jennifer Dukes Lee
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#50. Met men who made me laugh, men who made me think, men who made me cum. But I never met another man who made my heart leap and had me hoping for forever. Two chances at love in one lifetime, it seemed, were the maximum any one person got. During my bitter moments, it - Author: Anonymous
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#51. That night we push our cots just a little closer together, and look into each other's eyes in the moments before we fall asleep. When he finally drifts off, our fingers are twisted together in the space between the beds.
I smile a little, and let myself go. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#52. Time for us began to be measured by moments when we spoke, and moments when we longed to speak again. - Author: Richie Singh
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#53. My heart feels strong for you, my desire isn't just to marry you and let this be our moment, Kiersten. I want to marry you and create a million moments every single day. - Author: Rachel Van Dyken
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#54. [ ... ] He tasted like snowflakes and wine, like winter and Will and London. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#55. And in the act of making things, just by living their daily lives, they also make history.
Knitting is clothing made in spare moments, or round the fire, whenever women gathered together ... It's something to celebrate-clothes made in love and service, something women have always done. - Author: Anne Bartlett
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#56. Cultivating self-love is an odyssey with moments of difficulty and joy. It's an excursion into knowing ourselves, learning to accept and deal with what we discover... and struggling with our fear of allowing in a little madness to set us free. - Author: Bud Harris
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#57. As we turn our backs on the cold night air, I realize that it's moments like this where true freedom lies.

Invisible but palpable, below a sky full of stars, our freedom lies in between a boy who sees a girl, and the girl that feels him.

Truly, deeply, freely. - Author: A.J. Compton
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#58. What is the flesh and blood compounded ofBut a few moments in the life of time?This prowling of the cells, litigious love,Wears the long claw of flesh-arguing crime. - Author: Allen Tate
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#59. There are moments when I dare not think of it, but there are others when I rise in spirit to where she ever dwells; then I can thank God that I love the noblest lady in the world, the most gracious and beautiful, and that there was nothing in my love that made her fall short in her high duty. - Author: Anthony Hope
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#60. I love when scenes are intentionally and meticulously planned so we feel like this is a handcrafted scene that only works in this moment and this movie, and that's the way I approach my films. - Author: Justin Simien
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#61. In his clearest moments he thinks he has lost the ability to love, people or places or things, most of all the person and place and thing that he is. Without love nothing has value, nothing can be made to matter very much. - Author: Damon Galgut
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#62. She can't believe she is going to compose her first love letter. She can hardly bear the exposure as if her body is a photographic film spooling into sunlight and everything is too bright, too vulnerable, the moments in the film now lost for ever. - Author: Tor Udall
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#63. Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved! That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly. It is the one thing we are interested in here. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#64. Love could be fractured and serve different purposes, and that intense love could be divided, between people just as easily as between moments of time. - Author: Luke Davies
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#65. Sometimes, the smallest moments in your life have the greatest impact. They soar straight into a place deep inside you, and resonate with the very core of your heart, sinking deep into your memory, to remind you later, that life and love can bring you magic you didn't know existed. - Author: Angela Richardson
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#66. I suppose all couples feel this way at some point - that their bond is the most special, the strongest, the Greatest Love of All. Not all the time, just in those few and far between moments where you look at the person you're with and think: Yes. It's you. - Author: Colleen Oakley
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#67. She stared at me with concern a few moments longer and then relaxed a little. "Okay. But if you need anything - "
"I know, I know. Call on the Love Phone. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#68. Find out how Claude and Kelly end up from being Friends 2 Lovers as you follow them through their disappointing, confusing, loving, shocking,encouraging, and romantic moments. But can their bond last and withstand all the challenges that cross their way? - Author: Jonathan Anthony Burkett
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#69. Like literally, the final moments of life come to mind when I begin to love someone. I think, Will this dude push my wheelchair? And even scarier, Would I be willing to push his? - Author: Amy Schumer
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#70. Look back on your life and find those moments of giving. Fill life with those moments; life will be worth living. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#71. Sometimes when you're young, you have moments of such happiness, you think you're living on someplace magical, like Atlantis must have been. Then we grow up and our hearts break into two. - Author: Stephen King
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#72. There are dreadful moments when death comes very near those we love, even if for the time being it passes by. But life is a great adventure, and the worst of all fears is the fear of living. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
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#73. I love big movies, and I love big moments. - Author: Colin Trevorrow
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#74. She would never forget how his soul was lonely as the moon they'd met under, and how, for several brief moments, she'd been able to chase the loneliness away. - Author: Katherine McIntyre
Quotes About Moments And Love #345980
#75. I love the routine. I love getting up in the morning and getting breakfast and packing lunches and doing the school run. Those things are really important to me. Because I think that those small but key moments are crucial for a kid. - Author: Kate Winslet
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#76. You've crafted this bored veneer, but you're always giving yourself away in moments like that. In the moments that really matter. - Author: Stephanie Perkins
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#77. Don't, he says and then places his free hand underneath mine. - Author: J.A. Redmerski
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#78. Of course the sad truth is that if we are not present to the moment, our true love could come and go and we wouldn't even notice. - Author: Joshua Waitzkin
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#79. Even knowing everything, I would have chosen the same.
