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Top 18 Quotes About Mens Health

#1. Obesity is the result of a loss of self-control. Indeed, loss of self-control might be said to be the defining social (or anti-social) characteristic of our age: public drunkenness, excessive gambling, promiscuity and common-or-garden rudeness are all examples of our collective loss of self-control. - Author: Theodore Dalrymple
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#2. Pure heart, pure soul. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#3. You have options when it comes to abortion now. It's not like 1955 when you just had to kick her down a staircase and hope for the best ... you feed her a tapeworm and hope it takes a left at the Y. - Author: Doug Stanhope
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#4. I still enjoy performing, whether it's in front of two people or 2,000 people, but it's not fun once you leave the big show. - Author: Jake Roberts
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#5. Look, I happen to still like really dark, dramatic, fractured characters. - Author: Nicolas Cage
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#6. The health of your future kids does not start with their birth - it starts with you, right now, well before you plan to impregnate your wife. - Author: Pratik Patil
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#7. I'm six feet tall. No one realizes that because on 'The Daily Show' I'm usually sitting. - Author: Jessica Williams
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#8. The journey was brutal, the results were glorious. - Author: Bruce Lengeman
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#9. - Boys my age are boring. They have nothing to say and half of them seem like complete idiots.
I was going to say that they didn't improve with age but didn't want to spoil her illusions. - Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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#10. The tethering of words to reality helps allay the worry that language ensnares us in a self-contained web of symbols. - Author: Steven Pinker
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#11. Interpreted as it ought to be interpreted, the constitution is a Glorious Liberty Document! - Author: Frederick Douglass
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#12. Love with sincerity. Love for the eternity. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#13. Health and sicknesse surely are mens double enemies.
[Health and sickness surely are men's double enemies.] - Author: George Herbert
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#14. The Hebrew Bible has long been the world's possession, and those who come to it by any means, through whatever language, are equals in ownership, and may not be denied the intimacy of their spiritual claim. - Author: Cynthia Ozick
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#15. If we fail to appreciate the soul that Easternism gives us, then what we have is a disconnected, Greco-Roman, Western, egocentric, compartmentalized, reductionist, fragmented, linear thought process that counts on cleverness. - Author: Joel Salatin
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#16. We are living in a time when the very integrity of the Constitution is being threatened daily, from federal bailouts to federal assumption of control over private business. - Author: David Limbaugh
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#17. Worrying is imagining that which you don't want. - Author: Esther Hicks
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#18. It is almost a general rule that nations do not decline gradually. Instead they fall abruptly from their greatest heights. - Author: Robert Payne
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