It's only in hindsight that we can point, as easily as finding a town on a map, to the moments that shaped us, - the moments when choices between yeses and noes determined the people we become. - Author: Chelsey Philpot
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#80. I told Kate I didn't love her in an argument. But I do! Those heated moments are the worst, because that's when you can do the most damage. And they're bad, because you always hit them in the spot where you know it hurts. - Author: Peter Andre
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#81. Life is full of beautiful moments. Live your life to the fullest. And do what you
love. - Author: Santonu Kumar Dhar
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#82. It's not easy. It's never easy. Love isn't easy. But you carry the memory of those happy times with you and those moments remind you of the beauty of life. - Author: T.K. Leigh
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#83. But where pain was, healing could come; where loneliness was, new relationships could be formed; where rejection was, new love could be found. It was a moment. And moments changed. She would have to live through the moment to get to the next. - Author: Cecelia Ahern
Quotes About Moments And Love #389674
#84. Make the most of the moments with those you love, it's once upon a person to Live and then Die. Give them the most precious gift of all Time! - Author: Otis Teague
Quotes About Moments And Love #391973
#85. It was a weird moment in my life and a weird experience [doing a theater]. It made me think, "Gee, I don't know if I ever want to do this again." And I love theater. I love going. I love the experience of theater. But I am not sure it's for me. - Author: Jodie Foster
Quotes About Moments And Love #392996
#86. Those moments you are most joyful,
those moments are most blissful,
and those moments of life are most useful. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Quotes About Moments And Love #393134
#87. I love your eyes. Your mouth. Your body. The way you lose your temper when you're flustered. Your ass is so fucking hot. I love the sounds you make when you fuck me. I love that you fight with me, and I love the way you make up with me. I love you, Tracy. I love you so fucking much. - Author: Mercy Celeste
Quotes About Moments And Love #402296
#88. I think of my life as a series of moments and I've found that the great moments often don't have too much to them. They're not huge, complicated events; they're just magical wee moments when somebody says 'I love you' or 'You're a really good at what you do' or simply 'You're a good person'. - Author: Billy Connolly
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#89. Because when we love, we carry it on the inside, and we can turn on its light even in our darkest moments. The deeper we love, the brighter it shines. - Author: Leylah Attar
Quotes About Moments And Love #416697
#90. Time to say thank you and farewell! trills Effie at my elbow. It's one of those moments when I just love her compulsive punctuality. We collect Cinna and Portia, and she escorts us around to say good-bye to important people, then herds us to the door. - Author: Suzanne Collins
Quotes About Moments And Love #418869
#91. I love the intimate, single spotlight, troubadour-y quiet, delicate moments. But I also love Springsteen and screaming and shouting. - Author: James Bay
Quotes About Moments And Love #426291
#92. It was as if each of them sensed vaguely that the Saturday afternoons of youth are few, and precious, and this feeling which neither of them could have defined or described made every moment of this time together too short, too quickly gone, yet clearer and more sharply edged than any other. - Author: Grace Metalious
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#93. The hard truth is, the life thing moments happen. They are the details, the surprises, the every now and again "dang it" moments that are necessary for you to be able to appreciate good times and accomplish greater things. - Author: Jaha Knight
Quotes About Moments And Love #428289
#94. A pure white puppy followed on the girl's heels, barking, and the girl laughed in the breathless, drunken way of children as she ran into the hallway. - Author: Kit Alloway
Quotes About Moments And Love #443732
#95. I could take back those moments that snatched you away from me or maybe just wipe away those ten minutes when you came to me for the first time and I looked into your eyes to realise what love is. - Author: Faraaz Kazi
Quotes About Moments And Love #462602
#96. There are going to be days when you're undone, stressed out, tired spent.
And I'll still love you just as much in those moments as I ever have, maybe even a little more, because it'll mean you let me get close enough to know the real you. That's all I want. - Author: Leo Christopher
Quotes About Moments And Love #465816
#97. What offends Him and what wounds His Heart is the lack of confidence ... Your heart is made to love Jesus, to love Him passionately ... We have only the short moments of our life to love Jesus! - Author: Therese Of Lisieux
Quotes About Moments And Love #469801
#98. The most evocative life memories, which produced a synesthesia of emotions, consist of a host of small pleasures intertwined with the homespun stitches of love, affection, kindness, humility, and appreciation of nature. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
Quotes About Moments And Love #476644
#99. Tate lays her head on my arm, and we both watch her.
Our daughter.
I love you so much, Sam.
I'm looking down at the perfection we created when it hits me.
It's all worth it.
It's the beautiful moments like these that make up for the uglylove. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Quotes About Moments And Love #478765
#100. What was a kiss without a kiss?
It was a tablecloth tugged from beneath a party service, everything jumbled against everything else in just a few chaotic moments. Fingers in hair. Hands cupping necks. Mouths dragged on cheeks and chins in dangerous proximity. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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